Awesome Mods In 2016 That Are Under $50

You don't need to spend more than $50 for these great mods!
You don’t need to spend more than $50 for these great mods!

Now that the FDA has the authority to approve new vape products being marketed here in the U.S., we won’t be sure when the next time a new mod will come out. We are in Limbo right now with whatever vape products that are currently out here in America.

Fortunately, 2016 was a great year for vape mods. There were quite a number of products that were put out this year that offered great vape quality at an affordable price.

Which brings me to my post for today, best vape mods under $50 in 2016.

4. Mini Volt 40W

The Council of Vapor Mini Volt V2 40W Box Mod
The Council of Vapor Mini Volt V2 40W Box Mod

2016 will be remembered as a year where compact, mini mods were the craze, and the Mini Volt might be considered as the most popular mini mod in it’s class.

Vapers love how well-built it is. For such a small mod, you get lots of power out of it. Though 40 watts may not sound like a lot, many vapers who vape at the 25 watt – 40 watt range love this mod regardless.

It’s design is definitely a looker. The carbon fiber print and matte paint if a great combination. The Mini Volt version now comes with speed charging (takes approximately 1 hour to fully charge), has a battery saving mode and can now flip the display to where you can either use your index finger or thumb to fire.

Probably the only con on this mod is there is no temperature control, this is probably because it only vapes at 40 watts max, which isn’t too hot of a vape. This is for vapers who just want something they can vape on while on the go.

A small package with big features, the Mini Volt continues to be the go to mod of compact mod fans. A nice, portable, and a reliable little mod that you can take with you anywhere. The best part is it’s priced under $50!

3. iPower 80W TC 5000

Eleaf iPower 80W TC 5000 mAh Box Mod
Eleaf iPower 80W TC 5000 mAh Box Mod

The next inexpensive mod on the list is the iPower 80 watt 5000 mAh box mod. Now Eleaf is a reputable vape mod manufacturer, so the efficiency of this mod isn’t really in question.

What is impressive about this mod is it has an internal battery capacity of 5000 mAh, lots of battery life to get you through the whole day.

And another great thing about this mod is you won’t need to buy batteries. 5000 mAh is about 2 18650 batteries put together. No need to bring with you an extra pair of batteries when you have this with you.

Another great thing about the iPower is it comes in many color, and also comes in a wood design finish. Not many other mods have that.

What you probably like the most about the iPower is you get temperature control, 80 watts of power, long battery and all this will cost you under $50!

2. iStick Pico 75W

Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC Starter Kit
Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC Starter Kit

If you came across a person who loved mini mods, they would either have the Mini Volt, or the iStick Pico 75 watt mod in their collection.

This is also a fave among mini mod enthusiasts. One of the points it has above the Mini Volt is that it houses a single 18650 battery, giving it more battery life compared to the Volt.

It also has higher wattage capacity, 75 compared to 40 watts. The minimalist design and up and down wattage buttons below have some people preferring the Pico over the Volt.

And the great thing about this is it comes as a kit! it comes with the Melo Mini Sub-Ohm tank, and it’s all priced under $50!

1. Reuleaux RX200S 200W

Wismec Reuleaux RX200S 200W Box Mod
Wismec Reuleaux RX200S 200W Box Mod

Right now, the Reuleaux RX200S 200W box mod is priced right under $50 at Vapor DNA. If you don’t know about this mod or don’t have one, I suggest you pick one up right now as every serious vaper I know already has this in their inventory.

To give a brief summary, it’s a mod that has all the new features, compatible with all types of builds, and houses 3 18650 batteries. Oh, and it also goes up to 200 watts.

So that’s features, power, and battery life your getting all under $50! Add to that the slick, ergonomic design that vapers love.

So there it is, some mods that give you a lot for under $50. No need to break the bank on these lovelies. These mods will surely up your vaping experience without leaving a strain in your pocket!

