The Lemo 2 By Eleaf: A Must Have Tank For Flavor Junkies!


Every once in a while, we come across a product that lives up to the hype. The first version of the Lemo was a hit with vapers everywhere. Kayfun tank fans and flavor-chasers fell in love with the Lemo and were raving about it giving it great reviews online.

I was totally sold on the Lemo after doing my research and was going to get one for myself when I was approached by the good people of MistHub to review the Lemo version 2.

lemo 2 rta 1

Version 2 you say? Just my luck! The Lemo 2 is out and I’m given the chance to review this awesome tank!

And the verdict? This is the best tasting tank I have vaped on in quite a while. Great airflow, flavor on my e-juice tastes crisp, easy to fill, good juice capacity, there are just so many good things to mention about the Lemo V2 which I am about to go into more detail with you guys.

I don’t know how they do it, but Eleaf really knew how to engineer this tank to intensify the flavor of whatever e-juice you use it with. The notes just come out and are a lot more noticeable. I know some of you out there may have heard that high VG e-juice isn’t recommended for tanks because it is thicker and denser; I tried the Milkman which is a a 90% VG e-juice with the Lemo 2 and it wicked well with no problems at all.

lemo 2 rta 2

Right out the box the Lemo 2 looks pretty complex, but it is actually quite user-friendly. It’s a single coil, so it isn’t complicated in building department (although I am sure there are videos that show you how to do a dual-coil build on the Lemo 2). Don’t worry vapers who hate rebuildables, that’s a pre-built coil you see in the picture already wicked and ready to go!  I have been using the stock build, which is at 0.5 ohms, for a bout a week now and it is still vaping good.


I like how it looks, it got compliments from other fellow vapers when I went to the park last weekend. The airflow adjustment is pretty smooth once you figure out which way to turn the dial. It’s a glass tank so you don’t have to worry about certain e-juices cracking your tank. Personally, I noticed that having it at the airhole adjustment you see below brings out the most flavor without having it be too tight of a draw.


The top fill port is such a great feature for me. It really saves time and effort not having to detach the tank just to refill it. All you have to do it lay it down, turn the fill port dial and squeeze your favorite e-juice in. Make sure you use a narrow tip like a needle/syringe type and NOT the glass dripper because it doesn’t fit.


It is sort of a wide bore, it is wide at the mouth but it fits most standard drip tip sizes. So if wide bore isn’t your thing, you can always switch it out with a smaller drip tip. It also comes with extra kanthal wires, o-rings, a multi-screw, and some organic cotton.

Now this is where my impression of the Lemo 2 goes down a bit and what stopped me from giving it the perfect tank title was this thing that happened when I was vaping on it at the park. I noticed some pretty nasty dry burns. I also noticed the resistance jumped from 0.5 to 1.3! What?

Thinking it was my mod, I tried vaping it at different wattages and still I could not get rid of that nasty burnt taste! So now I am worried; I’m thinking it might be the mod until I unscrew the tank from the airflow component to see this:



Seeing this, I already had an idea of what was causing the problem. All that moisture build up was causing the connection to short. I wiped it dry, and vaped on it again and the resistance went back to its normal 0.5. Just watch out for this if you are going to get the Lemo 2. Make sure that part is dry all the time.

All in all, its a great tank to have, especially for all you vapers who are more into to savoring your e-juice. It also produces a great amount of vapor for a single coil tank. I appreciate the people at Mist Hub for giving me the chance to review great rebuildable tank, and I would REALLY appreciate it if you guys could check out their website. It’s a nice vape site and they have a nice number of featured vaping products. They also have weekly giveaways (they just gave away a Kanger K Box and a Smok VCT Sub Ohm Pro Tank!) which start on Monday and end on Sunday.

They were kind enough to provide my readers with a coupon code that gives you an extra 10% off on your purchase at their site. Just use the coupon code MH10.


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!

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