The Best 40 Watt Box Mods of 2015

I chose to focus on 40 watt mods in this post because I felt that 40 watts is a good enough amount of power to accommodate most of the new sub-ohm tanks that are coming out. If you aren’t into crazy builds or triple coil head tanks, chances are you won’t be needing more than 40 watts to vape.

Me personally, I like to vape at around 0.2 – 0.5 ohms and I rarely go over 35 watts. So unless I start changing the way I vape to a more “advanced” format, me buying a 100 or 200 watt mod doesn’t make sense to me. That’s a lot of power not being used, so what’s the use of me having it?

We also know that the higher the wattage output of a mod, the higher the price is. Why would you pay for something you won’t be using? If you’re a quad-coil builder then yes, you will need a high wattage mod to power those types of builds. But if  all you do are single or dual coil set-ups, then be a little more realistic. Let’s leave the high wattage mods for the advanced users.

I based my selections for this post off price, popularity, ease of use and design. I wanted to diversify the featured mods by including high-end as well as affordable mods in the list. And since we are nearing the end of 2015, I thought I might as well turn it into a “best of” post. There is no telling what new 40W mod will be coming out soon, but here are the front runners so far.


HB DNA40 Box Mod

hb dna 40 box mod

A little story about the company that makes the HB DNA 40; back in the earlier years of vaping HCigar was known to be a notorious cloner. However, some of these clones were better built than their authentic counterpart which gained the respect of buyers.

This time around HCigar decides to go the authentic route with the HB 40 complete with an Evolve DNA 40 chip. I won’t get all technical with the HB 40 box mod BUT there is something vapers who plan on buying this unit must know.

Do not run this mod in temperature control mode unless using nickel wire. If you try running this in temp control with a kanthal wire build you risk breaking it.  However, it comes at a better price compared to the other authentic DNA 40 mods in the market.

I think the side-positioned buttons are great and a good way to let your fingers adjust in a different way when vaping. If you are looking at buying your first authentic Evolve DNA chip box mod, the HB 40 is the way to go!

Vt40 DNA 40 Heartbeat

vt40 dna 40 heartbeat box mod

Still from the same company as the HB 40, HCigar gives us another authentic DNA 40 mod with the VT 40 Heartbeat box mod.

You can expect the same specs as with any Evolve DNA 40 mod, so its the same deal with the nickel wires on this mod.

I guess what really sells the VT 40 Heartbeat mod is the quality of build. This is a very well built device with no gaps or spaces in between. The up and down wattage buttons are positioned and sized just right for easy switching to temperature control mode.

This mod disproves the stereotype that Chinese companies only sell cheap-quality products and cut corners when it comes to production. Good job HCigar!


Presa 40 Watt Mod

presa 40w box mod

The Presa 40W mod is the brainchild of Wismec. It was developed in California, U.S.A. and produced in China. Right off the bat you notice the ergonomic design. Kudos to Wisemec for being innovative and bringing a new design to the market.

It has a built-in 2,600 mah which is more than your usual 2,200 mah 18650 battery, and you know how I love built-in batteries!

The Presa uses the same side firing button style the SMOK X Cube has. No more fidgeting for buttons, all you have to do is grip and vape!

It’s a great little mod to have, or for a few more dollars you can opt for the Presa 40W Temperature Control  mod.

Presa 40 Watt TC Mod

presa 40w tc box mod


Coolfire IV Modcool fire 4 40w box mod

For the budget conscious vapers, the Cool Fire IV is a wise choice. Now, the Cool Fire is not the CHEAPEST 40 watt mod available to you, but it sure is one of, if not the best built 40 watt box mod at it’s price range.

Innokin, the company responsible for the Cool Fire, has built up quite a legion of loyal fans. The MVP series were a big hit, and the company looks to continue its success with this mod. As for the Cool Fire series, thank God they got rid of that tacky looking grenade mod they put out earlier with the version one.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a mod made for advanced users. There is no temperature control and it only fires down to 0.3 ohms. This was made for the casual vaper only, someone who wants to pop in their tank with their favorite e-juice and just vape, nothing fancy.

Still, if you are going to drop $40 on a mod, you might as well get one that will last you damn near forever as some of these Innokin products are almost impossible to destroy.

Eleaf iStick 40W Mod

istick 40w tc mod

Now here is the budget mod on the list, the Eleaf iStick 40W is the most affordable mod on the market that gives you temperature control, works with nickel and nichrome wire, comes with a built-in 2600 mah battery, and is ergonomically designed.

The only drawback is it lowest resistance which is only at 0.3 ohms. If you don’t vape that low then the iStick 40W is a great affordable mod to have.


Mellody Box Styled 40W Mod

mellody box syled 40w tc mod

I placed these mods on the list based on design and reviews. They aren’t the most accurate and precise vape mods when it comes to their chip, but if you want a 4o watt mod that stands out in design and functionality, then one mod you should consider is the Mellody Box Styled 40W TC wood mod.

The authentic version of the Mellody was a high end box mod that sold out and has ceased production. Unless you want to spend money on an overpriced mod from a second hand vendor, then you should try the clone version.

The Mellody is more of a attention grabbing, stable TC mod which works for most casual vapers.

Vapor Flask Squonk Style 40W Mod

vapor flask squonk styled 40w tc box mod

Last on the list is the Vapor Flask Squonk styled 40 watt temperature control mod. I included this lovely mod because of its unique dripping system and kick-ass flask design.

That little plastic bottle you see on the side of the juice is the “squonker” which eliminates your need to carry around a bottle of juice with you whenever you are dripping.

Just fit this mod with a bottom feeding RDA  like the Hobo V3 RDA and fill the plastic bottle with your juice. There is a little juice hose that connects the bottle to your dripper and pumps e-juice into your atty whenever you squonk the bottle. Pretty innovative if you ask me.


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!


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