3 Biggest Reasons You Should Dump Cigarettes And Switch To Vaping!

reasons to vape
Reasons to vape

If you know somebody who has gone from smoking to using a vaporizer, you have probably heard from them how truly awesome vaping is. It really works. It’s healthier, saves you a lot of money… all of which are very good reasons to switch to vaping.

I myself have been vaping for a few years now and I would definitely recommend it to someone who is trying to quit smoking.

I can tell you firsthand how it truly got me off my dependence on cigarettes. I can also go on about how vaping is 100 times better than smoking!

This is what brought me to come up with the article. I would like to explain to you guys how vaping is better than smoking, and why people who are trying to quit should seriously consider it.

1. Tastes WAAAY better than cigarettes!

When I was still smoking cigarettes, I swore nothing could beat the taste of a Camel menthol with some sweet and creamy dark roast in the morning. Now, I have so many flavors to choose from, blueberry, banana nut, guava, this list goes on. My current favorite is Atomic Apple Sauce which I fell in love with at first vape.

2. Saves you more money

I used to smoke half a pack a day. It would cost me $7 a pack. Now, I spend the same amount on juice that lasts me for 2 weeks. Plus no more late night runs to gas stations or 7-11 just to grab some smokes before I go home.

Might I add that now is a good time to buy a vaporizer. Prices are actually dropping, and you would already have saved more money than a person who bought it before you.

3. They ARE less health hazardous compared to cigarettes

This has got to be the best reason for me on this list. There’s and interesting video I saw on YouTube where a doctor talks about using an e-cigarette. He explains how it is much safer because it uses water vapors compared to combustion smoke from a cigarette.

As for me, I feel a lot better now compared to when I used to smoke. No more phlegm cough or dry mouth in the morning. I also can taste food better and my lips and gums aren’t as dark as they used to. Works well for me.

I could go on and on about this, but I believe the three reasons mentioned above are enough to go out and get one. Do a real quick search over the internet and experience it for yourself.