4 Reasons Why Some People Hate Vaping So Much

As a vaper, and as the owner of a vape blog, I get flack by random people on the internet, especially from those who hate vaping. I’ll get hate comments on here which I direct to the trash bin.

No, I’m not blogging about how you should have sympathy for me or for other vapers. I’m not asking for anyone’s pity. I’m not trying to say vapers are victims here.

I love vaping, and I know a lot of people out there do as well. If your on this blog or a regular reader, you probably like vaping too.

I’m just trying to figure out why some people look at vaping and at vapers with such hate.

Stop the ignorance, stop the hate

I’ve never really gotten into an argument with another person about vaping, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t come across people who have tried to start arguing with me about my vaping. From friends and family to random strangers, some wisecrack always tries try to tell me how bad vaping is.

I simply don’t engage because I’m very grounded in what I know about vaping. Also, a representative of the vaping community, I take the high road and keep my calm, trying not to leave a bad impression.

At the end of the day, I’m still gonna be vaping.

It just got me thinking, why do these people hate vaping so much? I’m surprised that people who hate cigarettes hate vaping as well, sometimes even more.

Shouldn’t we be on the same team? I mean people who overcame smoking through vaping are survivors in my opinion (I being one of them), similar to slaves who got away and are now enjoying a new found freedom. We all used to be slaves to tobacco.

It’s a great feeling not having to worry about buying a pack of cigarettes. It’s empowering to be able to overcome a habit that is detrimental. So why all the hate?

But no, the anti-vape people never see it that way. In their eyes, vaping is evil and they won’t stop until they rid everything about vaping, and to them I say good luck with that!

Vaping is not the enemy

Vaping was invented to overcome smoking.  The inventor of the modern-day e-cigarette, Hon Lik, is a Chinese pharmacist who was struggling with his own smoking addiction and was determined to create an invention that would be a much safer alternative to smoking.

So this question I had gave me a topic to blog about. I tried to recall and gather from personal experience and observation of others on why these people hate vaping so much.

What I’m also trying to achieve with this post is getting a better understanding of how these people think, their opinions on vaping, what triggers them, etc., so we as vapers could get a better understanding on how to deal with them and what to do when confronted about our vaping.

4 Reasons Why People Hate Vaping So Much

So I came up with 4 reasons based on my research on why people hate vaping so much.

1.) They are misinformed – To me, this is the biggest reason some people hate vaping. They are simply misinformed.

One of the biggest buzzwords of 2017 is “fake news,” and there’s a reason for that. More and more people are realizing that these journalists and media outlets are no longer reporting the news as it happens. What’s going on here is the media is pushing an agenda, THEIR agenda.

It’s pretty obvious that the media does not like vaping, so they gather stories that they hope will scare and discourage people from ever trying vaping. From exploding e-cigarettes, to outright lies like formaldehyde and engine coolant being found in e-juice, these “stories” are programmed to condition viewers into having a negative view of vaping.

Credibility in the media is sinking fast, but there are still those who get most of their information from the mainstream media. They believe what they read and watch; they think vaping is simply smoking 2.0, they believe vaping is a gateway for teens to smoking, they believe you will get sick and die from smoking even though vaping has never had any reported deaths or illnesses.

It’s really hard to deal with these types of people because of their ignorance. They believe they have credible knowledge when it comes to vaping when in fact everything that was fed to them was a lie.

2.) They hate seeing people better or improve themselves – Here’s another reason I noticed why people look at vaping with disregard, they just don’t like seeing people doing something better with their lives.

Now you might think this is too harsh or too far-fetched, but it doesn’t just apply to vaping. Just like people who try to go to the gym, and only to get ridiculed by their friends. Or people who go on a diet.

These people are just insecure. It could be your smoking buddies who are calling you a “sell-out” for giving up smoking. I believe that deep inside, they are jealous of you for taking initiative in overcoming such a nasty habit. Or it could be that they believe you will no longer hang out with them because they are smoking and you are vaping.

People vape for themselves and not for other people. If you are vaping because you sincerely want to give up cigarettes, just explain this to those who disagree with your way in dealing with a cigarette addiction.

