6 New RDA/RBA Tank Innovations To Improve Your Vaping

Vaping just keeps getting better and better!

Almost at the midyear mark of 2015 with some new tank innovations that got me excited I had to share with you all.

These are the newest innovations being offered to us vapers, all of which make vaping more enjoyable than it already is.

So get your favorite e-juice ready as we go through 6 improvements that were made to RDA/RBA tanks so far in vaping:

1. Top Fill Tanks

The person who came up with this idea is a vape Einstein, a genius! Imagine, no more detaching, turning over, screwing and unscrewing, back to turning right side up and praying the juice does not leak out of the air flows.

With the juice hole at the top of these new tanks, chances are your hands and fingers will stay nice and dry whenever you fill these tanks.

lemo v2

Lemo V2 Tank by Eleaf


Zephyrus Sub Ohm Tank by Youde

2. No Spill Coil Swap System

I hate it whenever I start tasting burnt coil, but with juice still in my tank. I usually just endure the bitter vape instead of wasting good e-juice.

Not with this tank. You can switch coils with juice still in your tank. A great tank for people who like to keep the flavor fresh by switching the coils often.

The best thing about this tank is the price. $ 12.99 gets you a sub ohm tank. Now that’s value.

innokin isub tank

iSub Sub-Ohm Tank by Innokin

3. Adjustable Juice Control

These tanks enables users to control how much juice flows into their atomizer. It’s strange how more and more customizable vaping is becoming. I would have never thought of a device that allows me to control how much juice I want saturating my atomizer, it must be something to do with flavor. This is something I have to look into more.


Joyetech Delta II Sub-Ohm Tank


Focloud Reverse Vacuum RTA rebuildable Tank Atomizer by FocusEcig

4. 100 Watt Capability

For those of you who like warm, powerful 100 watt vapes but you are afraid your tank won’t hold up to that kind of power, fear no more.

These tanks are made specifically to be cranked up all the way 100 watts. They were made specifically for wattage devices ranging from 30 to 100 watts.


Arctic Sub-Ohm BTDC Tank by Horizon


Herakles Sub-Ohm BVC Tank by Sense

5. 7 ml Juice Capacity

So let’s say your a one type of juice kind of vaper, and there is a particular juice you can’t get enough of.

7 ml is a lot of juice that can carry any chain vaper throughout the day without having to worry about carrying an extra bottle of your favorite e-juice with you.


Kanger Subtank Plus

6. Triple Tanks

This tank reminds me of those push pens that had 3 different colors (red, blue, and green) in one pen.

This is pretty cool because this tank enables you to put 3 different types of e-juice in one tank. It gives the user more variety in what he can vape.

Tired of one juice? Simply turn the dial for the other tank and start vaping.


TriTank BDC Tank by Xedistech

Who knows what other innovations will be next in vaping. Do you have any improvements you would like to see in how vape products are made? Let me know in the comments.


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!


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