9 Year-End Deals For 2015 From GearBest

9 year end deals from gearbest

My friend Krystal from GearBest wants to share with us some deals and coupons that are available at the moment on their website. On the list are a couple of tank atomizers and some nice new mods that are being sold at some really good prices.

With Christmas coming up, there might be something on this list that you want to gift for someone or for yourself. Check out these 9 nicely priced vape products as we all get ready to bid 2015 farewell:

hotcig dx 200

Hotcig DX 200

Hotcig is one of many Chinese vape manufacturers that are getting out of the cloning business and moving into authentic mods. With Evolv selling their DNA 200 chip to anyone, this gives manufacturers a chance to build true DNA mods.

The DX 200 is a 200 watt TC mod with all the newest features. It’s built like the VaporShark DNA with the rubberized black matte finish. What I really like about this mod is that it comes with a detachable battery like the Innokin Disruptor mod. I am all for built-in batteries because it eliminates the need to buy one. I think more mod manufacturers should invest in making batteries made specifically for their units. I have been reading stories about concerns with using 18650 batteries for sub-ohm vaping, and having a dedicated battery for a mod ensures you get the best performance and more importantly it gets rid of any safety issues.

The Hotcig DX 200 is one of the best priced DNA 200 mods out in the market, and GearBest is giving it to us right now for cheap! Make sure to check it out.

Cthulhu V2 gearbest

Cthulhu V2

I did a post recommending some single coil tanks to you guys and the Cthulhu V2 was one of them. Aside from its single coil deck, it also comes with another deck which gives you a whole lot of other coil set-ups to build with. It’s like a tank for beginner and veteran coil builders, two tanks for the price of one. Now GearBest is offering it to us at a great price using the coupon code below:


kbox mini platinum

KBOX Mini Platinum

The new KBOX Mini is available for pre-order. The original KBOX Mini was a no frills variable wattage mod which was super easy to use. This new edition now comes with temperature control, goes up to 60 watts and has a very beautiful polished metal finish to it. Make sure to use the coupon code below to knock the price even lower!


smok treebox

SMOK Treebox

The SMOK Treebox is a 75 watt wooden box mod which can handle Titanium, Nickel, Stainless Steel, and Kanthal builds. It is made out of Brazilian Zebrawood which has a nice and smooth finish to it. The pictures above is not doing this mod any justice, it actually looks better in up close.

Me personally though, I am not really into wooden box mods so the Treebox is not something I would get, but in case some of you out there is looking for a nice wooden mini mod then the Treebox is a mod you should consider especially with the price GB is offering it at.


sigelei fu chai 200w mod

Sigelei Fu Chai

Another great buy on the list is the Sigelei Fu Chai 200W mod. One might notice the Fu Chai “mishapen” shape which is totally intentional. This was done to make it more ergonomic, to fit better in the hand. It may not be pretty to the OCD peeps, but sure feels natural to the hand. It is also made of rubberized paint for better grip. If the Fu Chai is something you would like to take home, make sure to use the coupon code below!


aromamizer rdta gearbest

Aromamizer RDTA

I did a post about tanks made for flavor chasers and the Aromamizer was included in that list, the reason is its a tank made specifically for enhancing the flavor of e-juice. It’s 2-post deck and tighter than usual draw makes this tank a must have for vapers who are after the flavor.


kingside ksd j2

Kingside KSD J2

The Kingside KSD J2 is a 75 watt mini mod that uses the Yihi SX130 chip. These are the same chips that are used in the Yihi SX Mini mods. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the SX Mini, these are great performing in terms of temperature control but are also pretty high priced. The KSD J2 uses the same technology of the Yihi SX Mini at a much lower price.


elephone ele p70

Elephone ELE P70

This could actually be the sleeper mod in the list. The Elephone ELE P70 is a steel and leather (authentic) mini mod with temperature control. Elephone is a cellphone manufacturer who decided to do a little side project in entering the vaping market.

The leather is something that is different, and it comes in brown, black and white variations. As for performance, it can fire both Nickel and Titanium builds. It’s also priced under $30 which I think is a really great deal for a 70 watt temp control mini mod.

reuleaux rx 200

Reuleaux RX 200

Last on the list is the Reuleaux RX 200 which is something different. It houses 3 18650 batteries which makes for all DAYS vaping. Rip Trippers said he uses this at around 25 – 50 watts and it lasts him for 4 days! Talk about a mod that won’t die out on you.


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!


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