3.) They are ruled by emotions and not by logic – Similar to the ones who are misinformed, these people have negative feelings towards vaping. It could be the girl whose father died of lung cancer caused by smoking, and she associates vaping with smoking, or some other example.

People are overly sensitive in this day and age, and they have this fixed idea in their head that vaping is just another form of smoking.

Also, there are some stereotypes that are starting to be pushed on to the vaping community. Some people actually believe that vaping is only for liberal hipsters (even though vaping is strong in conservative states), and that male vapers are considered gay for choosing vaping over the more “manly” cigarette.

I know, stereotypes never make sense, and people who hate vaping never make sense either.

4.) They are control freaks – There are some people out there who believe that you should be living the lifestyle they lead, and they don’t vape.

These people think they know what is best for you. We all know that someone, they are everywhere you go, all around the world.

Now we all think we know what is best for other people, but most of us don’t go out of our way to tell or even impose these things on others. These control freaks who hate vaping on the other hand will not shy away from convincing you to the point of harassment on why you shouldn’t vape.

There will always be people like that, and the best way to deal with them is to simply ignore them. It’s your life, and you are the only one who controls it. The only time another people will be able to control you is when you let them.

What do you think? Are there other reasons that  causes some people to hate vaping? Do you have any similar experiences as someone who vapes? Leave a comment below!

High Class Vape Co: Premium E-Juice At An Affordable Price?

High Class Vape Co’s Premium Line (left to right): Guilty Pleasure, Taste of the Orient, and Members Only

Big shout out to Bill of High Class Vape Co for contacting me to do this review. He came across my blog and offered me to do a review on the High Class Vape Co premium line. I had a great time vaping on them and I’ve finally come up with a review for other vapers out there who are looking for an affordable premium e-juice online. I will also include a discount code for all of you out there at the end of this post.

In case you were wondering…

I was offered these juices for free to review, and although I got it for free, this will not affect my opinion on these juices. I know it’s human nature for people to give a favorable opinion on something they got for free to review, but I’m most definitely sure you the reader as well as the people of High Class Vape Co would much more appreciate an honest review of this e-juice from me.

It’s always tricky to do reviews on e-juice because the first thing people want to know is if it tastes good. And like I always say, taste is subjective. What tastes good for me might not taste good for you, and vice versa. I love vaping berry flavors, but I hate banana, yet some people love vaping on banana flavors. It all depends on your preference.

So what I really try to do in these reviews is give a more descriptive outline rather than a opinionated one for the readers to get a better idea of what they are getting in case they decide to purchase.

What I like to do is focus more on relative things like price, nicotine levels, vapor production, and others. At the end of each review, I say whether I liked the juice or not. Just my opinion.

With that being said, let’s talk about the common factors about these High Class Vape Co e-juices and then I’ll go into a more descriptive review of each juice later in this post.

Affordable U.S. made e-juice

This company is based in my home state of California, San Diego to be exact. As for their prices, High Class Vape Co offers good prices for their premium line which they sell at $29.99 for 60 ml, and their 15 ml bottles for only $10, a pretty good deal for premium e-juice (all glass bottles).

They also offer a sample pack of three 15 ml bottles for only $22.99 which you can pick each flavor for. This makes much more sense than buying a 15 ml bottle alone since you’ll be saving a lot more money.

And if that price is still a little too steep for your vape pockets then you can also try out their budget line which is 120 ml of e-juice for only $18! I’ll also be doing a review on their budget line in these upcoming posts.

All of their juices are a 70/30 VG/PG blend and come in 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, and 12 mg levels of nicotine. While we’re on the subject of nicotine, I found the nicotine to be a little harsh when I first vaped it, but got used to it and started enjoying it as I progressed.

And that’s the thing, I usually vape a high VG e-juice 80/20 blend at 3 mg, but I wasn’t getting that much of a satisfying vape so I decided to bump my nicotine level up to 6. The higher PG level on this juice might have caused me to get a more harsher nicotine taste than what I’m normally used to.

