6 Mistakes Smokers Make When Switching To Vaping & How To Avoid Them


I remember back in my old job, one of my supervisors used to smoke with me on our breaks. When I started vaping on my little Ego CE 4, he seemed a bit hesitant at first. The more enthusiastic I got about it, the more curious he became. Finally, he decided to spend $15 on the little starter kit, I provided him with the e-juice.

At first, he seemed to really enjoy it. He would switch between vaping and smoking (same way I transitioned) and just like any other smoker he started bragging to us that he reduced his smoking from a pack a day to 3 sticks a day! Any smoker knows that’s a big achievement. I was happy for him.

Then, a week into vaping his voice started to become hoarse, we figured it was because of the cigarette withdrawal. Then he started to notice that while he vaped it made his throat hurt. It developed into a cough, and before it could get any worse he stopped using his Ego kit and went back to smoking (shaking my head).

Had I known what I know now before, I would have done something to make his transition from smoking to vaping a better one. That’s another lost soul we lost, and hundreds of others go through a similar experience. Something like this can traumatize a person from ever trying to vape again.

For those of you who tried to switch from cigarettes to vaping only to find out that it isn’t as enjoyable as some people think it is, maybe I can persuade to try again. This isn’t science, but vaping is truly better than smoking cigarettes.

You might be a smoker who is trying to stop, or you might know someone who is going through something similar. Here are 6 remedies to help you get over that hump some of us unfortunately have to go through:

1. “It makes me cough.”

Solution: Then it must be your e-juice. You might have a PG allergy/irritation. Try an e-juice that has a higher VG content, and see how it feels. Also, you might be allergic to the flavor of your juice. Cinnamon is notorious for this (although I love cinnamon and have no problems with it). Also, buy juice that is clear. Some juices use dye to simulate the color of the flavor and that might be causing your coughing.

I also advise new vapers to buy their e-juice at vape shop where they can sample the juice before buying. After you have your preferred juices, order them online the next time and save money.

2. “It feels awkward vaping.”

Solution: Cigalikes or E-cigarettes. Some people have been smoking longer than some of you have been living and vaping on something like a Maxamus or the God mod might not be your cup of tea. If you fall into this category and you feel too conscious about vaping on a mod, then go with something you are more accustomed to. Sure, many vapers give slack to e-cigarettes, but if the shoe fits wear it. Vaping is about what works for YOU and not what other people tell you how it should be.

3. My battery keeps dying on me.”

Solution: Looks like you need an upgrade. Buy a bigger battery unit like an 18650 mod, a box mod or pretty much any other advanced mod aside from an Ego or e-cigarette. This was a problem I started coming across about a month into vaping. Switching to an 18650 mod gave me enough power to last me the whole day.

4. “It feels like smoking air.”

Solution: Two things, you can up you nicotine level or the PG level for a more satisfying vape.

5. “It has that burnt taste.”

Solution: Your atomizer head is burnt out, or your cartomizer. Depending on what you are using. Time to buy a replacement. Good thing is they don’t cost much.

6. “What flavor of e-juice is this? Candle wax?”

Solution: Once dry hits have been solved, vaping will be perfected. Until then, we have to deal with them. Saturate your wick/cartomizer. Let your the wick/cartomizer absorb the e-juice. Prime your carto. Chain vaping, as awesome as it is, puts you in danger of dry hits as well. Once you start to taste a slight hint of dryness, stop and drip or let your wick absorb the e-liquid.


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!

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