My Top 5 ADV (All Day Vape) E-Juices


Nothing excites us vapers more than trying out a new e-juice flavor. I came up with this list thinking back on my early days as a vaper.

Its been quite a few years since I started and I have mentally organized a group of “go-to” e-juices in case I run out of choices, can’t make up my mind, or don’t feel like trying something new when I am shopping for e-juice.

Why I Started Investing In Premium E-Juice

When I first started, I was very naive to the concept of e-juice and simply came to the conclusion that all e-juices were the same.

Boy was I wrong!

See, I started out with a brand of e-juice named Fumi which I had bought at the smoke shop I used to frequent when I was still a smoker. They were $5 for a 15 ml bottle. Price wise, that would equate to a pack of cigarettes. At that time I was buying a pack every two days, while the Fumi e-juice would last me about a week and a half.


fumi ejuice


I would save $50 a month switching to vaping, so it seemed like the perfect thing to do. I successfully transitioned to vaping without having any withdrawals, and even my body has grown to reject smoking the last time I “tried” to smoke.

So I was set with my Fumi juice, and I was content. However, I would always come across another vaper who would have a WAY better tasting e-juice than I had. When I would ask them where they would get it, they would tell me about a “vape shop” at so and so.

When I would ask them how much, the price would be anywhere from $10 – $12. “What?” I’d say in my head. “That’s more than twice of what I pay for my juice!”

But quality is king. It got to a point where these other “premium” e-juices were superior in taste compared to the e-juice I got at the smoke shop. This experience prompted me to write about it in my post about why you should got to a vape shop instead of a head shop.

My Top 5 All Day Vape E-Juices

So here they are, my favorite 5 e-juices that can not go wrong for me. I came across these flavors as recommendations from vapetenders or through my own personal research.

1. Bettie White by Uncle Junk



A blend of berries and pomegranate, this is such a refreshing e-liquid for me. This was also the first premium e-juice I ever bought from a vape shop which was a recommendation from a vapetender.

I must have overdosed on this e-juice because I bought boxes of bottles of Bettie White ever since I discovered this. This is unique but tasty berry medley.


2. Cereal Milk by KILO E-Liquids



I came across this e-juice after purchasing the Dewberry Cream by the same company. It was a delicious mixture of berries and cream and I wanted to see what other flavors they had to offer.

The name by itself made my mouth water, and I am sure the millions of kids who were raised on cereal can agree as well. The description was a “milky fruity cereal” flavor. When I tried it, the flavor was on point and tasted just like Fruit Loops!

This is great for someone like me. When I was a kid, the best part about eating cereal was drinking the sugary, flavor incensed milk that was left over. This juice never fails to put a smile on my face.


3. WTF by OMG E-Liquid

wtf omg eliquid


This came to me as another recommendation from a vapetender. This was a very hot seller at my local brick and mortar where some people would buy 6 bottles at a time.

You can’t blame them though. This juice has a delicious strawberry sour taste which is just right. All the flavors work very well together in this mixture.

If I could give another comparison to the WTF e-juice, it taste very similarly to strawberry flavored Airheads candy.


4. Custard’s Last Stand by Nicoticket



This is the e-juice that started my year long love affair with custard e-juices. Sure, there are tons of other custard flavors in the market and a lot of them taste very delicious.

But Nicoticket’s take on custard is just the nearest you can get when it comes to perfecting the custard flavor.

For me, I love a creamy and eggy type of custard. CLS gets a 9.5 out of 10, especially when steeped right. My only complaint about it is if could only be made a bit sweeter.

5. Extreme Ice by Mt. Baker Vapor



So this probably won’t be considered a premium e-juice pick, but the flavor of the Extreme Ice is premium all the way.

I used to smoke Camel Crush Menthol, so I love menthol flavors as well. I have tried quite a few, but nothing compares to how powerful the cooling, refreshing minty taste the Extreme Ice gives. I feel like I just chewed on a breath mint whenever I vape this.

So after reading my list, you can better understand what type of vaper I am when it comes to choosing e-juice. I can’t say that my 5 picks are set in stone, as my choices are likely to change in the future. Hopefully you get new ideas about new flavors to try out with your next vape purchase.

How about you guys? Do you have a top 5 e-juice list? Post it in the comments below.


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!

11 thoughts on “My Top 5 ADV (All Day Vape) E-Juices”

  1. 1. Boss Reserve by Cuttwood
    2. Cotton Milk by Carolina Cotton Tonic (I’ll post something on this one VERY soon…)
    3. Sanctuary by Adam Bomb
    4. Vader by Cyber Liquids
    5. Red Line by Victory Liquids

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cara-Van from Big Steam Vapor (Caramel/Vanilla)
    FlufferNutter from Big Steam (Marshmallow Cream/Pnut Butter)
    Sugar Drizzle from Cuttwood
    Mexico City by Vape Dad
    Boss Reserve by Cuttwood (or Boss Sauce from Big Steam; same)

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