Read This Before You Buy A ZNA 30 Watt Mod Clone


***UPDATED 11/17/2014***

*Dear Readers, 

The Wotofo ZNA 30 is no longer available, however an updated 50 watt version is available here.

I am already planning my next vape purchase which will be a high variable wattage/voltage mod. I am also planning on doing a three part series for this article, posting about my other potential mods.

I am basing my next purchase on three things:

1. Power – I want something between 30-50 watts. I know there are mods that go up to 100 – 180 watts, but with the way I vape, I don’t think all that power will be necessary for me.

2. Price – I’m not really particular with the price, but I’m not going over $100 on a 30-50 watt mod.

3. Reviews – Of course, all units have their pros and cons. Things I am avoiding are buggy software (the Cloupor T5 update was a disaster), cheap builds (510 connector on the Hana Mod clone is crap so I heard), and other things.

One of the mods I plan on buying is the ZNA 30 watt mod clone. It has good reviews online, and the price ($69.00) isn’t too bad either. While I was doing more research, I came across something important for people who plan on buying the clone version of the ZNA 30 mod.

Similar to a post I made about the Stingray X Black Copper mod clone, there is a certain type of clone you MUST buy if you plan on buying this mod.

The ZNA 30 Wotofo version is the best cloned version on the market in terms of build, installed chip and 510 top cap. Here is a comparison of why the Wotofo version is the mod you should get if you plan on buying this.


I am still deciding on whether I should get this mod at the same time researching other 30-50 watt mods. If you have decided on buying the ZNA clone mod, make sure you get the one from Wotofo.

***UPDATE: It seems that the 3AVape website that carries this model is down so I apologize to people who have been clicking on the link I provided.

As I was looking for another site that carries the Wotofo ZNA 30, I came across something even better. Apparently, they have already released the ZNA 50 watt mod clone on Fast Tech.



Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!

2 thoughts on “Read This Before You Buy A ZNA 30 Watt Mod Clone”

  1. Hi, just want to let you know that the ZNA 50 you linked at Madvapes is not the Wotofo A mod version. You can however get the Wotofo ZNA 50 at Vape95 here: (I just placed an order for one last night!)

    I do not work for any company or website ( or Wotofo) that I listed in this comment, I just agree with you that the Wotofo version is the one to get and noticed the one you linked is not Wotofo and probably inferior.
    Hope this helps someone! Vape on!


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