How To Make Your Coils Last Longer

Yup, time to change those coils!

Probably the one thing people love the most about vaping is the variety of e-juice flavors you can choose from.

Not only that, but e-liquid makers have been doing a very good job at replicating some of our favorite snacks and candies.

Whether it’s baked apple pie, Fruit Loops cereal or strawberry sherbet, most manufacturers have been pretty spot on when transforming deliciousness into liquid form.

But no matter how good your e-liquid may taste, a very important factor in getting the right taste lies in the condition of your coils. Once the gunk starts building up on your coils, it’ll turn things around real quick.

It really bums me out when I start getting that burnt, metallic, rusty taste in my mouth. You know what that means, time to clean or replace your coils.

But if you’re like me, cleaning or replacing your coils isn’t something you look forward to. I actually hate it. From dry-burning your coils to re-wicking it, it something I’ve grown tired of doing.

So over the years, I’ve been trying different ways on how to avoid doing this thing I hate, and some of these tips have helped me a lot in avoiding this inconvenient yet necessary chore.

Here are some tips on how to make your coils last longer. They’ve worked for me, and I’m positive they will add extra mileage to your coils.

Stay away from dark e-juice – Back then, I was a very big fan of custard e-juice (thanks to Nicoticket’s “Custard’s Last Stand”). I vaped everything custard related.

I also noticed that I’d get that burnt taste more often. Whenever I would pop the lid of my tank or RDA, I’d see a mess of brown cotton and black coils. Gross to look at, even more gross knowing I was vaping on that.

Come to find out, the dye they use on darker e-liquids stick to your coils and cause buildup. They’re like a magnet on coils.

Another bad thing about having buildup on your coils is it affects the heat. You might notice your vape getting a little weaker, so naturally you would turn up the wattage.

This will do very little to improve your vape (compared to clean coils of course) and will drain your batteries even faster.

Now I’m not saying you should avoid dark colored ejuice if that’s what your preference is; but you should expect to clean your coils more often as compared to using clear e-liquid.

Thankfully, there’s a way around it, which brings us to our second tip.

Use ceramic coils – I’ve been using ceramic coils for the past few months now, and I absolutely love it! There’s a big difference when it comes to lifespan and taste between ceramics and wires.

I know some vape purists out there might dis me for what I’m about to say but I’ve just gotten tired of coil building. I’ve been doing for so long, the whole wire wrapping started feeling redundant to me.

With the current ceramic coil tank I’m using, one coil head will last me anywhere from 2 weeks to a month! And that’s with chain vaping too.

Using disposable ceramic coil heads also took building my own coils out of my hands. The vape is damn near perfect for me.

The only downside to using ceramic coils in my opinions is it uses up juice a lot quicker. I’m saving more money now with the ceramic coils, but on the flip side I’m also buying more e-liquid.

But yeah, I don’t have to worry about gunk affecting my coils as much anymore. Ceramic coils have much longer longevity compared to Kanthal, SS, Nichrome or any other wire.

If you are looking for a good ceramic tank that is cheap, easy to use, reliable, and more importantly performs great both in flavor and vapor production, might I suggest the Vaporesso Estoc Tank Mega with EUC coil.

Another thing I love about this particular brand is I could cycle through different eliquid flavors using the same coil without ever having to clean it. The coil somehow cleans itself, and the flavors never mix. I guess it’s the way it was built.



It’s currently listed at $19.00 at Heaven Gifts, but you can knock 30% off the price when you use the code XMAS30 at checkout.

Follow these tips, and the chances of you having to clean out and re-wick your coils will drop dramatically!

Best Wire For Vaping


I got a lot of hits on my post “5 Types Of Wires Used For Vaping,” and since you liked it so much I decided to do a follow up to that post.

So we know about the 5 different types of wires (Kanthal, Titanium, Nichrome, Nickel, and Stainless Steel), now which one is the best out of the four?

Which wire will give you the best vapor and best flavor out of all the wires? Yeah, I guess a lot of you out there are itching to know the answer to that one.

Wait no longer as I give my answer to what the best wire for vaping is and why.

Two wires that didn’t make it

Before I give you the top wire out of the 5, let me give you two wires that didn’t make it and why.

After some research, I found out that both Ti and Ni had some “health concerns” when it came to being used for vaping. Some vapers believe that using these two types of wires and heating them at high temperatures leaves a toxic residue which would be harmful to you in another way. Ti and Ni score low with some coil builders because they are just too springy for some vapers to work with.

Kanthal or Stainless Steel

So that leaves us with either Kanthal or SS getting the title for best wire for vaping.

