These Flavor RDA’s Will Make Your E-Juice Taste Much Better Than Before

best rdas for flavor

Vapers are getting over their “cloud chasing” phase and are starting to pay more attention to rebuildable dripping atomizers that are geared towards flavor instead of vapor production.

With the growing complexity of e-juice flavors coming out on the market, RDA makers have turned their attention to flavor enhancement.

For the growing number of flavor vapers who want a way to really bring out the “realness” in e-juice flavor, here’s a list based on the recommendations by current users of this product. These are highly recommended by seasoned flavor chasers.

There’s a big difference between “honey glazed donuts,” with “freshly baked, rightly sweetened honey glazed donuts with a hint of cinnamon.”

These are what the following RDA’s do, they bring out crispness in flavor and those other notes you would’ve never tasted with a cloud-chasing dripping atomizer

These are perfect for people who do their own builds, and enjoy the mouth to lung (MTL) vaping style. Get any of these flavor RDA’s and you’re gonna taste e-juice like you’ve never tasted it before!


NarDA RDA – The NarDA (Nar-dee-ay) comes highly recommended from flavor chasers. If you ever try asking for recommendations for flavor RDA’s, the NarDA is likely to be mentioned.

Its simple design and quality build does something that many drippers out there fail to do and that’s turn whatever juice you use it into a flavorful vape on steroids.

A great mouth to lung RDA, the NarDA is a simple 22mm with a two-post deck with big screws which can accommodate Clapton and braided wires, but isn’t meant for thick Juggernaut coils. Did I mention it was a great flavor RDA already?


Hobo V3.1 RDA

Hobo V3.1 – Another highly recommended 22mm flavor RDA is the Hobo V3.1. It’s a great MTL piece that has both dual and single air flow options.

Has a deep juice well while the airflow is smooth with good air flow control. The 3mm holed wide posts can accommodate thick wires which are held in place by Allen key screws. It’s simple 2 post deck makes building easy.


Petri RDA

Petri RDA – The Petri RDA continues to be a favorite among flavor chasers. The design just stands out and the air flow on this is one of the best.

The Petri is a lot similar to the two RDA’s mentioned earlier: 22mm, 2 post deck, nice MTL type of dripper for those who like a tighter draw. That gold and black finish makes it a vape beauty!

goon rda

Last on the list is this beefy 24mm wide RDA, the Goon. It’s sets itself apart from the previously mentioned RDA’s. The Goon is meant to pair well with bigger sized mods.

The clamp styled post makes coil building a lot easier and allows for fat, thick coils. It also has more airflow options than the others on the list.




All of the RDA’s mentioned above came highly recommended by a group of vapers who love flavor with each one promising to be the best flavor enhancing vape accessory you can invest in.


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!


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