3 Signs Telling You Its Time To Change Your Coils



I’ve been fighting this fever for the past few days now, so my taste buds are shot. Been in bed for most of the day, so I haven’t been changing my coils as often as I usually do.

Now normally I would change my coils every couple of days or so, but haven’t done so because laziness and what the heck, I can’t taste anything  anyway.

The current coil I am vaping on right now has been in my tank for about a week now, yes, that same spaced single coil build in my Bellus RTA which I  talked about a few days ago. And although I don’t vape as much when I’m sick, I can definitely tell that these coils and cotton needs some changing.

After vaping for quite a while now, I can tell when its time to change coils based on these three things:

Taste – When the taste goes dull, you know it’s time to change your coils or cotton.

I’m not a juice connoisseur or taste master so whenever I get a new juice, I vape on it with a new build or at least a fresh strip of organic cotton so I can try and remember that taste in my head. When it starts to stop tasting the way it initially did, its time for the coils or cotton to go.

Juice color – When the color starts getting darker, that’s an indication of gunk build-up on your coils. Your e-juice usually gets tainted with that “toasty” aftertaste. I would probably describe it like toasted almonds.

Vapor – When your vapor starts looking thin, when it is not as robust as it was, that means your cotton needs to be replaced. You can salvage your coils by dry burning, cleaning and fitting your coil with a fresh strip of cotton.

Some people measure it by days; they like to switch out every 2-5 days or 3-6, depending how often they vape. I’ve noticed different juices have different lifespans. It’s just easier for me to base when I have to change my coils on the three things I mentioned above, rather than have to count days. And it’s been working out for me quite well!

What about you guys? Anyone would like to add how they determine when to change their coils feel free to leave some comments below.


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!

7 thoughts on “3 Signs Telling You Its Time To Change Your Coils”

  1. So i build my own custom fused claptons out of ni80, to styles, 28ga dual core with 36 gauge wrap, and 30ga dual core with 36 ga wrap fold and twist. Both styles i get about 5 wraps at .25 ohms.
    I will burn my coils off after a week or so, and add fresh wick often. As of right now i have gotten roughly a month out of my coils, vaping roighly 12ml of juice a day at around 85watts.
    I use a ipv4s to drip and a jaybo rx200 with a limitless rdta for my on the road vape. Havent found a reason to change my coils yet, maybe when they get to .30 ohms i will swap wem out, or .20 ohms, not sure which way it goes when the wire starts to fail. Anyone reads this and wants some of my experince or a video of the builds, hit me up…

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  2. Using ss wire with proper cleaning, I can keep the same coil for months. As for my cotton, when my vapor starts to poop out I need to rewick. That usually happens right before the taste goes south.


  3. I went probably 2 months without changing my coil and cotton and started getting super sick finally I forked out the money for a new coil $6.00 a pop! and omg my cotton was black like no other like the picture at top. could I have caused some serious health issues for my self? I feel like I have a super bad flu, Last five days have been awful! normally I change coil every 2 to 3 weeks I use smok. Before I changed it I was coughing with every hit taken now with new coil no coughing just changed it a few hours ago. I just hope I didn’t severely damage my health from my poor choice of not changing coil do you think everything will be okay?


    1. I would say please don’t ever do that again. You can’t really go by a figure like “changing coil every 2 weeks or so” because it would also depend on how often you vape. It also depends on how dense the e-juice you usually vape on is. Saving money by not switching out coils when they should puts your health at risk which may cause you to end up spending more money in the long run. I would say a clear indication that you need to switch out coils is when you start tasting that burnt taste.



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