Are Titanium Wires For Vaping More Harmful Than Helpful?

titanium coil wire

This one goes out to Fritz in the Philippines asking me to do a post on Titanium wires. He (or she, not really sure, sorry Fritz) is excited about Titanium wires, but is concerned if its just another “hype” vape product out in the market.

My further research on Titanium wires for vaping brought me to some surprising discoveries. One concern was that Titanium wires could be toxic and hazardous to one’s health if not done right.

I came across this article from Stealthvape on why they WON’T sell Ti wires to consumers. In the article, they are not discouraging the use of Titanium wires, but are honest in sharing the potential dangers IF NOT USED PROPERLY.

The pros and cons in using Ti wires for vaping

People who use Titanium wires notice a cleaner taste with e-juice as compared to using NiChrome, Kanthal or Nickel.

The downside was users noted that Titanium was springy and harder to work with when it came to coil building.

Now for the dangers: the biggest concern vapers had was Titanium oxide which is a carcinogen to the human body. Yikes! There are also reports of Titanium builds bursting in flames when dry-fired at a high wattage. This is because Titanium is also used in fireworks, particularly in “sparkles.”

titanium coil build
Titanium oxidation causes the coils to turn blue

Before you abandon the idea of ever using Ti wires for your builds, there are certain settings you have to have your mod set to in order get that clean tasting juice Ti users testify to.

How to use Titanium wires properly for vaping

  1. Use it only for Temperature Control – Ti wires were made SPECIFICALLY for temperature control so don’t try to do otherwise or else!
  2. No firing over 40 watts – Like I mentioned earlier, Ti wires are susceptible to catching fire when fired at high wattage. So don’t go pairing this with your Snow Wolf or your IPV 150W TC, at least don’t fire your Titanium wires with these mods over 40 watts.
  3. DNA 40 compatible – Seems like these wires work best with DNA 40 chips so make sure you have a DNA 40 mod on hand before you use these Ti coils.

There you go Fritz, hope this helped with the question you had. For all of you out there who plan on using these Titanium wires please take caution. Make sure to follow those 3 steps mentioned above and if you guys were wondering where you can get some Ti wires, Vapor DNA has them for $10.99.

sweet spot titanium wire


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!


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