Best Triple 18650 Mods Of 2016

These mods will last you a long time!
These mods last you a long time!

Imagine this scenario, you’re vaping on some really good e-juice. Flavor is on point and so is the vapor. So you keep vaping and vaping, nothing could be more perfect in the world.

As you go for another hit of this heavenly e-juice you’re vaping on, you suddenly realize you’ve inhaled nothing but air.

“Hey, wait a minute,” you say to yourself. You press your fire button again and go for a vape, nothing comes out.

You check your mod to see what’s wrong and there you read two words that shatter your world.

“Low battery.”

Aside from dry hits and running out of e-juice, my mod’s battery dying out on me is probably the most annoying thing that could happen to me. Nothing kills my vibe more than having a dead mod without a charger or power outlet in sight.

I’m sure some of you out there have experienced this situation before. Nowadays, we have tanks, coils and drippers that able to put out more vapor and flavor, but the trade off is these new upgrades ask for more battery power.

You might have noticed this if you recently bought one of these newer tanks and used it on an older mod.

If you find your mod dying on you more than often, you can do two things. First, you can reduce how often you vape (who wants to do that?), or you can buy one of these newer triple 18650 battery mods I will list below.

Why you should consider buying a triple 18650 battery mod

Like I said earlier, a lot of these super sub-ohm tanks coming out on the market require more battery power from their mods. With the newer mods going higher than 200 watts, the trade off is it will use more battery.

And with innovations like Clapton coils, Notch coils and ceramic coils, you will be needing more battery life as well. Sure, you can stick to Kanthal wire to save on battery life, but you will be missing out on chucking big vapor and getting your tongue hit with flavor haymakers.

So if you are ready to make an upgrade to a triple 18650 battery mod, then you might want to consider the following mods listed below.

The Wismec Reuleaux RX200S 200W Box Mod by Jay Bo Designs
The Wismec Reuleaux RX200S 200W Box Mod by Jay Bo Designs

The Reuleaux RX200 has become one of the most used and most talked about triple 18650 mods out on the market now.

The RX200S which is basically the second version of the Reuleaux has all the same features of the first one, but with a much improved screen. It’s still compatible with all types of coil builds, has all the new features expected in a high end mod. It has its signature sturdy and unique design in comes in multiple colors. The USB port is used both for firmware updates and for charging. All of this for a very affordable price.

This is a great mod for those who need more power for their vape. It still stands as one of, if not the best mod you can get for it’s price.

The Council of Vapor Tempest Triple 18650 200W TC Box Mod
The Council of Vapor Tempest Triple 18650 200W TC Box Mod

Another powerful triple 18650 mod that has reviewers going crazy is the Tempest Triple 18650 box mod. It is bigger than your usual device, but the contours on this device make it fit easy in the hand.

It comes in black and white/black, with a carbon fiber inlay on one side. It’s big size makes it look good with 22, 24, and 30mm RDA’s or tanks.

The battery holder slides down from the bottom with a release button, which might be a plus for those of you who hate using magnet locked battery plates.

A little higher on the price list, the Tempest is still a great looking triple 18650 battery mod which will last you a long time.

Lost Vape Triade Triple 18650 DNA 200 Box Mod
The Lost Vape Triade Triple 18650 DNA 200 Box Mod

For all you DNA 200 lovers out there, the Triade Triple 18650 box mod is the way to go. Using the ever reliable Evolv DNA chip, the Triade is probably the most high end mod on this list.

And nothing screams more high end than the leather covered battery plate that holds in all that power. The gold plated contacts gives you maximum output, but this mod is only compatible with fat top 18650’s so make sure you get the right ones.

If you love DNA mods, but been having trouble with your DNA mod’s battery life, then the Triade should be the answer to your problem.

Eleaf iStick 200W TC Triple 18650 Box Mod
The Eleaf iStick 200W TC Triple 18650 Box Mod

Topping off the list is the iStick 200W TC triple 18650 box mod. Eleaf has been releasing different versions of it’s ever popular iStick, and this is the latest edition to it’s family.

