Top 3 E-Juices For Weight Loss


A recent post of mine has been getting a lot of attention. It talks about a video of a guy who used vaping to lose weight. This proves that people are interested in losing, myself included.

Its really not just about losing weight though, people want to live healthier lives in general. Speaking on personal experience, I believe people turn to vaping because they know how dangerous smoking is, but can’t easily kick the habit.

Which is why I decided to follow up on this topic. In the mentioned video, the guy vapes to curb his cravings. Instead of eating a banana cream pie, he would fulfill his cravings by vaping some juice of whatever he feels like eating. Makes perfect sense.

I tried to take it even further and think of flavors that are scientifically proven to suppress a person’s appetite. Here are some examples of popular flavors that have been proven to keep someone’s hunger in check:

1. Mint – Who doesn’t love mint? It’s in our gum, toothpaste, and luckily for us, in our e-juice as well. Nobody wants to eat right after they brush their teeth. Sure, you don’t want to get your teeth dirty after you brush, but have you tried eating or even worse, tried drinking orange juice after brushing? Not a good idea.

2. Cinnamon – I love cinnamon. I bought this spicy cinnamon e-juice from a vape shop here in California and I swear it was all I would vape for weeks. Too bad other people felt the same way I felt about it which caused it to be out of stock 90% of the time I would ask for it.

3. Nuts – Personally, I’m not big on vaping nutty flavors. But this isn’t about me, studies have shown that nut flavors have the ability to kill your appetite.

So if you are vaping to lose weight, try starting off with these flavors. Go to your local vape shop or find them online.


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!


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