Spaced Vs Contact Wraps: Which is better?

spaced vs contact coils

I remember when I first tried coil building a couple of years ago, I was taught to space my coils.

The majority of newer coil builds are “contact” which means they are wrapped tightly in contact with each other.

This made me think, which of the two is better?

Some research led me to some interesting facts about spaced and contact coils.

I’m a contact coil guy, but I am currently vaping my Bellus RTA with a spaced Kanthal coil set-up just to see if I notice anything different. I am also sick with a cold so my taste buds betray me right now. Sorry, can’t comment on the taste, but I did notice a slightly faster ramp up time with the spaced coils.

So since I am out of commission I looked at other resources to see how we should do our coils, and the answer is… it all depends on your personal preference.

Benefits of Spaced and Contact Coils

Back before temperature control, organic cotton, Titanium and Nichrome wires, the default build for a lot of vapers was spaced Kanthal on Silica wick.

Then vapers started doing contact coils. People use contact coils to get rid of heat spots. Since the wires make contact with each other, the heat is distributed evenly. If you watch tutorial videos, you often notice builders pinching their coils with pliers or tweezers while firing. This method gets rid of hot spots. The idea here is to have the heat generate from the middle of the wrap and distribute out to the sides.

Contact coils also gave vapers more heating surface, a great way to extract flavor from high VG juices which coincided with the whole cloud chasing craze.

On the other hand, some vapers prefer spaced coils. They gunk less and also heat up faster since less wire is needed. The spaced coils also work best with mechanical mods.

So to answer the question of which is better, it all depends on you. Some people say that spaced coils taste better than contacts, and vice versa. Some contact coil users complain of spit back when they try spaced coils.

It always better to do your research first and practice safety. As for me, I got used to the contact coils so I’m sticking with that. I don’t really have any problems with it and it is a little easier for me to build contact coils compared to spacing them out.


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!

One thought on “Spaced Vs Contact Wraps: Which is better?”

  1. i’m finding contact coils are working better for me for flavour ….. dual parralell 28g kanthal 2.5mm id 7/8 wraps around 0.35 ohms. 55-65 watts gives me excellent flavour even from juices that i thought wasn’t up to much peform great with this set up. supppose you just have to try different builds and find out what works best for you . so many different variations and factorrs but when you hit that build that performs great its all been woth the endless fiddling about . also you’ll notice your wire/cotton consumption go drastically down! lol. happy vaping peeps 🙂

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