11 New Box Mods With Temperature Control


Thank you temperature control for taking my vaping to a much more enjoyable level! Thanks to temp control, I can take 3-6 second pulls on sub-ohm builds without worry about setting my taste buds on fire.

This new must-have feature ties in with the sub-ohm vaping craze. In case you haven’t noticed by now, sub-ohm vaping gives off a very warm vapor in the mouth. All the newbie vapers to cloud chasing found this to be very inconvenient, and the vape manufacturers (who always have their “ear to the street” thanks to the internet) came out with this very clever feature that remedies that warm, uncomfortable vape.

smok m80 xpro case
Xpro M80 Plus by SMOK

1. SMOK M80 Plus 80W Box Mod 

An 80-watt box mod that can fire an 0.2ohm – 4.0ohm atomizer. Connection is a 510 spring loaded adjustable brass pin. The true highlight of this mod is it’s built-in 4400mah (2pcs 18650 li-polymer 20A) battery. Temperature control range is between 100 – 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

iPV3 Li V2 by Pioneer4You

2. Pioneer4You iPV3 Li V2 165W Box Mod

This dual 18650 box mod has a cool Dovetail Sliding and Ball Locking Door. Brass 510 spring loaded connection with a wattage range of 10W-165W. Atomizer resistance is 0.10 ohm – 3.0 ohms, while on Temp Mode the resistance is 0.05 ohm – 0.3 ohm. Vapor temperature is from 212 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. Safety features are reverse polarity protection, battery low voltage protection, low resistance protection, overheat protection, and short circuit protection.

SMY Briefcase Mod 50w
The Project Sub-Ohm™ “Briefcase” 50 Watt Box Mod by SMY

3. The Project Sub-Ohm™ “Briefcase” 50 Watt Box Mod by SMY

The Briefcase by SMY runs its temperature control from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. It goes as low as 5 to 50 watts. With a resistance range of 0.1 to 3.0 ohm. SS 510 connection with spring-loaded positive pin. Short circuit, reverse polarity, temperature, and low voltage protection make this mod a great choice for those who have concerns about safety when using a temperature control box mod.

SX Mini M Class 60 Watt Box Mod
SX Mini M Class 60 Watt Box Mod

4. SX Mini M Class 60 Watt Box Mod

The SX Mini might be on the pricey side, but it’s for a very good reason. It’s a temperature control box mod with a neat “Anti-dry burning” feature.  Other neat features are the rotary display, gravity sensor system, and upgradeable software. Temperature range is 200-580 Degrees Fahrenheit or 100-300 Degrees Celsius. Resistance Limit is 0.05 – 0.3 ohms on Temperature Control Mode and 0.15 – 3.0 ohm on Wattage Mode.

Tesla 120W TC Temperature Control VW APV Box Mod

5. Tesla 120W TC Temperature Control VW APV Box Mod

  • The Tesla has a 510 threading connection with an adjustable silver plated copper center pin for that extra kick. Dual 18650 enables you to vape to your hearts content without worrying about draining your battery. It goes all the way up to 120W, while the Temperature control ranges from 200’F~600’F(100’C~300’C). Range of resistance is 0.18~3.0 ohm on normal coil, and 0.18~1.0 ohm for nickel 200 coil. It has the the standard safety features like Low-voltage protection, reverse connection protection and short protection, but I find the Over puffing protection to be very intriguing.
tesla 60w tc box mod
TESLA Metal Aluminum 60W Variable Wattage Mini Box Mod

6. TESLA Metal Aluminum 60W Variable Wattage Mini Box Mod

Here’s a nice little temperature control mod that I got from GearBest, and I am liking it (review coming soon)! It accepts a single 18650 high-drain battery, which is probably it’s only downside for me (I love dual 18650 mods). Resistance is 0.18-3.0 Ohm (ordinary atomizer) and 0.18-1.0 Ohm (Nickel 200 coil). Power range is 7-60W while the temp control range is 100-300 C or 200-600 F. With it’s screen reversal design, it is a great mod for left-handed vapers.

ZERO Modz Styled VW Variable Wattage APV Box Mod

7. ZERO Modz Styled VW Variable Wattage APV Box Mod

For me, the Zero mod is one of the best looking mods on the list. It has an adjustable copper 510 center pin and fires from 1W to 60W. Temp control runs from 200F – 600 F. It fits atomizers with resistance of 0.06 – 5.0ohm. Warning features are low voltage, short circuit, low resistance, high resistance, and high temperature warning.

DOVPO TC – 50 50W Variable Wattage Mini Box Mod

8. DOVPO TC – 50 50W Variable Wattage Mini Box Mod

The DOVPO TC-50 has 2 modes, temperature control and variable wattage. Tempreture control range is 200F – 600F or 100℃ – 400℃. Features include overtime vaping warning and power-off memory function, short circuit protection, low voltage protection, overheat protection, battery reversal protection, over current protection Temperature Control Mode supports 0.1 – 1.0ohm pure nickel wire atomizers only while Variable Wattage Mode supports all 0.1 – 3.0ohm atomizers.

hcigar vt 40 mini box mod
HCigar VT 40 Variable Wattage 40W Mini Box Mod

9. HCigar VT 40 Variable Wattage 40W Mini Box Mod

Another high-end mod on the list, the VT40 boasts of an Evolv Certified DNA 40, sturdy aluminum enclosure with Aluminum firing and menu buttons, crystal clear screen and an impressive spring-loaded gold plated positive pin. The DNA chip is probably one of the most stable microchips you can use in a variable wattage mod, make the most of battery life while using minimal heat.

Kangxin Mini VF 50W Mod KX – 50D Chip Variable Wattage Mini Box Mod

10. Kangxin Mini VF 50W Mod KX – 50D Chip Variable Wattage Mini Box Mod

Kangxin has come up with their own chip, the KX-50D chip. It has an aluminum body which has a nice feel. Atomizer resistance is 0.09 ohm – 1.0 ohm with temperature limit running at 200 Fahrenheit, 450 Fahrenheit, and 600 Fahrenheit. It also come with 2 kinds of flash lights, reverse connection protection and USB charging and protection

tesla wood 160w box mod
TESLA Wood 160W Variable Wattage Mini Box Mod

11. TESLA Wood 160W Variable Wattage Mini Box Mod

Here’s a wooden box mod that houses two 18650 high-drain batteries. Its lowest resistance is 0.18-3.0 Ohm  on an ordinary atomizer and 0.18-1.0 Ohm on Nickel 200 coil. The Tesla Wood powers all the way up to 160W, with the temp control range at 100-300 centigrade / 200-600. The screen reversal design makes it suitable for left-handers, while both cover plates are removable for easy battery installation.

I hope this list helps you look for a mod with Temperature Control, because it really does make a great difference in vaping.

To anyone who hasn’t got a temp control mod yet, PLEASE DO!


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!


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