Here’s Why You Should Get A Compact RTA

Compact tanks, mini tanks, people call them different things. Ever since I started using my TFV4 Mini, it has changed my perspective when it comes to buying tanks. Yes, I can now say confidently that smaller is better! And I’ll tell you why in a little bit.

Compact tanks basically are tanks that hold anywhere from 2ml to 3ml of juice. A standard tank holds about 5ml, so you can already picture how small these tanks are compared to standard tanks. While the common belief with e-juice tanks is “more is better,” these compact tanks are starting to starting to change the status quo.

Another reason why more compact tanks are coming out in the market is because of some BS regulation in Europe that was passed recently where the max amount of e-juice for tanks is only allowed to 2ml. I guess manufacturers are now required by law to make these type of tanks in Europe.

I know a lot of you out there might disagree on me on this one. There’s nothing better than a full sized tank of your favorite juice for you to vape on throughout the day, but hear me out on this one.

What made me change my mind about these compact tanks was when I bought a TFV4 mini tank. I wanted something to go with my Tesla Nano 60w mod which is a small, compact mod. To me, my regular sized tanks just didn’t look right with that mod and I wanted something more aesthetically compatible with my Tesla Nano.

Ever since then, I have become a firm believer in compact tanks. I just can’t go back to regular these 5ml tanks for some reason.

So if ever you guys are considering to get a compact tank, let me give you 3 reasons why you should definitely go for it and why you won’t be disappointed.

3. The flavor is much more intense compared to standard sized tanks – I remember when I did a post on mini RDA’s, one marketing point manufacturers were selling to consumers was since it’s smaller, the distance between the atomizer and your mouth is much shorter, therefore you get more flavor.

Same goes with these smaller tanks. I’ve noticed the flavor was much more alive since I started using a compact tank. What I do get is some spitback though, tiny splashes of juice falling on my tongue, which I guess helps in tasting the flavor.

And don’t think because these tanks are small they don’t produce as much vapor. They produce just as much clouds as you would have in a regular tank. Pretty awesome if you ask me how a smaller tank produces just as much vapor as a regular sized sub-ohm tank.

2. Easier to try out different juices in one tank – Have you ever experienced getting your hands on a new e-juice you purchased on-line that you have no idea about? You bought it based on the rave reviews, but when you finally vaped on it it was not what you expected it to be?

This has happened to me many times. I know I should probably not fill my tank all the way when trying a new e-juice, but most of the times the excitement gets the better of me. I end up with a full 5ml tank of juice I would rather not be vaping on.

With the compact tanks, I don’t have this problem anymore since I don’t have to vape as much before it goes dry. Or if it’s e-juice I really can’t stand I simply dump the contents out. What’s 2ml of e-juice anyway? Compared to dumping out a full 5ml tank, the loss is a lot more manageable.

It also works best when you have a few bottles of e-juice on deck waiting to be vaped. You can switch through these e-juices a lot easier with a smaller tank.

  1. They just look better to me – Especially when paired with a mini mod. I really like how my TFV4 mini looks with my Tesla Nano. It looks cool and compact, and plus it’s super easy to bring a long with me whenever I leave the house. Easy to conceal whether it’s in my pocket or just holding it in my hand.


So if you haven’t tried compact RTA’s yet and you want to try something new, I suggest you get one ASAP. I will be doing another post on some compact RTA’s you should consider buying since I have been doing my research on the next mini tank to get to add to my collection. Stay tuned for that and once again if you have any comments or questions about this post please leave them below.


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!

One thought on “Here’s Why You Should Get A Compact RTA”

  1. Number 3 can be true in some cases, but not always. Take the Sherman rta for example. It has a 2 and a 4 ml tank section. With the 2, the cap for the deck is nearly flat to accommodate for the shorter size, and makes the cap basically flat till you get to the chimney. The 4 ml section (to me anyways) tastes better because you get a nice conical shape on it due to the extra room.

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