4 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade To A Mod

Kamry K100, first mod I ever bought!

So here I am, feeling nostalgic and reminiscing the day I got my first mod in the mail. It was a blue Kamry k100 which was a CLONE of the very famous, yet very expensive, and hard to find Empire mod. I really loved that mod and it served its purpose well.

I think I was 4 months into vaping when I decided that I NEEDED to get one of these mechanical mods. I had started with a 400mah Ego pen (it looked small enough to be held like a cigarette which is what I liked). I started to notice I needed something with more battery life, so I upgraded to an Ego 900mah V2 Mega.

At that time, I thought that this was the “one and only set-up” for me. My Ego V2 Mega and my Kangertech 5ml tank; I was set!

Then I got more and more into vaping. I got curious with the whole sub-ohm vaping craze (this was WAY before the Atlantis-style tanks came out). You had to build your coils a certain way to get that kind of effect.

What I did notice is that these sub-ohm vapers I was watching on YouTube only used mods! That’s what led me to buying one of my own.

You might have your eye out for a particular mod right now, but don’t know if you should get it. It does look big and bulky, will you be able to handle such a thing? And they are a little more expensive.

All I can say is that ever since I bought a mod, it changed the way I vaped and it changed it for the better! Thinking back, here are 4 signs that made me realize I needed an upgrade badly:

1. Your battery keeps dying on you.

This was probably the biggest reason I got a mod. I really hated waiting for it to charge before I could use it again. I would usually have a cigarette to hold me down while I waited. I also did not like the idea of having more than one battery on hand because I tend to lose stuff.

While researching, I found out that the 18650 batteries give a ton of battery power compared to the Ego setups. Having my mechanical mod with an 18650 inside lasted me the whole day, and I was blown away!

2. You want to try building/dripping.

Another thing that I noticed with the videos I was watching was that RDA’s (rebuildable dripping atomizers) were being used and not tanks!

You had to “build” or wrap your own coils to achieve that cloud chasing effect and at that time, only RDA’s were capable of being built on.

The setup I was using at that time was not going to be enough to power an RDA, so this kind of ties back to my first reason for getting a mod. Mods have more battery power, enough to power these cloud chasing RDA’s and tanks you see on videos.

3. You want more “kick” in your vape.

I admit, those first 4 months of vaping were pretty rocky. Vaping had curb my cigarette intake, but there were still times I would crave a cigarette, and the vaping just wasn’t doing it for me. I would fall off the wagon every once in a while.

I noticed with my mod, my vape was much more satisfying. I could really taste the flavors from my dripper, while the tank I used to love tasted muted and weak.

4. They just look better.

Some mods look ridiculous, but for the most part mods are beautifully made and are sure to attract some good attention. I remember my boss thinking my K100 was a $200-$300 high-end mod, when I actually got it for only $35 at that time.

If you feel like you want and need to get a mod, then go for it. If it feels right, then it must be right, right? It may feel awkward using it at first, but all mod vapers felt that way and anything can be mastered with time and practice.

If you want to look further into getting a mod, check out my next post: What Kind Of Mod Should I Buy?


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!

4 thoughts on “4 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade To A Mod”

  1. Haha yes!! Just the other month I pulled out my kanger ipow and barely used (upgraded to Sub ohm within a few weeks) aero tank and I couldn’t believe that at one stage that had done it for me…. Haha. Not even a month ago I thought building coils was not for me yet here I am puffing on a Goblin RTA… and am now a box mod guy lol. Next week I order my first RDA and on it goes….

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