Product Review: Eleaf iStick 100W TC Mod From GearBest


Along with the Tesla Nano 60W mod that I got for review, I was also given the Eleaf iStick TC 100W mod to do a review on. After using this mod for a couple of weeks, I have come up with my own opinion on this mod, and it is mostly good for that matter.

To he honest, I wasn’t really interested with the iStick 100W initially. At first glance, I found the design to be a little unappealing and boring. Also, my previous experience with the iStick line wasn’t that great, wasn’t bad but wasn’t great either.  I started to appreciate its “simplicity” after a couple of days.

There are a number of great things about the iStick 100W I will get into in this post. There were some things I wasn’t too happy about  either which I will be sharing with you all in a little bit.

The best thing about the Eleaf iStick 100 for me is it’s price. It’s currently priced at $29.99 on GearBest which is a very good deal taking into consideration all the things you  get with this mod. I can’t really think of that many dual 18650 box mods at this price range with that many features.

So what do you get with the very friendly priced Eleaf iStick 100w temperature control mod? Let’s get down to the iStick 100’s pros and cons.

What You Get With The Eleaf iStick 100w TC Box Mod

The iStick, its max wattage output is 100 watts which is upgradeable to 120 watts for free, you can do so by going to the Eleaf website. I found this to be useful when pairing iStick with my newer Clapton coil tanks. That extra power makes a world of difference when it comes to getting more flavor and vapor. And like I said, this is all for free by going to their website and downloading the firmware update.wp-1460267825148.jpg

Another neat thing I like about the iStick 100W TC mod is its firing system. Just like the Presa mod, the iStick uses squeeze firing rather than a firing button which we are all so used to. Some people might not like this, I watched a review by Grimm Green and he wasn’t a fan of the squeeze fire. I however think it’s cool and it feels very comfy.


The locking mechanism (pictured above) is one thing I did not like about this mod. Although it is necessary and efficient since the fire button is a little sensitive, my problem is it is a bit tough to switch. You have to really dig in with your nails or a pointed object to lock and unlock it. I hope Eleaf would have made a smoother switch that kind or protrudes out more. I chipped a nail one time trying to unlock it.


I haven’t had any problems with the 510 connection, threads are smooth and all of my tanks fit flush onto the mod. I had no problems screwing on my tanks.


As for the batteries, it houses two 18650’s with battery doors held by magnets that are pretty easy to take apart, but the magnets are strong enough to keep them in place. Another cool thing about that separates the iStick 100W from other dual 18650 battery box mods is it can function using only one battery. I think it’s cool knowing you might not have two charged batteries available and that problem won’t stop you from using this mod.


Final Thoughts On The Eleaf iStick 100W TC Mod

If you ask me what I think about the Eleaf iStick 100W and if I would recommend anyone to buy it, it would be yeas and no. The iStick 100W is a good mod, but it isn’t great either. There is nothing groundbreaking I noticed with this mod. An advanced vaper might not get too excited over this mod, its geared more towards the newbie/casual vaper.

Because of it’s price, the iStick would be great for those who want to buy their first dual 18650 temp control box mod.  You really do get a lot for what it is priced at. I would recommend this mod to someone who is jumping from an eGo set-up and want to get their first TC box mod.

For those who have a couple of dual 18650 box mods, you might not find too much excitement with this mod. I sure didn’t. It was an okay mod with a cool firing button in my opinion. It makes a good back-up mod and a good alternative when I get tired of my button fire mods.

Once again, for the price it’s a safe investment. This won’t hurt your budget, but the listed price won’t be there for long either. They are very limited, so head on to GearBest now and get your iStick 100W if you ever do plan on getting this.



Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!


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