The Best Clearomizer You Should Put Your Money Into

We've all vaped on this once upon a time
We’ve all vaped on this once upon a time

Clearomizers: They were an amazing little device that fascinated me when I started vaping. As I most carefully would pour e-juice in my clearomizer tank not getting any juice in that little hole at the top, I would study how it worked. The wicks would capture the juice and absorb it to the top where a tiny atomizer would heat the saturated wick and then produce the precious vapor.

However, as I started investing in other vape products I noticed how the taste and vapor in dripping atomizers was much better. I realized how my clearomizer had a wick aftertaste (ewww).

I ditched my 5ml Vivi Nova for the Igo-L I had just gotten at the time. I ended up giving away my clearomizer and never used another one again.

Recently though, I have come across the newer models out in the market right now, and I have to say that clearomizers have come a long way from the first time I used them.

I guess the clearomizer manufacturers read my thoughts and upgraded heavy. The new clearomizers are bottom feed as opposed to the traditional top feed set-up. This gives a purer flavor since it gets rid of most of the wick. As for vapor production, they have that covered too. Airflow adjustment is a must feature for these new clearomizers.

Based on user reviews and interview buzz, I have paired off 2 clearomizer tanks you should look into if you are in the market for these types of tanks.

Aspire Nautilus BVC Tank System
Aspire Nautilus BVC Tank System


All I see is nothing but good reviews about this tank by people who have purchased the Nautilus. The reviews that were negative were about the delivery time and/or customer service of the website but never about this product.


It’s a 510 clearomizer tank that has a great quality build, durable Pyrex glass, adjustable airflow (an insane 4-airhole system);  most importantly though, the coils in these things are amazing! Flavor and vapor are amazing. Just YouTube the Aspire Nautilus tank and see for yourself.

The pre-installed atomizer is has a resistance of 1.6 ohms, meaning 18-20 watts would be the sweet spot for this tank. IndoorSmokers recommends users to pair the Nautilus with at least an E-Go Mega (variable voltage) or Vision Spinner for best results. The atomizer lasts a long time, and the package comes with an extra atomizer (1.8 ohms). It also has a generous capacity of 5ml for you to chain vape on your favorite e-juice all day.

The newest update to this tank is the BVC (bottom vertical coil) build, which is a big improvement to the previous BDC (bottom dual coil) set-up. I have read somewhere that this not only improves the taste and vapor production but it also enables the Aspire Nautilus tank to perform with higher wattage mods. Good news is the BVC atomizer is compatible with the original BDC tanks, another good move by Aspire.

Kanger Aerotank Mega
Kanger Aerotank Mega


Much respect to KangerTech, they were in my previous list of best clearomizer tanks when they came out with the Kanger Protank. They have done it again with the Kanger Aerotank Mega, a high end looking tank at the same price as the Aspire Nautilus.


In my opinion, this looks way better than the Aspire Nautilus. It takes a page out of the Kayfun’s book with the stainless steel cover or the Pyrex glass tank which I think is great. The dial airflow system is also worth mentioning. 510 compatible drip tip so you can customize it even more.

However, I think it falls short when compared to the Nautilus because of two things, capacity and the airflow adjustment. It only holds 3.8ml of juice in its tank compared to the Nautilus’ 5. The airflow hole gets bigger as you turn the dial but completely closes when you turn the dial past the maximum air hole opening. I just wonder what would happen if you accidentally close the air hole in the middle of a drag.

It also uses the previous BDC system the Aspire Nautilus has scraped with their new and improved vertical coil. The stock and replacement coil has a resistance of 2 ohms.

But what’s this? The Aerotank Mega also sells sub-ohm coils? Yes! A 0.8 build is also for sale for all you cloud chasers out there. This is also compatible with other KangerTech tanks.




Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!


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