Product Review: WOTOFO Serpent Box 50W Full Kit From


Happy new year everyone, since this will be my first post for 2017, let’s start this one off right.

I was fortunate enough to be given some products form to review and share with everyone here on my blog. What I have with me now is the WOTOFO Serpent Box 50W full kit and I must say with all honesty, for it’s size, ease of use, and price, it’s a great deal for those who love mini mods, casual vapers, and especially for smokers who are looking for an entry-level device to get started with vaping.

The WOTOFO Serpent Box 50W Full Kit comes with the Serpent box mod, Serpent Sub tank, an extra glass tank, USB chord and an extra coil head.

Serpent Box 50W Mod

My first impression of the Serpent Box is it’s small, really small. Probably one of the smallest mods I’ve ever used. A great stealth mod to keep things discreet.

It’s also really lightweight. I could imagine me putting it in my shirt pocket and it wouldn’t bother me at all. It’s also a great mod to use on the go or while you’re driving.

I went to a job interview a few days ago which required me to drive for about 20 minutes on the freeway. I had no problems holding the steering wheel with two hands while holding this mod. For me, all I need is 3 fingers to hold it, and it also fits well in my cup holder.

Size comparison of the WOTOFO Serpent Box Mod with the Reauleux 2/3.

I say the Serpent Mod is a great first mod for smokers who want to exchange their habit for vaping is because of its size and how easy it is to use. It’s really easy to carry around, and I know that a lot of smokers might not be comfortable holding a big, beefy mod like the Reauleux.

Instead of wasting your money on a vape or hookah pen, the Serpent mod will give you a much better vaping experience because it packs more power and it’s a lot more discreet when held in the hand.

The WOTOFO Serpent Box goes from 7 watts to a maximum of 50 watts.
The WOTOFO Serpent Box goes from 7 watts to a maximum of 50 watts.

The Serpent has a 2000 mAh internal rechargeable battery which isn’t a lot, but it lasts quite long especially when paired with the Serpent Sub Tank. 50 watts is more than enough to power the coil heads the Serpent Sub uses. The recommended wattage for this tank is 40 watts, but I’ve been using it at around 30-35 watts and the flavor and vapor production is still on point.

Manual for WOTOFO Serpent Box

The Serpent Box has 4 different modes: Wattage, Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel which are very easy to access (fire button and + button). No more clicking the fire button 3 times to access the menu. Fire button and – button flips the display screen, while holding the + and – button at the same time locks the device. Super simple, I like simple.

The Serpent tank is top fill and holds 2.5 ml of e-liquid.
The Serpent Sub is a 25 mm top fill tank and holds 2.5 ml of e-liquid.

Serpent Sub Tank 

As easy as Serpent Box is to use, so is the Serpent Sub tank. It uses a replaceable 0.5 ohm atomizer and is recommended to vape on at around 40 watts.

To fill, just screw off the top and drip away. The juice holes are wide enough to accommodate most glass drippers. I didn’t have any problems with filling it.

Another great thing about this tank is there was no leaking at all. Even with me tugging this thing around being knocked down every once in a while, it still stayed dry.

It comes with a nice plastic drip tip that is really easy to clean and wipe off that lip crud that builds up sometimes.

The Serpent Sub is small in height, but it’s wide so that makes up for getting more e-juice in there.

As for the vapor production, it’s true to its name being advertised as a sub-ohm tank. I get really good cloud production considering how small this tank is.

The Downsides 

The only downside I had with this tank is the flavor. Now I’m not saying the flavor is bad, it’s actually quite good. But for me, as a vaper who prefers ceramic coils and has gone through numerous types of tanks, the Serpent isn’t in my top 5 when it comes to flavor. Then again, my standards are different from yours. Like they say, taste is subjective.

If you’re a chain vaper, it’s 2000 mAh internal battery won’t get you through the whole day. It’s a good supplementary mod, but should last the whole day if you vape moderately. The good thing is since the battery isn’t big, it also charges fast.

Finally, I was having problems with unscrewing the top whenever my e-liquid would make it slippery. I had to wipe it down clean before I could twist it open again. Just make sure you keep it dry and clean.

Compact, lightweight and really easy to use!

Who is the Serpent Box 50W kit for?

Like I said earlier, this would be a perfect device for people who are into mini mods. The vapor production is amazing considering how small it is, and another great thing about it is it’s easy to use.

The Serpent is also a great entry-level mod for anyone who wants to start vaping. Really simple to use, nothing complicated about it and it performs really well.

