Tesla Metal 60W TC Mod: Temperature Control For Under $50


I received this beautiful piece of machinery from my good friends at GearBest, please check them out if you are looking for mods that sell for cheap. Unlike the Smok M80 I received from them , the Tesla Metal took about a month for it to get here.

All I have to say is if you are looking for an affordable temperature control mod, the Tesla Metal 60W Mod should be a serious consideration and here’s why.


Let’s start with the features: goes up to 60 watts, has temperature control and can fire as low as 0.1 on a normal atomizer and 0.08 on nickel 200 coil. As for the build, it feels durable but lightweight. Feels very comfortable when you hold it in your hand, and it has a reverse display feature for all you left handed vapers.

The grids on the connector prevents juice from leaking into the connector, which is a problem for a lot of bottom-feed tanks. It also has a ton of safety features which was pretty frustrating for me when I first got it because this mod will not fire if something is off (battery not adjusted properly, atomizer too low, etc.)


It houses a single 18650 battery which you unscrew from the bottom (no need for screwdrivers or other tools) with the charging port at the bottom. This may be a problem for some people who don’t have their own charger, but I rarely ever use this charge port and use my own charger so it doesn’t really bother me. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have pass-through capability so you can’t vape on it while it is charging.


I like the display, it is bright and clear and holds well when it is under the sun. This has been a problem for my other mods, especially the IPV mods whenever I bring them outside. I took a few pics to show you guys how the display looks under the sun and in direct sunlight.


My only problem with the Tesla Metal 60W is how it goes through my batteries, but this is already expected with temperature mods. Me personally, I would prefer a mod with dual built-in batteries when it comes to temperature control vaping.

But that’s just my preference, I like to vape a lot and with the Tesla Metal, a fully charged 18650 lasts me up until the end of the day. I usually switch a fully charged battery once I get home from work whenever I use this mod. I like using it when I go outdoors though. I don’t like bulky pockets when I go out, so I usually hold this in my hand when I go out or to work. I would recommend having at least 2 18650 batteries before you buy this mod.

The best thing about it is it’s only $47.94 on Gearbest as of this date. They have it in black and silver/black. I would like to thank my friends at GearBest once again for this great little mod, and for less than 50 bucks it a great deal!

Also, any purchases made through this blog helps me with keeping my blog more efficient for all of you. So if you do find these articles I put up helpful, and you would like to get a Tesla Metal 60 mod I would really appreciate the support.



Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!


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