But for those of you who love that “kick in the lungs” type of vape, especially for those of you have just got off of smoking, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this juice.

As for the vapor production, it does put out a lot of clouds. I did notice that the vapor clouds weren’t as robust and dense as the clouds you would get off of a higher VG blend of e-juice, which might be a good thing sometimes. There were many times while I was vaping on high VG juice and driving with the windows up when the clouds would get in the way of my vision. So in this situation, yes a higher PG blend would be better.

Now that I’ve got all that out of the way, let’s get into each e-juice and give you my opinion of each one.

Guilty Pleasure – A Crisp, Refreshing Fruity Vape

Guilty Pleasure – pears, honeysuckle, and other subtle fruit notes.

For this review, I used my Conqueror RTA Mini which is a great flavor chasing RTA which I also did a review for in the past. If you love flavor tanks, please check out my review which I linked above.

According to their website, Guilty Pleasure is their best seller. It’s a floral-fruity blend of pears, honeysuckle and other fruit notes. The thing with fruit blends for some e-juices is even though they are a combination of fruits, there’s always that one fruit flavor that stands out among the rest.

With Guilty Pleasure, I didn’t taste that. The blend of pears, honeysuckle and the other fruits were blended together really well that it created this whole new flavor of it’s own. It wasn’t like “Oh, this tastes like pears” or “This tastes like honeysuckle.” I could taste the different fruit hints, but none of them overpowered each other. It really was a true blend of flavors.

Another thing I noticed with GP was the taste was very subtle. It wasn’t a strong, “hit you in the face” type of flavor that we’ve all gotten accustomed to when with premium lines. The taste for me was a bit muted.

All in all I got a crisp, refreshing fruity-floral vape from Guilty Pleasure. It’s a great mix of fruit blends, but I would have preferred a stronger flavor.

Taste of the Orient – Something Different

Taste of the Orient – cucumber, sweet honeysuckle, and juicy green honeydew melon

Let me start off by saying Taste of the Orient is something I’ve never tasted before. It’s flavor description is cucumber, honeysuckle, and honeydew.

I actually love honeydew, both when eating and vaping. However, I didn’t get a strong taste of honeydew. It was actually quite similar to Guilty Pleasure, but had sort of a tangy aftertaste to it which I think was due to the cucumber flavoring. Again, subtle notes blended altogether.

As for the Taste of the Orient, I would say it’s a decent e-juice. It wasn’t bad at all, but it’s not something I wouldn’t have high on my list when it comes to good e-juice.

Members Only – Creamy Tart Vape with a hint of Strawberry

Members Only – strawberry, crumbly sugar cookie, and sweet ice cream

And the final one on the list is Members Only, a combination of ice cream, sugar cookie and strawberry, 3 flavors I really love. Just like the other two previous juices, the notes were a bit subtle but well blended and not overpowering.

Members Only really stood out to me, I really like this flavor. I would have preferred for the strawberry taste to be more pronounced, but all the other notes blend very well with each other. I finished more off of this bottle than the other two to be honest.

Guilty Pleasure may be the best seller on their website, but Members Only is the true winner for me. Based on my personal taste and preference, I would go with this e-juice.

Again I would like to thank Bill for offering me these great e-juices and I had a great time sampling them.

To my readers, I will also be reviewing their budget line which sells for $18 for 120 ml of e-juice real soon, so stay tuned for that.

If you would like to get your hands on High Class Vape Co. e-juices, check out their website here.

We’re also fortunate enough to get a discount code which knocks 15% off of your whole purchase. Use the code SAVE on check out to save even more money!

4 Ways To Stop Getting E-Juice In Your Mouth


Imagine this: you just got your favorite e-juice from the store or in the mail which you’ve filled your tank u with. You have a fresh set of coils and cotton that are ready when you are. You might even have a cup of coffee or your favorite drink with you.

Your little heart gets excited as you anticipate the 3-5 second goodness of vaping heaven, then you take a toot.

“Mmm, this is good!” Second toot, “mmm, this is REALLY good!”

All is well in the world. You kick back, relax, and enjoy the flavor on the exhale of your vape. The flavor is great and on-point.

