Indoor Vaping Banned in Los Angeles

Soon We Will Be Seeing More Of These Signs Around
Does This Mean I Can Vape With Zero Nicotine Juices?

It’s official, just this month the L.A. City Council voted to ban vapin indoors. This means people who quit or are trying to quit smoking by vaping will have to continuously face their demons while sharing the smoking area with smokers, fighting the temptation with second hand smoke blowing in their face. Good job L.A. City Council!

According to this article, the city council voted unanimously on banning vaping where smoking was prohibited. The argument was children might confuse vaping with smoking, and think it is okay to do so, an argument I agree with completely.

However, they also banned vaping in bars and other adult environments as well. What gives? There are no children in bars, and adults know the difference between vaping and smoking. So why the ban on smoking indoors in the company of full grown people?

This just shows how narrow-minded our officials when it comes to vaping (and a whole lot of other things for that matter). We know our brothers and sisters in Europe are going through so much more when it comes to vaping regulations, but it seems like legislators are starting to follow suit here in America.

This could have been our way of showing the world that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking. If the lawmakers here would be more lenient, we could show the world that vaping isn’t all that bad and all of this is just paranoia. Kind of like what Amsterdam did for Marijuana. They proved that weed, when regulated properly, is a lot more beneficial than having a hard stance against it.

Vaping is still in its infancy, and the more we educate and inform people, the better the understanding there will be about these wonderful devices.

Teen Vaping

Better Than Teen Smoking
Better Than Teen Smoking

Back in my teens, I remember wanting to do adult things. To feel, look and act like an adult. Now I realize that being an adult is just overrated, lol.

This might be the case for teens who vape. Little boys who want to do big boy stuff. I know because I’m guilty of that. Call it cliche, but I used to smoke in my teens because I thought it looked cool. Forget that nasty tobacco taste in my mouth, I thought it made me look like a bad-ass.

If I had the choice to give a teen either a cigarette or a vape, 10 out of 10 I would hand him the vape. It is way less dangerous (although there is not enough medical research to back this, I think it is pretty much plain common sense) than smoking a cancer stick. That’s why they call them that kids, because it causes cancer!

However, teenage vaping doesn’t really sit well with me. I find teen vaping to be quite uncomfortable when I think about it. It might just be a morality issue for me, but I don’t think its necessary for kids to vape.

This article got me thinking about this. According to the story, a survey in Utah showed that 1 out of 20 “children” (I’m really confused if they meant actully children or young teens) have tried vaping.

According to the article, vaping could be a gateway for teens to try smoking later. Okay, if this happens, just wait till they compare the taste of a cigarette to a vape. They won’t want to touch another cig again.

It also states that the crazy flavors that e-juices have appeal to the young market. No, not the case at all. Adults love gummy bears and apple jacks just as much as kids do, that’s why we have these flavors.

The article does come off as anti-vaping, so it could be propaganda fronting as a legit news article for all I know. But the thought of kids vaping (I’ve seen some videos on Youtube of teens vaping) doesn’t go down too well with me.

I think most people vape to quit smoking, and the others just do it for the fun of it. I have no problems with the latter because they are adults and it’s their life. I just find it totally unnecessary for teens to vape.

I say kids, don’t do it; but if you have to choose between a cigarette and vaping, then by all means GO FOR THE VAPE! Props to this junior for volunteering to model for their school news site about students vaping.

Politically Correct Terms For Vaping

Not Smoking
It’s called “Vaping”

Here is something even I am guilty of. From this post on, I will no longer use the terms “smoking,” “electronic cigarettes,” “e-cigarettes,” or even “e-cigs” for that matter, when talking or blogging about vaping.

Since many of us are recovering smokers who have realized how idiotic cigarettes really are, there is a lot of animosity with people who vape towards cigarettes. There are those who really care about vaping and want to distance the culture away from the bad rep tobacco and cigarette companies have.

Due to the ignorance of some lawmakers, there are plans of regulating the sale of vaporizers, e-juice and accessories. I have even come across stories of vape shops being shut down. This is sad because these lawmakers have a notion that vaping is at the same level of smoking.

There have been discussions among people who vape to try and stop associating vaping with cigarettes, or even to stop claiming that vaping is an alternative smoking. There are a number of people who vape and have never smoked a cigarette in their life, vaping is just that awesome.

Some ways we can do this is by changing the terms we use in vaping. In my case, I will refrain from using the terms I mentoned above. This is my “vape” which I use to go “vaping” whenever I feel like it. Do you mind if I “vape?” We aren’t smoking, we are “vaping.”

My co-workers call it a hookah pen which is annoying to me, but I guess that’s better than them calling it an e-cigarette.