4 Reasons To Get A Vape Pen

So you’ve finally decided to give vaping a try. Good for you!

You are excited about ditching smoking, a habit you have been trying to overcome for years.

It’s now time for you to buy your first vape mod.

Only problem is, most of these new mods you see online are too big for your liking.

Vape Pens, Never E-Cigarettes or “Cigalikes”

One advice I will always give vapers who are looking into buying an e-cigarette because it looks and feels like an actual cigarette is this: DON’T!

E-cigarettes or cigalikes honestly are a waste of money.

The battery life on these things are crap. Don’t buy them unless you don’t mind carrying a USB charger along with you.

Also, most of these e-cigarette are Big Tobacco owned, so why support something you are trying to get away from?

Don’t Miss out on all those delicious e-juice flavors

The flavors for e-cigarettes are very limited since it uses cartridges and not tanks, which sucks because you’ll be totally missing out.

If you’re a newbie vaper looking for your first vape, or a seasoned vaper who’s looking to tone things down, here are 4 reasons you might want to buy a vape pen.

1.) You are a smoker trying to quit

I get it, you want something a little more discreet or something similar to a cigarette, and the thought of vaping on these big mods is plain awkward.

A vape pen is what you need in this case. Sure, its still bigger than an actual cigarette, but the battery and features it has is enough for you to get a grasp on your new habit.

It uses a tank so you can start trying those yummy flavors that everyone’s been buzzing all over the internet about.

2.) You like to vape on the go

You want a unit you can put away easily. If you’re like me, you hate bulky pockets.

A vape pen fits comfortably in your pant or shirt pocket. This also means you’ll have a greater chance of not losing it somewhere.

3.) You don’t chain vape

If you’re the type who vapes once every 15 minutes, then a vape pen will definitely get you through the day.

You won’t be needing all that extra battery power that’s found in bigger devices especially if you don’t vape that much.

4.) You like to keep your vaping discreet or you hate cloud chasing

If you like to vape in public (or in secret) and you want a device that doesn’t scream “hey I’m a vaper!” to everyone, then go with a vape pen.

Some of the tanks on these vape pens were made to keep your vaping on the down low by not putting out a ridiculous amount of vapor.

Can’t go wrong with a vape pen

Nothing beats the sleek and compact design of a vape pen. It’s portable, so you won’t have problems keeping it on you at all times.

Vape pens are great devices for both newbies and veterans, it’s really all you need to start and enjoy vaping!



4 Reasons Why Some People Hate Vaping So Much

As a vaper, and as the owner of a vape blog, I get flack by random people on the internet, especially from those who hate vaping. I’ll get hate comments on here which I direct to the trash bin.

No, I’m not blogging about how you should have sympathy for me or for other vapers. I’m not asking for anyone’s pity. I’m not trying to say vapers are victims here.

I love vaping, and I know a lot of people out there do as well. If your on this blog or a regular reader, you probably like vaping too.

I’m just trying to figure out why some people look at vaping and at vapers with such hate.

Stop the ignorance, stop the hate

I’ve never really gotten into an argument with another person about vaping, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t come across people who have tried to start arguing with me about my vaping. From friends and family to random strangers, some wisecrack always tries try to tell me how bad vaping is.

I simply don’t engage because I’m very grounded in what I know about vaping. Also, a representative of the vaping community, I take the high road and keep my calm, trying not to leave a bad impression.

At the end of the day, I’m still gonna be vaping.

It just got me thinking, why do these people hate vaping so much? I’m surprised that people who hate cigarettes hate vaping as well, sometimes even more.

Shouldn’t we be on the same team? I mean people who overcame smoking through vaping are survivors in my opinion (I being one of them), similar to slaves who got away and are now enjoying a new found freedom. We all used to be slaves to tobacco.

It’s a great feeling not having to worry about buying a pack of cigarettes. It’s empowering to be able to overcome a habit that is detrimental. So why all the hate?

But no, the anti-vape people never see it that way. In their eyes, vaping is evil and they won’t stop until they rid everything about vaping, and to them I say good luck with that!

Vaping is not the enemy

Vaping was invented to overcome smoking.  The inventor of the modern-day e-cigarette, Hon Lik, is a Chinese pharmacist who was struggling with his own smoking addiction and was determined to create an invention that would be a much safer alternative to smoking.

So this question I had gave me a topic to blog about. I tried to recall and gather from personal experience and observation of others on why these people hate vaping so much.

What I’m also trying to achieve with this post is getting a better understanding of how these people think, their opinions on vaping, what triggers them, etc., so we as vapers could get a better understanding on how to deal with them and what to do when confronted about our vaping.

4 Reasons Why People Hate Vaping So Much

So I came up with 4 reasons based on my research on why people hate vaping so much.

