1st Quarter Vape Report Of 2016

vape report 1st quarter 2016

And just like that, March 2016 has come to an end.

Although I haven’t been blogging much, I’m still following vaping pretty close and taking note of all the developments going on, or at least I try to!

I’ve decided to put together a little report to keep my readers up to date with what’s going on in vaping.

We’ll cover these new wonderful little vape inventions called Ceramic coil heads, Clapton coils, and some affordable high wattage mods.

All of these products won’t hurt your pockets either, good stuff!

Those of you who are planning on upgrading to a new mod or tank, please keep reading. This one is for you.

Here we’ll get into the new mods, tanks and other vape related things that are making waves within the vaping community.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Rewickable Ceramic Sub-Ohm Tank

Ceramic Coil Heads

With all the improvements made to mods and tanks, one of the few things that are still untouched in vaping are coils. That’s all about to change now.

Vapers wanted a cleaner and safer alternative to coil wires. Although much safer than cigarettes, Kanthal coils still were capable of releasing toxins especially after repeated use.

Manufacturers responded with Ceramic coil heads. Ceramic is superior to the traditional coil in many ways in my opinion.

Not only is it safer, it gives vapers a much cleaner taste of their e-juice and they last much longer.

They’re priced at around the same value as sub-ohm tanks so they are definitely a serious consideration if you are looking for a new tank.

griffin rta

Clapton Coil Tanks

Although still technically a coil, try to imagine your regular sub-ohm tank on steroids! Meet the Clapton coils.

Now I know what the buzz is all about with Clapton coils. I have started using them myself, and I have become a believer!

If you like you thick, low gauged wire, you’ll love Claptons. Easy to wrap and build and puts out so much vapor and flavor!

They feel like guitar strings when you pull them out of their spool, super easy to build and not springy at all.

What I really love about the Clapton coils is their ability to put out massive clouds of smoke. I’m not even trying, but my TFV4 Mini turns me into an instant human fog machine. And with thick vapor comes full flavor!

To accommodate these wonderful wires, some companies have put out tanks that are capable of taking on these type of builds. Some worthy mentions when it comes to Clapton coil tanks are the TFV4, the Griffin and the Crius.

Affordable High Wattage Mods

Since these new heating devices need more wattage to function, manufacturers have been upping the wattage on the new devices they put out.

Problem is these new 200 watt devices, especially a DNA 200W mod, will cost you more than what you usually pay for a mod.

This is why these 2 mods have become best sellers with vapers for the first part of 2016. The Reuleaux and Cuboid are the current popular 200W devices because they are a lot more affordable compared to the other higher wattage mods on the market.

reuleaux rx 200

Reuleaux RX 200 

Although not the newest mod out on the market, the Reuleaux RX200 continues to sell a lot and for a good reason too. This is probably the cheapest mod you will find that fires up to 200 watts. It also house 3 18650 batteries, which gives you more battery life for this mod. It’s a perfect affordable mod to power these newer Cermaic and Clapton coil tanks at a very friendly price.

joyetech cuboid 150w tc box mod

Cuboid 150W TC Box Mod (upgradeable to 200W)

Another low cost high wattage mod capable of powering these new Clapton tanks that vapers are currently loving is the Cuboid box mod and there are many reasons to love it!

First of all, it’s cheap! It’s currently listed just under $50 at Vapor DNA. Not only that, its upgradeable to 200 watts! So you’re getting the 200 watts at a cheaper price compared to the Releaux.

The Cuboid only holds 2 18650 batteries, so it doesn’t last as as the RX 200, but if you are looking for a more compact mod that can fire these new tanks, then the Cuboid is for you.


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!


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