Cherry Cola Never Tasted This Good

Alright, my first attempt at an e-juice review. This is monumental guys, this may lead to more reviews. This may even be the core idea of this blog! On the other hand, this may be an utter failure, my first and last attempt at giving my two cents on an e-juice. Whatever the outcome of this post may be, I am 100% sure that if you are a cherry cola lover such as myself, you will LOVE the Cherry Cola flavor of the San Diego-based company Vapure, Inc.

Cherry Cola and Bedrock Blast
Cherry Cola and Bedrock Blast

THE PROS: The Cherry Cola flavor is SPOT ON when it comes to flavor, right down to the fizz! I have read many testimonies about people being disappointed when it comes to cola flavored e-juice, since majority of them taste like watered down cola. But Vapure has perfected the transformation of cola to e-liquid, I swear it felt like carbonated bubbles going up my nostrils when I first started vaping it. Wow! I was sneezing the first couple of times I vaped on it before I got used to it.

Another thing is the price. I like to think of myself as an economical shopper. The cost is reasonable. I bought (3) 10ml bottles of Cherry Cola, Bedrock Blast, and Root Beer which totaled to $22.25, including tax and shipping.

THE CONS: Although I sing praises for the Cherry Cola, I can’t say the same for the Bedrock Blast. It is described as a “refreshing orange flavor,” and I must admit it was okay. Well honestly, it was just alright for me. I gave the Root Beer flavor to my brother, so I wasn’t able to vape it. Knowing how good they do cola flavors though, I’m sure it was bomb.

Another bone I have to pick with this company is the speed of the shipping. I placed the order on a Sunday, it got shipped on Monday, and it arrived on Thursday. 3 days??? I know I’m sounding impatient, but it only takes 2 days tops for other vendors like Madvapes and HoosierVapes to send me a package. Another thing is they’re in San Diego while I live in L.A. Not much distance between us, so please explain how does it take other companies outside of California a shorter amount of time to get their products to me.

I got a nice finger work-out squeezing the juice out of the bottle. It was only after a few uses that a soft spot started to develop around the container which I had to look for and squeeze whenever I wanted to drip. Here’s a suggestion, you might want to get some tips from another SoCal e-juice company called Villain Vapors on how they get their bottles so soft and easy to use.

To add to the failed bottling, the tip of the Cherry Cola somehow got stuck to the cap when I was unscrewing it, which made me panic. It was only after a few  attempts that I got the tip to stick back onto the bottle. Traumatized, I didn’t want to risk screwing the cap all the way back on again.

Finally, the vapor production. This was my first time to buy a 100% VG e-juice, so I was expecting to blow clouds of vapor. Uh, totally not the case. I was getting tons of much more vapor off of Uncle Junk’s Betty White, and that is only a 50/50 mix. I guess it really depends on how a company mixes their product.

So for those who plan on buying from Vapure, I would say go for it. Buy the Cherry cola or other soda flavors because they are realistically true to the flavor. Just don’t expect it to come to your doorstep as quick, and please take caution when screwing and unscrewing the cap.