Why Is The U.S. Angry With Vaping?

Smoking, making the U.S. billions of dollars in taxes
Smoking, making the U.S. billions of dollars in taxes

Have you noticed the hate our government has for vaping? Why it is so bent on regulating this products. Are we the nation the FDA actually believes will buy into the “e-cigarettes are just as harmful as cigarettes” baloney even if it has been proven time and time again that vaping is a way safer way to “smoke?”

Do you know why vaping is treated like this in the U.S.? There are many theories with why things are the way they are. The most common suggestion is that Big Tobacco is using their lobbyists and politicians to try and prevent vaping from really picking up and taking over.

Here’s an article titled “Sorry, Uncle Sam: E-cigarettes just aren’t that bad” from American Thinker. It’s a well written post about a former pipe-smoker turned vaper and his take on vaping regulations.

I was nodding all along while I was reading the article. I’m just going to summarize it a bit, but I suggest you read the whole story which I linked above.

The article starts off with the writer Mike VanOuse sharing his personal story on how he quit smoking through vaping and how recent vaping regulations got in the way of him enjoying his new habit.

Mike is allergic to PG in e-liquid and the only company who sells 100% pure VG juice in his state got shut down when they failed to get certified before the deadline this year.

He explains how authorities in our country are obsessed with regulating vaping but have no proof to back their allegations on vaping. “The ingredients that constitute the vaporizer liquid are also in food and cosmetics.  They can’t jackboot the vaping industry without stamping upon thousands of other products they can’t justify.”

Probably the most powerful part of the article for me was when he said “E-cigarettes are a godsend to smokers.  They can satisfy our foolish habit without producing the dreaded secondhand smoke, attendant yellow fingers, and brown teeth.  Vaping is exponentially cheaper than smoking.  There is no unpleasant aroma.  No ashes.  No butts littered about.  No risk of heart disease.  You can fall asleep while vaping, and your house doesn’t burn down.  They’re a boon to everyone, not just smokers.”

That’s what I have been saying all along. Vaping is amazing because it works! It works because it is better than smoking, yes I said BETTER than smoking. Why you ask?

I can say as a vaper now compared to being a smoker before, I can say that vaping tastes better than smoking, no comparison between the two when it comes to flavor.

And just like Mike said, vaping is greater because it doesn’t leave you with a nasty smell and has no links to health threats as compared to the ones smoking has.

Mr. VanOuse has a theory why legislators are so tough on vaping, and that is greed. “As e-cigarettes increase in sales and popularity, tobacco sales go down, and, consequently, so does tax revenue.  That’s the only conceivable motive for anyone to attempt to regulate this healthy alternative.”

This article made me realize many things I already believed in about vaping, and I’m sure it will also have a lot of you who read it agreeing as well. The original article is linked above.


Author: Mr. Long Drag

Former smoker turned vaper since 2013. I blog about questions that I and others might have about vaping. All I can say is it's a better alternative to cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches or medication, no matter what the Big Tobacco backed media says!

3 thoughts on “Why Is The U.S. Angry With Vaping?”

  1. Vaping is better than smoking. But regardless, there seems to be a subset of smokers that still like smoking better for whatever reason. The first time I quit all nicotine, I relapsed by smoking a cigarette with a co-worker. While it did the trick nicotine wise, it was gross and when I was offered another after work I said no, that I’d rather wait until I had my mod again.

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    1. Thanks ClosetFascination. Grown adults have a right to choose whether they want to smoke or not. I’ve met some people whose body just can’t adapt to vaping. They keep coughing no matter what the PG/VG ratio. I hate those nasty relapses, it makes me feel guilty. I had a smoke recently after some drinking. Although it was quite an enjoyable experience again, I can’t go back to smoking.

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