Best Tanks For Single Coil Builds

best single coil tanks

Nowadays, I don’t have much time to sit down and dedicate time to coil building. I don’t consider myself to be an expert builder, so it probably takes me a little longer to do builds compared to other vapers. I haven’t really been focusing on cloud chasing builds either. I do a lot of outdoor vaping, so I’m trying to keep my vapor production low-key. I don’t like that “WTF” look I get when people see me blow enormous clouds of vapors outside.

However, I do consider myself a flavor chaser. I pay particular attention to the taste of the juice I vape on. I’m also a little sensitive to the taste of my coils. I can almost automatically tell when my coils need to be replaced. I’m the type of person who needs to have a new build whenever I try a new juice.

Single coils are easy to do, so I usually do 5 single coils at a time and put them away until I need them. So yeah, single coils are easy and awesome, they work for me and this post is dedicated to the single coil tanks!

I decided to make a post about these 3 single coil build tanks I believe are the best based on user reviews, ease of use, build, performance and price. So all you novice builders and single coilers out there, keep reading. Let’s start off with the very popular Kanger Subtank Mini.

kanger subtank mini1. Kanger Subtank Mini – The Kanger Subtank won the hearts of many vapers because of its simple approach and ease of use. Aside from the replacement coils, it also comes with a rebuildable atomizer that is made for single coils.

Yes, I know some smart-ass out there is gonna say, “You can do a dual coil build on a Kanger RBA.” And I’m not saying this isn’t true, but this RBA was originally made for single coil builds.

What else makes the Subtank a popular choice? It’s super easy to use and fill. Anyone who can operate a smartphone can definitely use this tank with ease.

The Pyrex glass and well fitted o-rings keep this tank almost leak proof and I experienced little to no spit back whenever I use it. Most importantly, the taste of my e-juice is amazing and it produces a lot of vapor.

The only complaints  I hear about the Kanger Subtank mini is that it isn’t top fill. You fill this tank by turning it upside down, unscrew the base and fill it with e-juice, then screw the base back on. I don’t have any problems with this set up, but if you are looking for a single coil tank with top fill function, then let’s go to the next tank on the list.

lemo 2 rta2. Lemo 2 – Some of you might be saying, “Ron, why not the Kayfun V4? It’s the ULTIMATE single coil tank in it’s class.” That might be true for some of you, but I chose the Lemo V2 over the Kayfun because of it’s ability to handle high VG juice, something that the Kayfun struggles with.

I only vape high VG juice. I think I have a PG irritation because my voice becomes hoarse after vaping on juice that has a higher PG content. Another reason why I love the Lemo is because of the flavor. It’s amazing how these Kayfun-styled tanks bring out the flavor notes in e-juice. And for a single coil tank, it sure puts out a lot of vapor.

After using the Lemo for a few months now, I can say that the Lemo 2 does have some flaws. Although it has top fill capabilities, it is more susceptible to leaking compared to the Subtank mini. I also noticed that you shouldn’t twist the cap on too tight, because the Pyrex glass closes off the juice channels. Keeping the cap loose, but not too loose, prevents it from dry hits.

Cthulhu V23. Cthulhu V2 – Further research on great single coil tanks brought me to the Cthulhu (pronounced kuh-thuw-luw) which is a more intense version of the Lemo 2. I don’t have the Cthulhu tank, so I can’t say anything about it based on my personal experience. I did notice that the vapers who have tried both of these tanks say that the Lemo gives you a more mellow type of vape compared to the Cthulhu.

One thing I really like about this tank is the 2 decks ythat come with it, the single coil deck or the dual/quad coil for you advanced builders out there. It’s like buying two tanks for the price of one!

One tank that gets a special mention is the Bellus RTA which I am currently still using. I got a freebie (courtesy of my girl Krystal at GearBest) to review which I will be putting up soon so please bear with me.

So there you have it, these three tanks in my opinion are what you need to get the best vaping experience using a single coil. All of these are great tanks to have, easy to use, will last you a long time and will not hurt your budget. Works for me!


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!

4 thoughts on “Best Tanks For Single Coil Builds”

  1. MLD, I really enjoy the Subtank Mini, it is by far my favorite as well. A few months ago I finally started building my own coils and replacing cotton after purchasing one of those coil master rigs. It takes me a few short minutes to do a new build and insert cotton, even less to simply replace the cotton using the dental floss trick. So now I’m refreshing every few days because it’s convenient. Whoever came up with the dental floss idea should get a medal.

    Love the idea of top fill tanks, but I prefer bottom fill because I fly a lot. Hanging a Subtank Mini upside down in my backpack sleeve prevents it from leaking during the flight in a pressurized cabin. So when I travel, I don’t have to empty the tank.

    Your comment about the pains of building resonated with me. When I quit smoking and started vaping, I didn’t want to take on another hobby like having to build coils. With the Subtank, some learning and the coil master rig, I love the flexibility. Durability is a concern with all these tanks. I damaged my 1st subtank base by over tightening it and stripped the threading, so finger snug is all I do now. No need to crank down on them.

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    1. Thank you American Vaping Company for the feedback. It really is a great tank and I am planning to buy more. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention how one should be careful in screwing the base back on too tight. I scratched mine trying to use pliers to unscrew it. Fortunately, I got it off by using the little allen key through the airhole trick. 😀


      1. Ah, you reminded me of the 1 pet peeve I have with the original versions, which is what I use. The inner cap and barrel piece is a biatch to get off sometimes. I find less squeeze and turn works for me in most cases, less force I guess is better. I understand they redesigned the barrel in a newer version. In the cases where I wanted to use pliers, I cut a small strip/piece of neoprene from an old can coolie to protect the device, worked like a champ.

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        1. I haven’t experienced that problem with the new version. I tried using paper towel with the plier to prevent it from scratching but the pliers slipped and scratched the hell out of my white subtank. I was so pissed that time, lol.



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