Beliefs About Nicotine That Turned Out To Be False

nicotine withdrawal meme

Have you ever had the idea of going completely nicotine free? Was there a health concern involved in making such a decision?

What if these “beliefs” you had about nicotine consumption turned out to be untrue or had no clinical evidence to prove they were true.

I found this article from E-Cigarette Politics which debunks some beliefs about nicotine even I thought were true.

According to E-Cigarette Politics, the demonizing of nicotine is a commercial agenda that is continually reinforced by propaganda.

They list four examples of nicotine myths that have no basis in fact.

1. The belief of nicotine’s dangerous and alien nature –  Nicotine is found in tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, even tea.
2. The belief of nicotine’s toxicity 
– In October 2013, Prof Mayer of Graz demolished the myth that showed no evidence for the assumption that nicotine is highly toxic.
3. The belief of nicotine’s potential for addiction
– There is not one published clinical trial of nicotine’s potential for dependence. Multiple clinical trials of pure nicotine administered to never-smokers showed no signs of dependence.
4. The belief of nicotine’s potential for harm
 Those who consume nicotine on a regular basis  potential for harm is zero. When a threshold is reached, the experience starts to become unpleasant and consumption ceases.

If you’re a person who has been thinking of going zero nicotine for health reasons, you might be disappointed to know that it doesn’t really make a difference if you go higher or lower in your nicotine intake.

There isn’t much of a difference between vaping with or without nicotine. Vaping is still much better than exposing your lungs to thousands of harmful chemicals from cigarettes.


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!

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