Heaven Gifts Crazy Christmas Sale For 2016!


If you’re looking to save money while doing your Christmas vape shopping well good news!

Heaven Gifts has a promotion going on right now until the 3rd of January 2017 where they are giving an additional 30% off your purchase sitewide!

If there are any mods or tanks you missed out on this year, right now is a good time head on over to Heaven Gifts.

Just use the code XMAS30 at checkout to knock 30% off of your purchase. 

I’ve always said HG has a great selection, so check them out! You won’t be disappointed!


Smoking Vs. Vaping: Eradicating the Myths


I’ve been reaching out to new vapers on my last few posts and what better way to clear the air for our newbie friends by sharing this very educational video from Purplebox.

Maybe I’m feeling nostalgic, but for some reason I find myself going back to when I first started vaping.

Vaping for me was something new and exciting. I started vaping around 2013. People’s mood towards vaping was different as well.

Back then, e-cigarettes were looked at as a healthier alternative to smoking. I remember people complimenting me on quitting smoking. Other smokers would ask me all sorts of questions on how I got into vaping.

But it seems now that public opinion on vaping has changed quite dramatically. Some people actually believe that vaping is more dangerous than smoking!

You might be in that situation where you are torn between choosing vaping over smoking. You want to quit smoking, but all the nasty things you’ve seen on the news about vaping makes you think otherwise.

I never had this problem because I knew how toxic and poisonous cigarettes were to my body and eventually I would get sick if I continued with this bad habit.

There are a lot of myths regarding vaping that were propped up by the Big Tobacco funded mainstream media to discourage people from vaping and stick to smoking. This is what I believe.

So it’s great when a video like this comes around to give the real deal on the vape culture.

Thank you once again to Steve of Purplebox for providing this video. Please make sure to check his site for more goodies!

The Ultimate Guide To Black Friday Vape And Cyber Monday Deals Of 2016


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I was contacted by a bunch of vendors offering deals for Black Friday, so I decided to make a real quick post and share this with all of you.




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