4 RDA/RTA’s For Flavor Chasers

rda rta for flavor chasersLet’s take a break from all this cloud chasing and focus on the flavor chasers. These are the vapers that vape for one reason and one reason only, FLAVOR.

I feel your pain. It seems like the vape community’s taste connoisseurs have been forgotten and left in the dark. With the countless cloud chasing tanks and RDA’s out there, are there any vape companies that make products dedicated to bringing out the flavor notes in our favorite e-juice?

This led me to go look online for any dripper or tank attys that were made for the flavor chasers. Fortunately, I came across these 4 vape products (3 RDA’s and 1 RTA). These all can be found on GearBest, VaporDNA, and FastTech. Keep reading if you need an atty that adds more tang to your juice!

origen v3 style rda clone

Origen V3 RDA – At first glance, you can already notice the Origen V3 was made for flavor chasing with its small, somewhat restrictied airflow. The unique center post gives you the option to try different kinds of builds.

The great thing about the Origen RDA in my opinion is the deep juice well, it almost works like a mini tank. Just fill this RDA with your favorite e-juice for an intensely flavorful all day vape experience.

magma v2 styled rda

Magma RDA – The Magma RDA was listed as the “BEST flavor of all RDA’s” by vape reviewer VapingWithTwisted420, despite it being a just clone. The deep juice well and small airholes make it built like the Origen V3, with the Magma being the slightly more airy option among the two. If you want flavorful yet airy draws, then the Magma V2 styled RDA is your go to atty.

aromamizer styled rdaAromamizer RDA – I first came across the Aromamizer RDA after watching Richard Ng’s review of it. He had some really good things to say about this RDA, emphasizing the great tasting flavor he experience with the juices he tried with it. Although not capable of holding as much juice as the others flavor attys on this list, it surely does not lack in that one important thing which is flavor.

saucecode bxdc sub-ohm tank rtaSauceCode BXDC Sub-Ohm RTA – The only tank on the list, the SauceCode BXDC Sub-Ohm Tank is not only dedicated to flavor, but it also is quite a fogger. It comes with replaceable and rebuildable coil heads. The SauceCode remains one of the most bought tanks on Vapor DNA and for a very good reason, SauceCode = great tasting e-juice.

For all my flavor chasers out there, I hope you find something on this list you enjoy using. If you do plan on buying any of the products featured on this post, you will be helping my blog a lot so thank you all in advance. Happy vaping!


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!


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