UFC Fighter Nate Diaz Vapes At Post Fight Interview

UFC  202 fight between featherweight champion Connor McGregor and Nate Diaz was a memorable fight that definitely needs a third meeting in my opinion.

Nate was spotted vaping during the post fight interview. He said it was CBD oil or cannabis oil, which is legal in 50 states, including California.

There were some articles and videos claiming Diaz was vaping “marijuana,” CBD and THC oil are different from each other in how they affect us.

THC oil gives the user a psychoactive high while CBD oil doesn’t. Cannabis oil relaxes the body without the head buzz and also helps in the body’s healing process.

Congrats and thank you to Connor and Nate for putting on an exciting match that I haven’t seen from the UFC in a while.

And much props to Nate Diaz for showcasing vaping in his own tough, bad-ass way.


Guess Which “Walking Dead” Star Turned Out To Be A Vaper

norman reedus vaping
Daryl vapes!

Adding to the list of celebrity vapers, Norman Reedus of the Walking Dead is another addition to the stars who have swapped smoking for vaping.

Norman plays Daryl Dixon, the bad-ass crossbow wielding redneck who is one of the most popular characters on the show.

norman reedus melissa mcbride vaping
Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride vape shotgun

I came across these pics which a lot of us vaping Walking Dead fans will delight in. Daryl is one of us!

norman reedus vaping 2
When he ain’t killing zombies, he’s vaping

11 Places Vaping Has Appeared In Pop Culture

Vaping is here to stay, let’s just say that.

Despite the fears of legislation and the constant propaganda being fed to people about vaping, this thing that we all love seems it isn’t going anywhere soon.

Steve of Purplebox Vapours has blessed us once again with something I found to be very interesting, and I’m pretty sure you’ll all find entertaining as well.

Here are 11 instances where vaping was acknowledged in pop culture, mostly positive. Please make sure to check out Purplebox Vapours for more vape content. They’ve shared a with us couple of infographs on vaping on my blog so you might want to check the other stuff they have as well. Enjoy!

11 Places Vaping Has Appeared in Pop Culture