10 Vape Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her And Him



Happy Valentine’s day everyone. Aside from that fancy dinner you have planned out for tonight, you might want to add more love to this day by getting your partner some vape gear for this year.

I put together 10 things that would make any vapers Valentine’s day special.

Valentine’s Vape Presents for Her

1.  Blinged-Out Vape Pens



Vape Royalty has carved their own niche in the vaping market. They make these very well designed vape pens and have a huge selection.

2. Vape “Tanklets” and Charms


I did not know these even existed. These tank trinkets add more originality to your vape and an interesting conversation piece with other vapers as well.

3. iSmoka Eleaf iStick



Eleaf has revolutionized vaping by really downsizing their mods, which was a relief for those who were getting worried about the growing size of new, high powered mods. It also brought back stealth vaping and started the smallest vape craze. The iStick comes in 10W, 20W 30W and 50w!

4. Uncle Junk’s Bettie White E-Juice


There’s something about this e-juice that women love. It is a great tasting all day vape, and I enjoy it myself. When it comes to their favorite e-juice, I’d say about 60%-70% of the women I talked to LOVE Bettie White.

Valentine’s Vape Presents for Him

1. Dynasty Drip Tips



These are premium drip tips that will definitely add flare to any mod. They come in different designs and are quality made. A little pricey for a usual drip tip, but they come in a nice pouch and would make a great gift for Valentines.

2. Vape Holders by VapeSox


 3.  Flaskman by Vapor Flask



If you plan on buying him something special, here’s a mod that doesn’t come out until February 16, 2015. A very handsome vape that most men would love to have.

4. Doge X RDA 



Nothing screams wide bore tip than the Doge X. What is not to like  about this RDA, crazy airflow and a copper center post. If your boyfriend/husband is into cloud chasing, then he would most definitely appreciate this in his collection if he doesn’t have it already.

Gifts for Him and Her

 1. Kuro Koilers


I had a post from before that talked about coil jigs and how they can make coil wrapping much easier, but the Kuro Koilers take the cake when it comes to rebuilding made easy.

2. OMG E-Juice pack


OMG really has their e-juice on point. The blends and flavors of this company’s line-up is amazing. I’m pretty sure most of you out there will enjoy the flavors they have. My personal favorite is the WTF.


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!


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