One great thing iStick fans love is the price. This mod comes is being sold right under the $50 mark. This mod comes in three finishes: white, black and silver. It comes with all the newest features and is compatible with all types of builds both basic and advanced.

What separates the iStick 200W from the other mods from the list aside from it’s price is it’s center firing button. It also comes with 4 buttons which makes using it a little easier.

If your money is a little short, then your best option for a triple 18650 battery mod would be the iStick 200W mod.

Triple 18650 battery mods have become the new norm in vaping coinciding with the need for more vapor and flavor in tanks and RDA’s. Buying one of these mods will not only give you more vaping power, but improve your vaping experience all together.

Best Compact Tanks Under $40

My previous post was about why you should get a compact RTA. If I did convince you on that one, then join me on this post as I do a little research on the best compact tanks available to us vapers.

I am loving these new compact tanks because they are a lot easier for me to use. I get to cycle through different e-juice flavors quickly, and personally I think the flavor on these tanks taste better than regular tanks.

I have been searching for my next mini tank, and here’s what I came across when it comes to the best compact tanks that have vapers raving about them at this moment.

And if you have followed my blog long enough, you know I’m all about getting the most value for your money. I have limited my selections to compact tanks to under $40. So here’s what I came up with, the best valued and best performing mini tanks that are available on the market as we speak.

Griffin Mini 25mm Two Post RTA

GeekVape Griffin Mini 25mm Two Post RTA

The standard sized Griffin Two Post RTA won the hearts of many sub-ohm vapers and coil builders. The two post was very easy to build coils on whether it was dual or single coil builds.

The Griffin Mini ranks high on the list for it’s great quality along with the many features that it comes with. One of the best tanks you can get if you are an intermediate, or even a novice coil builder for it’s price.


  • Great build quality
  • Easy deck to build and wick
  • Big chimney area
  • Single and Dual coil option
  • Has both top cap airflow and non-airflow top cap
  • Wide open juicing ports, easy to fill with juice
  • Good flavor with lots of vapor
  • Holds up to 3.5ml of juice


  • Warm vape (only a con if you don’t like warm vapes)
  • No juice flow control unlike the original Griffin RTA
  • Cannot replace non-airflow top cap drip tip

Moonshot 24mm Two Post RTA

Sigelei Moonshot 24mm 200W Capable Two Post RTA by Suprimo

Here’s the first of 3 California-made tanks on this list. The Moonshot 24 two post RTA got a lot of attention when it first hit the market, and there are many good reasons it should have.

To start off, it’s made by Sigelei, which is a company that is famous for their mods, and it isn’t often that they come out with a tank.

Second, it’s stout build and small drip tip is something you don’t see too often on tanks. The design was made to specifically enhance flavor and vapor production.

The only downside I see with the Moonshot is it isn’t the easiest tank to build on, although it has a Velocity-style 2 post deck. Unless you have been coil building for a while and have experience working with different kinds of tanks, the Moonshot is a great buy for a compact tank.


  • Flavor and Vapor is on point
  • Wide juice filling holes
  • Short drip tip gives a lot of flavor, can be replaced with standard drip tip
  • Has juice flow control


  • Complicated deck, not the easiest to work with
  • A bit pricey, right under $40
  • Only holds 2ml of juice

VGOD Trick Tank

VGOD Trick Tank

The second tank on this list that was manufactured here in California, the Trick Tank was inspired by Vape trick artist Danny Lolo (look him up on Instagram or YouTube) collaborating with VGOD to come up with a simple, yet effective compact sub-ohm tank.

If you are the a newbie vaper who isn’t really comfortable with coil building or a vaper who isn’t really into building coils, a great option for you when looking for a compact tank is the Trick Tank.

