Batteries Explode All The Time, So Why The Hate For Vape Products?

Batteries will explode if not used properly!

A few weeks ago, I was at a party. After having a very gracious meal, I decided to step outside with my fellow vaper friends for a much needed vape.

Usually, when you see a group of people you know who vape or smoke step out of a room at the same time, you know that it’s time for a vape or smoke break.

The other two smokers in the room saw us leaving so they decided to join us. As we were vaping, one of the smokers started warning us of our new habit which replaced our smoking.

“You guys should be careful,” she said. “You know those things blow up in your mouth. It’s all over the news.”

“I know I shouldn’t be smoking, but I know those things (vape) are more dangerous so I’m sticking with these (cigarettes).”

Around that time, there were 2 smokers, and 4 of us vapers. We all just nodded okay, and continued to vape awyway.

To any vateran vaper who has been doing vaping for a while, we all know that the exploding e-cig threat by the media is a crock of BS.

I have been doing this for years. Never has a battery ever exploded on me, and never have I experienced seeing another vaper have his or her mod blow up in their mouth, hand or pocket.

I mean, in my honest opinion, you have to be a complete dumb-ass to have a vape explode in your mouth. And in most cases that that happens, it’s because you wanna-be sub-ohm vapers doing stuff that is outright dangerous with your builds, or you completely disregard safety measures on your mods.

It angers me that the anti-vape people use exploding mods as fuel to get this thing we love banned, but what really upsets me is how it frightens smokers who sincerely want to quit smoking from trying a more effective and better way of quitting smoking.

Other cases of exploding batteries

So basically the generic term for vape is electronic cigarette. It’s electronic, so it uses a battery. And in any case where batteries are used, we know that if not used properly, there is a chance for them to explode.

I wonder why the media is using the exploding battery as a basis for outlawing or regulating e-cigarettes when there are other cases where cellphones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices have blown up due faulty manufacturing or misuse. Why are e-cigarettes the special case in these unfortunate incidents?

I came across a couple of pictures where devices using batteries have blown up, just to show everyone out there that e-cigarettes aren’t the only thing we should ban in case our government decides that vape products aren’t safe.

Cellphones blows up in a girl's pocket
Cellphones blows up in a girl’s pocket injuring her thigh
A battery powered Tesla explodes, should we ban them too?
A battery powered Tesla explodes, should we ban them too?
This man damn near blew his fingers off with a cellphone! Where is the call to ban cellphones?
This man damn near blew his fingers off with a cellphone! Where is the call to ban cellphones?

So to me, it really is a ridiculous argument to say that e-cigarettes are dangerous because they explode. Like I said earlier, anything that is an electronic device can explode if not used properly. Manufacturers have safety guidelines they give to consumers on how to properly use their products.

And trust me if e-cigarettes really were prone to explosions, I would not be doing this and so would the other hundred of thousands (I believe we are in the millions) of other vapers around the world wouldn’t be doing this either.

It might be too late for me to bring up this argument to the person who warned me about vaping, but this might be useful to you on further educating who remain ignorant towards vaping, especially the ones who want to try vaping but still believe in this ridiculous myth.


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!

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