Newbie Vaper? 5 Reasons To Get The Subox Mini Starter Kit

Kangertech Subox Mini white edition with PopDeez by Steep Vapors. PopDeez is a spot on Cracker Jack flavored juice. Even comes with a Toy inside each box. I got the glass wide bore drip tip in this picture

Thank you GearBest for this beautiful white edition of the Kangertech Subox mini starter kit. It’s called the Subox because its the KBox and SubTank put together. After using it for about a month now all I can say is that the Subox Mini kit is THE starter kit for people new to vaping.

In the past, I would say go with an e-Go starter kit. But this is 2015 and vaping has changed so rapidly that an e-Go kit does not give its user that FULL vaping experience they could get nowadays.

If you are a current smoker and you are thinking about vaping to quit, don’t waste your time and money and get the Kanger Subox Mini starter kit. Here’s why:

SuBox Mini kit with rebuildable coil head

Reason #5: Cost Efficient

Let’s say you are starting from zero, you have no vape gear at all. All you know is you want to quit smoking and start vaping.

Yes, that e-cigarette or e-Go starter kit might be cheaper but PLEASE do not even bother with these POS devices.

E-cigs and e-Gos unfortunately is NOT vaping in its truest form. I don’t just mean blowing big clouds, what I mean is the quality in TASTE. The SubTank included in the kit really brings out the flavor in e-juice.

The Subox Mini saves you money because everything you need to start vaping is there! All you need to buy aside from the kit are a couple of 18650 batteries, a charger, and some e-juice.

Reason #4: “Goldilocks” Sized Mod

Not too big ,not too small but just right. This feels like one of the most comfortable mods I’ve ever held. I also like resting my thumb on the space next to the tank. It feels very natural to the hand both with grip and weight.

Inside the box

Reason #3: Gives You A Taste Of Modern Vaping

The Subox Mini has standard features you won’t find in e-cigarettes. Features like variable wattage, airflow control, and OLED display.

If you are good with your hands, you could try doing your own builds thanks to the rebuildable coil which is included in the kit.

Reason #2: It Won’t Break So Easily

The aluminum alloy body is lightweight but doesn’t feel cheap. The Pyrex glass tank will not crack when used with certain e-juices which is usually the problem with plastic glass tanks.

Reason #1: Most Importantly, It’s User Friendly

Your grandparents can learn how to use the Subox mini. Not complicated at all. The only technical part of the Subox Mini kit is learning how to fill the tank with juice which is super easy.


I consider myself to be a minimalist so I don’t really like having too many mods on deck. The Kanger Subox Mini gives you a VERY satisfying vape experience by itself. It is truly an excellent, affordable entry mod for newbie vapers!


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!

6 thoughts on “Newbie Vaper? 5 Reasons To Get The Subox Mini Starter Kit”

  1. Quitting in cig a likes, then switching to egos, then to vvs, then onto a 20-30 watt mod.
    That process is killed by this kit. Go to a vape shop- try something- if you think you will like it for what it is. Skip all the steps and save over 100 dollars

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  2. I don’t have this kit, but I started with the Kanger Subtank mini and a 50w eleaf and I think it this was a great place to begin. If they had the kit where I bought my set up, I might have gone with it.

    So far, other than getting a second tank and mod for convenience of switching flavours I haven’t felt the need to ‘upgrade’.

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