But then you notice something, as you smack your lips, you start tasting the e-juice from your lips all the way down to your tongue, as if you took a swig out of that e-juice bottle you just got.

“Wait, what is this? Eww!”

You quickly run and grab the nearest napkin and wipe off (or spit out, depending on how much juice got into your mouth) the excess liquid from your mouth. What started off as a pleasant vaping experience has now turned into a gross encounter.

And no, you can’t keep vaping like this, something has to be done!

Has this ever happened to you? Even worse, does this constantly happen to you to the point where you just don’t care anymore?

There are simple fixes to this problem ensuring you get your favorite e-juice in vapor form and not getting liquid in your mouth.

E-Juice is supposed to be vaped, not drank

Commonly known as “spit back,” this is when e-juice spurts out of your drip tip and into your mouth whenever you vape.

There are different reasons for this happening. One cause would be not applying enough cotton on your coils. Since there isn’t enough cotton to suck up all the e-juice, your coils get drenched which causes the juice to spurt back out whenever the wires get heated.

Some manufacturers have made spit back guards in their tanks where a mesh is placed between the chimney and drip tip, blocking any liquids from coming back out.

But if your tank doesn’t have a spit back guard, then there a few quick fixes which will have you vaping on your favorite e-liquid, and not drinking it.

4 fixes for spit back

Here are 4 things you can do if you are experiencing e-juice getting into your mouth whenever you vape. The first 2 are for when you are at home  or any place which will allow you to disassemble your tank.

The last 2 are quick fixes you can do if ever you are outdoors and don’t have the time or the tools to take your your tank apart. They should give you a temporary fix, but won’t get rid of the problem completely. You have to refer to the first 2 tips to eliminate spit back from ever getting in the way of your vaping again!

Un-flood your tank – the most common cause for spit back is a flooded tank. A tank gets flooded when you either a.) don’t have the atomizer on properly or b.) you didn’t put enough cotton to absorb all the e-liquid, or c.) a million and one other reasons depending on how your tank is built. What you will need to do is take your tank apart and make sure all the parts are in place properly. Make sure your juice holes are aligned. For replaceable atomizers, make sure the atomizer is in its proper place. A lot of these new tanks use chimneys so a common mistake would be the atomizer being stuck on the base and not in line with the chimney. For rebuildable tanks, see to it that you have enough cotton placed in the coils. When you insert your cotton through your coils, it should fit snug inside the wrapped coils. If it comes in from one end to another very easily that means you don’t have enough cotton. The cotton will shrink once it gets saturated and won’t be any use to you whenever you vape.

Clean out your tank – So let’s say you did everything I said in tip 1, but you are still getting spit back. It’s most likely there is still e-juice trapped in your tank. You need to clean it until your tank is clean as a whistle and allowing e-juice to be in the place where it’s supposed to be. One way I clean out my tank is I wrap it in a napkin and blow into the tank with the air holes open. Do this until all the excess juice comes out through the air holes. Another way is by flicking your tank (wrapped in a napkin) in a sharp, powerful motion using your wrists until all excess juice is removed.

Tighten your air holes – Let’s say you’re in a bar or at work and the setting doesn’t allow you to disassemble your tank. A quick fix would be tightening your air holes. When you close your air holes a little the vacuum of air won’t be so strong which will lessen or eliminate from coming back out.

Lower your wattage – If you didn’t put enough cotton in your build, then lowering your wattage should stop e-juice from spurting out of your tank whenever you vape.

For me, one of the most annoying things that could happen when vaping is getting e-juice in my mouth. I just don’t like it. E-juice is supposed to be vaped.

What’s sad is some people act like it’s nothing, to the point where they actually start enjoying it. No, this is wrong and it shouldn’t be this way whenever you vape.

What it all comes down to is knowing how your tank functions and how to put it together properly. Read the manual carefully or you can refer to videos online which teach people how to do a proper build on a certain tank. You don’t have to keep on vaping like this, all it needs is a little more work.

Hopefully this helps those of you going through this problem and helps you enjoy vaping the way it should be!