And while it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to pull of vape tricks like Danny Lolo with this tank, at least you can focus more with honing your vape trick skills rather than focusing on your builds for this tank. Yes, this tank has 0.2 and 0.5 ohm pre-built coils that they sell in packs for under $20 I believe. This Trick Tank comes with a pre-installed 0.2 coil coil so all you have to do is fill her up and she’s ready to go. It’s also pretty easy to fill.


  • Delrin wide bore drip tip cap prevents it from getting hot
  • No need to build coils, uses disposable coils
  • 0.2 and 0.5 ohm coils, great for cloud chasing and sub-ohm vaping
  • Pre-built coils last a long time
  • Great compact sub-ohm tank for beginners or casual vapers who don’t like coil building


  • No rebuildable coil option
  •  Airflow is fixed, not adjustable

Theorem Drip Tank Hybrid

Wismec Theorem Drip Tank Hybrid by Jay Bo Designs

If you are like me and you like that clean, minimalist look, then the Theorem Drip Tank Hybrid might stroke your interest.

This tank is the birth-child of a collaboration between Wisemec, Jay-Bo, and Matt from Suck My Mod. It’s a hybrid tank, which means it combines the functions of a dripper and a tank.

The highlight of this Theorem hybrid tanks is the Notch coil. These are pre-built coils that I have been hearing really good remarks about when it comes to flavor and vapor production.

The top airflow is very open (and adjustable), but not too open that it compromises the flavor. I’ve noted that it gives an airy yet smooth type of vape, something for you lung hitters out there.


  • Notch coil gives great flavor and vapor production
  • No dry hits if wicked properly
  • Lots of airflow
  • Unique design
  • Wide bore and standard drip tip options


  • Top cap airflow moves a lot
  • Need glass dripper to fill with e-juice
  • Only holds 2.7ml of juice which is decent, but not great for a compact tank

Axiom Two Post Sub-Ohm Tank System

Innokin Axiom Two Post Sub-Ohm Tank System

The third California inspired tank here on our list is the Axiom two post RTA by Innokin. Innokin has been in the game for a while mostly putting out mods. The Axiom is the first compact tank that I know of that was put out by this company, and from the feedback I hear I think they did a great job with the Axiom.

All the reviewers who have tried the Axiom say one thing, the flavor on this tank is amazing! The tons of vapor it puts out is no joke either.

And unlike some of the tanks here on the list, the Axiom gives you a rebuildable deck as well as pre-built coils. So this tank applies to all vapers whether beginner or advanced.


  • Great flavor, can also put out huge clouds depending on your build
  • Very sturdy build
  • Rebuildable and pre-built coil options
  • Single or coil coil options
  • 3.5ml capacity for e-juice
  • Lots of airflow
  • 3 wide open juice filling holes under top cap
  • Replaceable drip tip


  • Stock drip tip is a bit compact for some vapers
  • limited vision of your e-juice inside tank

Coil Art Mage 24mm Performance RTA

To top off the list, here is a compact tank that is probably the best performing when it comes to flavor enhancement, the MAGE RTA.

The common theme among reviewers is that the MAGE RTA is one of the best tasting rebuildable tanks across the board. It’s simple-to-build deck is also a plus for coil builders, or vapers who are trying to get into coil building.

It does look a little similar to the Moonshot RTA when it comes to design, but it outpoints the Moonshot when it comes to performance and price.

This compact tank does not come with a pre-built coil option, so again this tank is strictly for the coil builders, but easy enough to work with for vapers who want to try their hand in coil building.


  • Intense flavor and vapor production
  • Easy to build deck
  • Lots of airflow
  • Great quality build
  • Drip tip cap dissipates heat away from your lips 


  • No juice flow control
  • 3ml capacity, but recommended 2.5ml of e-juice
  • No pre-built coil option

So there it is people, a list of some great compact tanks that won’t break your budget and will up your vaping game when it comes to flavor and vapor.

If you have any other lists that you would like me to look into, leave comments below or contact me here on my blog.