1.) They are misinformed – To me, this is the biggest reason some people hate vaping. They are simply misinformed.

One of the biggest buzzwords of 2017 is “fake news,” and there’s a reason for that. More and more people are realizing that these journalists and media outlets are no longer reporting the news as it happens. What’s going on here is the media is pushing an agenda, THEIR agenda.

It’s pretty obvious that the media does not like vaping, so they gather stories that they hope will scare and discourage people from ever trying vaping. From exploding e-cigarettes, to outright lies like formaldehyde and engine coolant being found in e-juice, these “stories” are programmed to condition viewers into having a negative view of vaping.

Credibility in the media is sinking fast, but there are still those who get most of their information from the mainstream media. They believe what they read and watch; they think vaping is simply smoking 2.0, they believe vaping is a gateway for teens to smoking, they believe you will get sick and die from smoking even though vaping has never had any reported deaths or illnesses.

It’s really hard to deal with these types of people because of their ignorance. They believe they have credible knowledge when it comes to vaping when in fact everything that was fed to them was a lie.

2.) They hate seeing people better or improve themselves – Here’s another reason I noticed why people look at vaping with disregard, they just don’t like seeing people doing something better with their lives.

Now you might think this is too harsh or too far-fetched, but it doesn’t just apply to vaping. Just like people who try to go to the gym, and only to get ridiculed by their friends. Or people who go on a diet.

These people are just insecure. It could be your smoking buddies who are calling you a “sell-out” for giving up smoking. I believe that deep inside, they are jealous of you for taking initiative in overcoming such a nasty habit. Or it could be that they believe you will no longer hang out with them because they are smoking and you are vaping.

People vape for themselves and not for other people. If you are vaping because you sincerely want to give up cigarettes, just explain this to those who disagree with your way in dealing with a cigarette addiction.

3.) They are ruled by emotions and not by logic – Similar to the ones who are misinformed, these people have negative feelings towards vaping. It could be the girl whose father died of lung cancer caused by smoking, and she associates vaping with smoking, or some other example.

People are overly sensitive in this day and age, and they have this fixed idea in their head that vaping is just another form of smoking.

Also, there are some stereotypes that are starting to be pushed on to the vaping community. Some people actually believe that vaping is only for liberal hipsters (even though vaping is strong in conservative states), and that male vapers are considered gay for choosing vaping over the more “manly” cigarette.

I know, stereotypes never make sense, and people who hate vaping never make sense either.

4.) They are control freaks – There are some people out there who believe that you should be living the lifestyle they lead, and they don’t vape.

These people think they know what is best for you. We all know that someone, they are everywhere you go, all around the world.

Now we all think we know what is best for other people, but most of us don’t go out of our way to tell or even impose these things on others. These control freaks who hate vaping on the other hand will not shy away from convincing you to the point of harassment on why you shouldn’t vape.

There will always be people like that, and the best way to deal with them is to simply ignore them. It’s your life, and you are the only one who controls it. The only time another people will be able to control you is when you let them.

What do you think? Are there other reasons that  causes some people to hate vaping? Do you have any similar experiences as someone who vapes? Leave a comment below!

Vaping Is More Than Just Swapping One Addiction For Another

I came across this article titled “Is Vaping Just Swapping One Addiction for Another?,” and though I am a firm believer in having your own opinion and that it belongs to you and no one else can change it except you, I was just shaking my head at how the author was demonizing this thing we love that has helped so many people such as myself overcome the reliance on cigarettes.

Why is it always the people who have never smoked the biggest critics of smoking/vaping?

Here is what I don’t understand, I’ve noticed that the biggest critics of vaping and smoking are those who have never picked up a cigarette or never really experienced being “addicted” to cigarettes.

“Don’t judge a man unless you’ve walked a mile in his shoes” is a common saying about passing judgement on someone or something you have never experienced yourself. To me, people who have never been addicted to smoking cigarettes and constantly criticize it are like people who explain how to properly execute a breaststroke without ever having jumped into a swimming pool.

I just don’t get what drives these people to go crazy on criticizing those who choose to smoke or vape other than the fact that they have been conditioned to hate anything smoking related. They are like sheep that are mentally and emotionally trained to go “Baa! Baa! Baa!” once anything smoking or vaping related is brought up whether negative or positive.

Vaping is killing the tobacco industry

The article starts off with some stats showing the popularity of cigarettes in the UK has dropped from 25% to just 18% (good on you UK!) with the author stating some factors that have caused this decrease.

As we all know the public opinion on smoking has changed dramatically over the years as once being something considered cool to do, to now viewing smokers as pariahs to society.

