Why Do People Hate Vaping?

Don't Hate the Vape
Don’t Hate the Vape

I just started my new job. I love it because it only takes me 5 minutes to get to work, versus my old job which was a 1 1/2 hour commute from hell. So on my second day I bring my vape to work and leave it on my desk. My boss (who is cool and such a sweetheart) notices my unit on my desk. She picks it up and says “Do you really use this?” Confused, I reply, “uh, yeah?” She says: “Don’t you know how dangerous these things are? They aren’t even approved by the FDA.” Another co-worker (who is a smoker), chimes in and says “yeah, there hasn’t been long term study on them.”

I was shocked! All of this is coming from a smoker and a person who doesn’t even smoke. I wonder where they came up with all this BS. Has the propaganda against vaping been that effective? How can something that was invented with the best intentions (get smokers off of their addiction to cigarettes while letting them “smoke,” and at the same time eliminate the offensive smell cigarettes let off) be shot down so quickly? I don’t understand, why do these people hate vaping. They seem to hate vaping more than they do smoking.

I really felt like going off on them and telling them why I choose to vape, but the thought was still stuck in my head of how people perceive vaping that way. I simply smiled, and said “I haven’t smoked a cigarette in 8 months, and that’s good enough for me.”

Incidents like these just make me realize how we the vaping community should inform those who continue to be ignorant, and those who are in complete denial of the benefits of vaping. There is still a lot of work to be done, but with persistence we will earn the respect and recognition we all deserve.


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!

15 thoughts on “Why Do People Hate Vaping?”

  1. I too hear the “isn’t that dangerous” thing more from smokers than the non-smokers. I attribute this to common ignorance, and the media who loves to whip people into a frenzy with headline bait. People love misery and drama.

    I tell people it helped me quit smoking, and the new vapes contain contain 4 common ingredients found in your pantry, refrigerator and bathroom vanity. A whole lot of vegetables we eat contain nicotine, which is also being researched to treat dementia and parkinsons.

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    1. Exactly, being ignorant and letting other people make decisions for you is what the problem is with some vape critics.

      What the media needs to focus on is how vaping is getting smokers to quit smoking, and how vaping is so much better than smoking. It’s really all that simple, but by doing that they bite the hand that feeds them, the big tobacco, which is in direct competition with vaping.

      I also have a post about Anti-Vape Comebacks, you might want to check it out. It gives answers for people who try to get smart with you about vaping. 😉


  2. I’m not a vaper nor was I ever a smoker more than during an experimental phase as a teenager. My husband quit smoking cigarettes six years ago and had recently taken up vaping. I’m not ignorant to the removal of cancer causing tobacco and I understand that there are varying degrees of nicotine levels. For those trying to quit it is the perfect alternative.

    I have two issues with vaping… Only coming from personal experience, of course.

    First, I am bothered by those who vape and can’t understand why it is alarming to those who encounter it in public for the first time. It seems natural that a cloud of vapor would make any non smoker startled and upset when experiencing it for the first time. Bashing those who don’t vape for being wary seems just as judgemental as those that would judge you for vaping.

    Lastly, I believe that since nicotine can be addictive, it can create an unnecessary habit. My husband was experimenting and gradually kept upping the nicotine levels. Now he has a new addiction when he tried so hard to kick his nicotine habit originally. He is extremely passionate about this “hobby” as he puts it…carrying around everywhere like a safety blanket. It’s created a huge rift in our marriage due to my resistance and his lying and sneaking around about it.

    I’m educated and aware of the benefits. I believe this can be a positive outlet for smokers trying to quit. I do, however, think that vaping will continue to get a bad wrap until vapers learn to show patience while others adjust. It’s sad to see so many blogs and websites calling non vapers ignorant and worse.

    Just a thought. I would like to congratulate all those who have made the switch from cigarettes. That’s a huge step toward a healthy life and a blessing for those who don’t care to breathe in secondhand smoke. 🙂

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    1. Hi Devon! Thanks for your comment. First off, I sympathize with you when it comes to vaping in public, especially sub-ohm vapers who blow massive clouds in public. Personally, I believe cloud chasing (how some vapers call it) should be done INDOORS in private settings (vape shops, homes, or places where other people won’t mind). A lot of other vapers feel the same way.

      You mentioned that many websites and blogs say non-vapers are ignorant and worse. While I agree with you there, I have to mention that there are way more websites and media outlets (CNN, Time, etc.) claiming vaping is actually more dangerous than smoking. As a vaper, I can say that most of these articles are bull and backed by vaping’s number 1 competitor, which are the big tobacco companies.