If any of you are thinking of quitting smoking for this new year and want a good mod to begin with, don’t waste your time and money on these vape pens. The Serpent Box 50W kit is all you need to introduce you to true vaping and you can move on to other mods from there. It would also be a great gift to someone you know who wants to try vaping.

The Serpent 50W TC full kit is currently priced at $61.80 which I would say is a pretty good deal knowing how good it performs and all the other stuff that comes with it. Click on the link below for more details on this great mini mod.

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Product Review: Siren 25 GTA From Heaven Gifts

The Siren 25 GTA by Digiflavor is a nice break from your complicated, fog producing sub-ohm tank.

It’s called the GTA because it fuses the Genesis styled atomizer technology with the functions of a rebuildable tank.

The Siren 25 is a 5ml capacity, single coil rebuildable tank with no dual coil option. A great tank for vapers who don’t have too much time to be coil building. It’s also a great tank for newbie vapers who would like to practice on an easy-to-use coil building tank.

The airflow is something I’ve grown to love. The Siren just reminded me how great tasting single air flow tanks really are. The air flow feels like a throwback to the Kayfun and Russian 91 tanks.

If you love flavor, prefer single coils, and like a smooth, tight draw for your vape, then the Siren 25 GTA is a definite must have!

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Product Review and Giveaway: Vaporesso Estoc Tank Mega From Heaven Gifts

The Estoc Tank MEga by Vaporesso is an easy to use tank that uses affordable and eco-friendly atomizers.
The Estoc Tank Mega by Vaporesso is a top fill, 4ml RTA that uses affordable and eco-friendly atomizers.

I’m excited to talk about this tank that was given to me by Heaven Gifts once again to review. I’m also excited to be doing my first giveaway on this blog!

The Estoc Tank Mega by Vaporesso is currently priced at $19.00 and holds 4ml of e-liquid, top fill with bottom air holes. It uses disposable coil heads only; no RDA option.

Now about these coil heads; if there is one reason why you should get the Vaporesso Estoc Tank Mega, it’s because of the coil head it uses. I will go into that a little later in this review. But first…

What’s in the box? 

No tools needed for the Estoc

What you get when you open the box is the Estoc Tank Mega with a pre-installed coil at 0.5 ohms. You also get an extra coil head that reads at 0.4 ohms, a replacement glass tank and user manual.

That red cap you see on the top of the tank is actually a rubber guard that protects your lips from touching the tank. This can be taken off if you don’t like it. There is also an extra rubber guard and bottom o-ring included. No tools are needed for the Estoc tank so that’s a good thing.

Very user-friendly

Using this tank is such a breeze

Like I said earlier, I was completely blown away by the EUC Ceramic Coils the Estoc tank uses. It’s a small little coil head which you just pop in the chimney, screw the base back on and viola!

What really impressed me is how long this coil lasts. I’ve been vaping on the stock coil head for more than a week now and I still get that same fresh taste I got off my e-juice when I first used the coil.

The EUC Ceramic Coil is truly a game changer!


The EUC coils deliver good on its promise. I used 5 different e-liquids on the very same coil. Never did the two flavors mix or get in the way of each other. It’s like the coils were made to strain flavors from each other and leaves no aftertaste!

Another great thing about the Estoc Tank Mega coils is there is no back spitting whatsoever. No little splashes of e-liquid on your tongue when you vape.


I have also never had a dry hit using the EUC. I’ve been vaping mostly within the 35-45 watt range, and it’s always given me a smooth, flavorful vape!

As for the life cycle of this coil, I have been vaping on it for more than a week now and its still not letting up. I’m gonna have to do a follow up on how long this coil actually lasted me because it’s still vaping good as we speak.

The best part about the EUC Ceramic Coil is it’s way more affordable compared to other competing disposable coils. A pack of 10 will cost you a little under $20. You usually only get 5 pieces at the same price with other brands, most of them not lasting nearly as long as the EUC’s.

Filling the tank is easy-peezy

Top fill makes everything easy

All you have to do is unscrew the top cap and pour in the e-juice. I’ve never had it leak on me after screwing the top back on.

I love the Estoc tank. It’s definitely my favorite tank right now. What I love about it is its just easy to use. Compared to my sub-ohm RTA’s, the Estoc is way easier to deal with. I don’t have to use any tools to open it up, and no more coil building. Did I mention already how the EUC coils are something that I’ve never experienced before?


Vaporesso Estoc Tank Mega giveaway!

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Good luck to all of you out there who will join. I’m really stocked that I’ll be finally giving away some free vape stuff to my readers.

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