The Most Innovative RDA/RTA’s Of 2015

UPDATE: This post has been the highest ranking on my blog (so far), even capturing the top position on Google for the keywords “best RDA 2015.”

Thank you all so much for the continued support, I am still dedicated to bringing more positive awareness to this thing that has changed my life for the better, this thing we all love which is vaping.


We are a few days away from 2016, and it’s been a great year for vaping!

We’ve had a lot of “firsts” in vape features come out in 2015, and this post is dedicated to these innovative RDA’s and RTA’s.

It has been a great year for this blog. This post actually got the most hits than any of my other posts so I want to say thank you all for your support! If you like this post, I do similar posts to this one that are all vape related stuff so I encourage all you vapers to go snoop around my blog and keep vaping strong!

Fodi RDTA 

Innovation: It’s an RDA with a tank!

Description: Hate having to take your cap on and off whenever you drip? The Fodi RDTA (rebuildable dripping tank atomizer) solves a problem RDA users have had for a long time. The Fodi comes with a 2.5 ml bottom tank, with the 2 post atomizer sitting on the top. The convenience of a tank with the performance of an RDA!

Rage 3-in-1 Tank System

InnovationIt’s the only tank I know that gives you 3 different vaping products in one!

DescriptionThe Rage 3 in 1 Tank System gets a lot of points in terms of innovation. Bravo to Itsuwa, the makers of this tank. You can use it as a tank (rebuildable or coil heads) or as an RDA.

The Big Dripper V2

InnovationIt’s a self-dripping RDA!

DescriptionHere’s a dripper that’s bigger than most tanks out there! The Big Dripper version 2 is an RDA that has 5 ml juice capacity. The atomizer sits at the bottom while it’s marquee feature being it’s push activated self dripping system.

Turbo V2 RDA

InnovationAn RDA with built-in twin turbines!

DescriptionThe Turbo V2 RDA has twin turbines inside of this RDA which does a lot of things. It helps you draw in more air. It also cools down your vape and lastly it dissipates the vapor.


Griffin RTA

InnovationIt’s the first RTA that is dedicated to Clapton coil builds.

DescriptionWith the rising popularity of Clapton coils, the Griffin RTA is a tank dedicated to these types of builds. The unique and sturdy posts can take on any type of Clapton wire while enjoying it on a tank.


Arctic Turbo

InnovationA 3 dual coil head RTA

DescriptionThe Arctic Turbo might be overkill for some of you. It has 3 0.6 ohm dual coils for a deck! It also has an integrated turbine inside. You’ll be needing a high wattage mod for this tank because it is recommended that you use it at 120 watts!


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!

15 thoughts on “The Most Innovative RDA/RTA’s Of 2015”

  1. I find the Atlantis to be highly overrated. But I’ve never really been on the Aspire bandwagon. I see so many problems with the coils and find the flavor really muted compared to just building on a Subtank or Melo.


  2. I’m a Mini Sub Tank fan, as apart from being rebuildable, they’re also REALLY strong, glass-wise! I’ve dropped mine, even standing in the road, quite a few times, and it’s not (touch wood!) broken yet 😀 If it does break, well, it comes with a spare glass to replace the seemingly unbreakable first one. Good flavor, resistance as you want it, and tough. It’s perfect for my non-sub-ohming habits.
    Although the Silverplay sounds like it’s remedied its’ precursers’ problems, with a bigger chimney. Think I’ll chase me one down, when I find a stockist here, other side Atlantic 😀
    Thanks, nice review, more shinies!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks starlyt! Yeah the pyrex glass helps a lot not only with durability, but also with certain e-juices that tend to crack plastic after some time. The Silverplays a great choice as well! Thanks for subscribing as well!



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