      I composed this post after I felt being abused as a vaper for choosing a non-conventional way to smoke (in the story I was chewed out by my boss and co-worker for vaping and not smoking which is “actually safer”). As for your husband, I don’t condone what he does. If vaping is really getting in the way of your marriage with him then he needs to stop.

      I feel for the most part that you are in favor of vaping. My only concern is you won’t condemn most people who vape because of the shenanigans of others. Thank you once again for your input.


  3. Truthfully I have no problems with the vape and everything but it’s just so stupid looking and a little pretentious these comments are unfounded and probably unfair but it’s how I feel


  4. To the lady who’s husband is vaping. Thank God he didn’t return to smoking! And your statement of “and he’s already tried so hard to quit nicotene” No he didn’t quit nicotene,he quit tobacco and the 7000 chemicals it contains. Nicotene is the substance that gets people hooked on tobacco.Hapless teenagers experiment with cigarettes and get hooked for life on health wrecking tobacco. Quitting smoking also doesn’t guarantee your husband will stay quit for life (quitters have only a 5% chance of doing that)Recidivism(relapse) is 95%. People who vape are giving themselves a fighting chance to stay quit. Would you be as upset if he were wearing a nicotene patch or chewing nicotene gum? Give your blessings to him and let the man vape. It’s just nicotene and steam,not 7000 tobbaco chemicals.Its not hurting you or him.When I used to smoke cigarettes I got nagged by family members and boyfriends to quit,and understandably so-they stink and they are bad for you.People who smoke are always made to feel “less than” I haven’t a cigarette in over 3 years and I am so grateful for the nicotene replacements that allowed me to quit for good.I really resent the people who still try to make me feel less than now that I vape.Non smokers have no idea how hard it is to quit and stay quit.I wish people would embrace the vaping movement and see it clearly for what it is.Its about people doing whatever it takes to keep from going back to super nasty cigarette addiction.

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  5. Thank you Mary Daniels, its funny how a lot of these anti-vape sentiments come from non smokers, people who have never smoked a cigarette in their life and dont know how hard quitting is. Patches and gum are ineffective, vaping is the only method that simulates vaping without the thousands of nasty chemicals.


  6. People, namely my family, give me the fucking stink eye when they see me vaping, and they make it very clear to me. I can understand people not wanting me to do it around them because of allergies, but I swear to god everyone equivocates it with smoking. “Don’t vape on the couch, the nicotine will seep in and ruin it.” Please. “But its not healthy!” They treat it just like it’s cigarettes, but I started vaping to get off cigarettes. And I haven’t had one in a few months. Its like, well if its the same in your eyes, I guess I may as well be smoking cigarettes. I swear people shoot me down more often for vaping than they ever did cigarettes

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    1. Yeah, it’s sad what happened with e-cigs. Cigarette sales have taken a big hit because of vaping, so I’m guessing they want to demonize vaping to get people stuck on ciggies. The good thing is you aren’t smoking anymore so that’s the important thing.


  7. People hate vaping because the non-smokers nearly won. The US went from an era where everyone in every office building at every meeting smoked, to an era where no one was allowed to smoke in any public establishment.

    Now you’ve found a way to cheat that win. In their eyes, you’re still smoking and you just found a loop hole. Vaping even a small e-cig pen at the bar is going to be no less offensive than a cigarette – you’re “not supposed to do it” and here you are, doing it anyway. In fact, I think it makes some people more mad than actual cigarettes simply because you’re cheating their win.

    Now add in the fags who obsess with giant clouds, filling small areas with vapor, having NO consideration for people around them. Well unfortunately, they are in the same group as us, and this is what people think about when you say the word “vape”.
    I will say that smoking an e-pen like nicmaxx or blu nets far, far less negative attention than large vape… (pipes? tubes?), mod boxes, whatever those larger square units are. You can say “electric” or “ecig” and its not seen nearly the same as “vape”.


    1. I couldn’t have agreed more with what you said. The non-smokers already demonized smoking to the fullest in this country. I’ve lived abroad, and they people there aren’t as obsessed about being offended by smoking or vaping. Yet at the same time you have people in our own community doing us bad.

      For me, e-pens and cigalikes just can’t really do the job when it comes to vaping. Whenever I vape in public I go to an alley, an empty space, or a smoking area. I could never vape indoors unless management permitted it.


  8. People have been encouraged to despise smokers. And a lot of them do. Now there is a device that allows smokers to enjoy the benefits of smoking without the harms. Anti-smokers don’t want that. They want smokers to undergo terrible withdrawal pains or else sicken and die. The anti-vaping movement is just sadism and moral posturing. Ignore those people.

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