The author also credits the rise in popularity of e-cigarettes to the drop in cigarette consumption. E-cigarettes, in his or her opinion (not sure what this person’s gender is because they used a moniker) is 95% safer than cigarettes just like Methadone is 95% safer than heroin. Ouch!

The author also argues that vaping is simply switching one addiction for another, and that vapers shouldn’t even be considered as “quitters,” even though the council of public health has stated that vaping should be looked at as a legitimate way to quit smoking.

Can’t we all just GET out of our feelings and use our heads for once?

First of all, I think the comparison of e-cigarettes to heroin used by the author was overkill. We all know that the effects of heroin is no where near the effects of an e-cigarette, unless the author was just using this analogy to stir emotions and not use logic which in this case I believe they were.

And isn’t it a good thing that cigarette consumption is down thanks to vaping? So let me get this straight, the author doesn’t like cigarettes, but doesn’t like vaping either. So what else should smokers who want to quit do? Go cold turkey and just live clean lives based off on sheer willpower?

While we’re getting rid of smoking and vaping, we might as well get rid of alcohol, drugs, TV, movies, sporting events, the internet, and go live like monks in a cave somewhere and meditate all day long because these are all addictive activities and the author is so hellbent on dealing with addiction. Why just regulate one? Why not be fair and regulate all? It’s plain stupid!

Smoking is bad, but taking an adult’s right to choose to smoke is even worse

Don’t get me wrong, I am not condoning the use of cigarettes, defending smokers or the tobacco industry for that matter. As an adult, I believe adults have a right to do what they choose to do with their own body. Same goes for drinking, getting a tattoo, etc. It’s called free-will. There are consequences, but I believe that as an adult we also have the responsibility to either fix or face the consequences of our actions.

I believe smoking is bad, and the way I deal with it is I simply don’t smoke. I don’t expose myself to smoking. Sure, I know people who smoke, but it doesn’t affect my relationship with them. I simply don’t buy tobacco products.

But at the same time I don’t go around looking for smokers on the street shaming them for their habits and telling them how each cigarette shaves off 5 minutes of their life and how they will all die of lung cancer.

I don’t like it, but I don’t take an aggressive stance against it either. I don’t call for more legislation against smoking. I don’t shame people who smoke and call them all sorts of different names thinking it will get them off their habit. I know because I was a smoker myself, and I know how hard it is to get off of them even though you truly want to stop smoking. The way I overcame this habit was by vaping.

I think this is a more proper way of dealing with something you don’t like, simply don’t do it!

Smoking and vaping shaming in the name of social justice

It’s the same approach I use for this blog. I don’t bash smokers, I don’t go on here to tell them what horrible people they are, although do I take occasional jabs at Big Tobacco here and there.

My mission is not to convert every smoker into a vaper. I only wish to help those who have an interest in picking up vaping to overcome smoking. You have a question about vaping? Hey! I’ll be more than glad to help based on my own personal experience.

Here’s what I know about vaping

I’m big on vaping because it’s helped me get off cigarettes. It’s helped people I know, hardcore cigarette smokers who smoked at least a pack a day for decades, get off cigarettes. It’s better than any patch, any nicotine gum, or any crazy pill to get off of cigarettes.

I will continue to promote it because I personally know it works! It’s helped me and people I know to live better lives, and I would wish the same for other smokers who are currently struggling with cigarette addiction. I will never force or shame those who smoke to live my lifestyle.

And no, I totally disagree that vaping is simply switching one addiction for another. I can go for days without vaping without any headaches, no mood swings, shakes and what not. But I know I couldn’t do this with cigarettes.

I vape because I choose to and I enjoy it. I love tasting different e-juices, I love trying out different mods and tanks, I love building coils, I love learning new things about vaping and I love blogging about it. It’s evolved into a hobby of mine.

And the great thing about it is it isn’t getting in the way of my physical health. 2017 marks my 4th year as a vaper. My cardio has improved and my appetite is back because I can taste food better now. I simply love vaping!

If you are a smoker who enjoys smoking and just happened to come across this post, hey it’s your life. I don’t know what effect smoking has on you, how much you smoke or how your body takes it. We are all different physically. I just know that it is not my place to judge you on what you do to yourself unless it is affecting me.

It’s your life and your choice

The signs are there, it is your choice to do what you want to do with your own body. But if have any questions about vaping, please let me know and I will do my best help answer your questions. I also have tons of other posts on here which might help you get answers to those questions you have so feel free to check them out!

Sorry if this post is a lot longer than usual but it was just something I had to get off of my chest. It’s me pouring my heart out for all of you! I am sick and tired of others constantly bashing the vaping community because they equate it with smoking or something they don’t like.

I hope my fellow vapers and some of you smokers out there who are on the fence about vaping get something good out of this. I wish nothing but good things for all of you. Thanks again for your time and attention if you made it all the way to the end of this post!