Best Vape Tanks For Cloud Chasing In 2015

cloud chasing tanks of 2015

It’s been a while since I last did an extensive list on vape products, and what better way to close this year than to give you a top 10 list of cloud chasing tanks released in 2015.

Twenty-fifteen was definitely the year of the sub-ohm tanks! Month after month, we were all blessed with tanks that just put out more and more vapor!

And to look back at these wonderful little vapor machines, here are my top 10 cloud chasing tanks of 2015. Phenomenal tanks for a phenomenal year in vaping!

triton 2 clapton sub ohm tank

10.) Triton 2 Clapton Tank – The Triton 2 came out with a better look and a kick ass 0.5 Clapton coil. Other improvements were the top fill system and the heat dissipating  base. The Clapton coil is to be used at 40-45 watts. The Triton also comes with a 1.8 coil that is supposed to be used at 10 – 13 watts. An extra Pyrex glass tube is included in the package.

The Clapton tank has two wide open air holes on each side which will be a treat for all you lung hitters. It also has juice flow control. The thinner your e-juice, the more closed off your juice holes should be, and vice versa. This helps distribute the juice better to the cotton and coils and prevents it from being “flooded” by thin e-juice. Good idea Aspire!

And finally, it is also compatible with Aspire Atlantis, Triton, SauceCode, and gClapton coils. You do get a lot for the price of this tank.

obs crius rta

9.) OBS Crius RTA – The OBS Crius RTA came as a surprise to me. I haven’t picked this product up on my radar but the reviews on this tank were raving about it.

Users like the Velocity-styled 2 post deck. Two VERY STRONG posts if you look at it up close. And these 2 posts were made for dual and quad coil builds!

herakles plus

8.) Herakles Plus Sub-Ohm Tank – The Herakles Plus has been around for sometime now, but it was one of the first tanks I can remember that was made to go along with all these 100 – 150 watt mods that are coming out.

And when it comes to sub-ohm vaping, the Herakles has a 0.4 Kanthal coil which is to be used at 35 to 100 watts. It also comes with a 0.2 Stainless Steel coil to be used at 35 to 80 watts.

It has 4 air hole openings, so taking those lungful hits will be easy. So do those big lung hits to your heart’s content!

7.) TFV 4 Mini Sub-Ohm Tank – Another outstanding tank of 2015 is the TFV 4 by SMOKtech, and here’s why:

Crazy airflow system! 4 slots at the base and 4 slots on top. It comes with a rebuildable Clapton coil RBA deck, and you all know I love tanks with an RBA option. Along with a Clapton dual coil (30 – 90W), and a Sextule (Six Core) coil head ( 30 to 100W). The TFV 4 package also includes a spare glass tank and extra parts.

playboy vixen mini subohm tank

6.) Playboy Vixen Mini – There are some features that make the Vixen Mini Sub-Ohm tank stand out from the others. The coils that come with this amazing tank are a very low 0.1 dual spiral Ni200 Nickel coil which you use with temperature control only. The second coil is a 0.5 dual spiral Kanthal coil (30 to 70W).

The coil situation doesn’t end there, the Vixen is compatible with Aspire Atlantis, Aspire Triton, and Sense Herakles (V1 Only) coils. The airflow is also nice and airy. Some vapers might not like that the juice capacity is only 2.5 ml.

zephyrus v2 sub ohm tank

5.) Zephyrus V2 Sub-Ohm Tank – Unlike the Vixen, the Zephyrus V2 comes with a generous 6ml capacity for juice. The top fill system is easy to use, twist to open and close. Quad airflow gives you big lung hits. As for the coils, it comes with a Zephyrus 1.8 ohm OCC coil (10 to 13W) and 0.3 ohm OCC coil (20 to 35W). It also comes with an RBA head and rifled drip tip for vapor dissipation.

arctic v8

4.) Horizon Arctic V8 Sub-Ohm Tank – The Arctic V8 specializes in some high performing coils, but first let’s start with what comes in the package. You get a 0.2 ohm V4 vertical Clapton coil (60 to 150W) and a 0.5 ohm V2 vertical dual coil (50 to 70W). The V4 is a quad coil Clapton coil while the V2 is a coil coil set-up.

If you are feeling strong, you can get the V8 coil which is an eight coil vertical Octuplet which is vaped at 60 to 130 watts!

OBS T VCT Sub-Ohm Tank

3.) OBS T VCT Sub-Ohm Tank – Here’s another big 6 ml tank for all you chain vapers out there, the OBS T-VCT sub-ohm tank! You can adjust the juice control on the T-VCT by moving the top cap. The coils are a 0.5 ohm BVC Coil (10 to 35W), 0.25 ohm BTDC Coil (25 to 50W) and an RBA Head.  Nice looking tank too if you ask me.

stentorian steam engine

2.) Stentorian Steam Engine Sub-Ohm Tank – The Stentorian Seam Engine is another 6 ml sub-ohm tank on the list. The top cap on the Stentorian work both as top fill and juice flow control. You can also fill it from the bottom. The 3 coil structures that come with this tank are: 0.25 ohm Parallel Coil  (40 to 60W), 0.7 ohm Clapton coil  (30 to 50W), and a 0.25 ohm flat coil (40 to 70W).

amor plus sub ohm tank

1.) Wismec Amor Plus Sub-Ohm Tank – To top off the list we have the Amor Plus.It has an interesting airflow system as you can see in the pic. The Amor comes with 4 coil configurations which are a 0.3 ohm Kanthal  (20 to 75W), 0.15 ohm Ni200 Nickel, 0.5 ohm Titanium and a 0.5 ohm prebuilt RBA head.

2015 was a great year for vaping, with some very awesome products that were made available to us. So keep on vaping strong with these fog machine-like tanks on this list. Hope you enjoyed!


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!


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