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In my earlier post, “Why I Cancelled My ZampleBox Subscription,” I stated that although ZampleBox is a great monthly subscription e-juice site that saves you a lot of money, there are other ways to go about on pinching pennies when shopping for e-liquid especially when shopping online.

I did get some reaction from my readers, agreeing with my opinion that ZB’s e-juice just isn’t tasty enough. Again, my beef was not with their pricing or their customer service which I think is great, but the flavor and quality of e-juice they were sending wasn’t up to par for me even after numerous attempts  to specify my “liked” and “disliked” flavors on their website.

The most difficult thing for me as a blogger is to come up with new ideas for posts, more importantly posts that are interesting to me. If I don’t find what I post to be interesting, I’m sure it will resonate in my writing and therefore lead my readers to tune out.

With my last post however, I already knew where to go next. I started doing research on other alternatives to ZB in terms of price and quality. I already had ideas popping out of my head for my following posts.

At the same time, I was approached by San Diego based Vape Craft to do a review on a few flavors they have available on their site.

I was offered the Strawberry Milk and Mean Mocha, both by Vape Craft, and the 12 Steps by Vapors Anonymous.

Call me cheap, but I couldn’t help but notice how low the prices were for their e-juice on the site. $3.00 for a 15ml bottle and $15.00 for a 120ml bottle! Okay, I am sold on the price!

There are other cool things on their site like a rewards point system you get for purchases and even for writing reviews, but I will be focusing more on the e-juices that were given to me for review.

They’re affordable but do they deliver? Here’s what I found out as I give you guys my honest opinion on Vape Craft.

Strawberry Milk By Vape Craft

Strawberry Milk – Listed as one of their best sellers on their site, I was very excited with the Strawberry Milk in particular and for a good reason. I mean, who doesn’t like strawberry milk? I was a strawberry Nesquik fiend growing up!

Apparently, a lot of other vapers feel the same way about this flavor. The reviews are good, and people who have purchased this juice had mostly positive things to say about this flavor.

I wanted to do this review sooner but I had to steep the juices I got for about a week just to make sure I was getting it at it’s best flavor. I have to admit that it was hard to refrain myself from cracking this thing open and vaping on it once I got it in the mail.

This thing smells amazing! Once I twisted the cap open and went for a whiff, I was reminded of the nice cold strawberry milk my grandma used to make for me before I went to bed as a kid.

On the inhale, my taste buds were hit with a sweet strawberry tone. It’s the right type of sweetness for me, so no complaints there. The strawberry and milk kicks in on the exhale. It’s what you would expect with strawberry milk!

One thing I didn’t like that much about this juice was the throat hit. I ordered the usual 6 mg nicotine I get, but Vape Craft’s nicotine mix might be a little on the harsher side for me. I might get the 3 mg nic level the next time.

Another thing was the milk taste. For me, it didn’t taste like the creamy milk flavor I’m used to. In my opinion, it tastes more like powdered milk. This is not a a diss to Strawberry Milk, some people might like this type of taste of milk.

Still, the Strawberry Milk is a good juice. It’s not on the same level as Suicide Bunny’s Mother’s Milk, but it isn’t a lousy juice that you’ll end up throwing away.

12 Steps By Vapors Anonymous

12 Steps – Here is another juice available on Vape Craft, made by Vapors Anonymous named 12 Steps. Get it? Like the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous, this juice intends to get you hooked to vaping instead of getting you off of it.

I had no idea what flavors were in 12 Steps before I tried it since there was no description the bottle. I wanted to go in blind and see if I could figure out what was in this bottle before I went to the website to see the description.

Once I opened it and took that initial whiff, I could already smell the banana tones. “Ugh, banana?” I’m not a fan of banana in e-juice, so that kinda turned me off. Banana flavors are just too overpowering for me, and it leaves a funny aftertaste whenever I vape on a banana-based e-juice.

Once I started vaping on it, I thought, “hmm, not bad.” When I looked on the website, the description read: Peanut butter and Banana taste with hints of delicious milky horchata.

Now this might sound like a flavor overload for your taste buds, but all the notes work very well together. On the initial inhale, I could taste the banana, but the peanut butter balances it out. On the exhale, the spicy horchata flavor takes over the banana tones and turns it into an enjoyable vape.

12 Steps was a bit surprise for, something I thought I wouldn’t like. This juice kinda grows on you the more you vape on it. Again, the banana flavor was not overpowering at all, and the other flavors work all together in harmony to make it a tasty juice.

Mean Mocha By Vape Craft

Mean Mocha – Fortunately for me, I’m a mocha lover. I love iced-mocha drinks, mocha cake, mocha candy, pretty much everything mocha.

I haven’t come across many mocha flavored e-juice, so I haven’t had the chance to enjoy my love for mocha in vape form.

The Mean Mocha is a mocha coffee e-juice which is always a good combination in my opinion. I couldn’t wait to try it out!

Mean Mocha smells spot on! On the inhale, you are hit with a sweet mocha taste. The coffee kicks in on the exhale.

My problem, like I had with the Strawberry Milk was the harsh throat hit. It also had a funny after taste for me, but wasn’t bad enough to keep me from vaping on it.

I wouldn’t say these are the best tasting e-juices I have came across, but for the price it’s pretty hard to say no to either. Vape Craft offers a good line of affordable e-juice, pretty much like Mt. Baker Vapor. They aren’t bad, and are great for people who are trying to save money when buying e-juice.

I might have gotten a better result if I steeped these e-juices even longer, but I had to put this review up sooner to keep the good people from Vape Craft from waiting. I think the juices from Vape Craft need a little more time to steep to tone down the throat hit a bit and to allow the notes to blend together more.

But then again, taste is subjective. These juices might not be the best for me, but they might be delicious for you. It all depends on your taste.

Thanks again to Jake of Vape Craft for offering these e-juices for review. There are a lot of other flavors available on Vape Craft that look pretty delicious like Strawberry Custard, OMG So Good, and Milk Of The Gods.

Click on the banner below to go to their site.


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!


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