Let me just say that I am a big Kanthal guy. I love Kanthal. I started off with Kanthal wire. 24 gauge is my absolute favorite type of wire to build with. It’s also very affordable which is why I like it.

That being said, I definitely have to give the title to Stainless Steel for being the best vaping wire to use!

Best wire for vapor?

 I can’t really say what the best wire is for vapor because all of this will depend on how your built is. You can cloud chase on all of these wires, it would just depend on how you build your wires.

How I got into SS

There are so many reasons why I now prefer SS over Kanthal. I’ll go over them in a little bit and tell you why.

So like I said earlier, I was doing some research for the best wire for vaping, and I came across a video from Vaping Fagan talking about a recent purchase of pre-made SS coils he made with Advanced Vape Supply.

I bought a few myself to see how the wires would work and let me tell you that it’s been one of the best purchases I’ve made for vaping recently.

Why Stainless Steel?

For me, the main reason would be the taste. The taste off of a SS coil build is so crisp it actually tastes like I’m taking a bite out of something!

I’m currently vaping on Glazed Donuts by Loaded E-liquid and I swear that sometimes when I vape, it feels like I’m taking a bite out of a warm, freshly baked Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut!

That’s how crisp and fresh the flavor is with SS wire. I shit you not, if you have a great flavor chasing tank or RDA you are using, you aren’t doing it justice by not using it with an SS build!

For all of the health conscious out there, SS is the least toxic out of the 5. Even though it costs a bit more than Kanthal, I noticed my builds last longer meaning I don’t have to change coils as often with SS, so for me it evens out the costs.

Go get some Stainless Steel now!

If you are an SS coil user then good for you, but for those of you who haven’t tried SS please do. It isn’t even that expensive (it’s wire!).

I went to Advanced Vape Supply which is a US based company and placed an order for the pre-built SS coils. I ordered a pack of the Vertebraid coil and a pack of the fused Clapton coil (each pack is 10 pieces) and it came to under $20.

Product Review: The Coil Master DIY Kit And The Coil Master 521 Tab

The Coil Master DIY Kit and the Coil Master 521 Tab. Must haves for all serious vapers!
The Coil Master DIY Kit and the Coil Master 521 Tab. Must haves for all serious vapers!

I wish there was something like this that came out when I first started vaping! When I started trying my hand at coil building, I had an old nail cutter, a rusty old precision screwdriver, paper scissors and a drill bit set I bought from the dollar store. It wasn’t much but it did the job.

I was offered the Coil Master DIY kit and the 521 Tab to review from Coil Master. As someone who has been vaping for a while, my initial thoughts were, “Eh, I don’t need this stuff.” My hardheadedness was put aside after using these products, and it made my coil building so much easier and enjoyable.

Why did I not get something like this sooner? It would have save me tons of time, wire, cotton, and frustration. No build is too hard to do after using the DIY kit from Coil Master.

Let me swallow my pride and my know-it-all mentality about coil building and give you the reasons why I truly believe every serious vaper (especially the ones who are into doing their own coils) should invest in these products.

I said invest, not buy. This is more than a purchase in my opinion. Everything you need in coil building will be found in this kit! This kit pays off in the long run and is of great value when you consider the pros of this product! Don’t believe me? Keep on reading.

The Coil Master DIY Kit – $49.99

All the Tools You Will Ever Need To Build Coils!
All the Tools You Will Ever Need To Build Coils!

So what do you get with the Coil Master DIY Kit? For under $50, you get some good quality tools that make you an instant professional coilsmith (is there such a word?).

The kit comes with a wire snipper, needle nose pliers, flat head and Philips screwdrivers, ceramic tip tweezers, angled tweezers, retractable scissors, a spool of 24 gauge Kanthal (10 feet, which you can use the spool again for other wires once it runs out.), an ohm reader, and the Coil Master coiling kit. There is also a slot that holds 2 18650 batteries which are not included.

Comes With The Coil Master Jig V3 and Scissors That Were Made For Cutting Cotton!
Comes With The Coil Master Coiling Kit V3 and Scissors That Were Made For Cutting Cotton!

I have been using this kit for more than a month now, and the thing I love about the DIY kit is the tools included are made for coil building. I love using them, from the wire cutter to the scissors. All of them do the job and they do it well. The angled tip tweezers are a life saver, really helps me get into those hard to reach places.

Coil Master Jig V3
Coil Master Coiling Kit V3 Handles All Types of Wires!

The Coiling kit makes wrapping easy. The lower the number, the thinner the gauge. It’s pretty simple to figure out and use. I watched a couple of YouTube tutorials before I started using and hey, it worked out great for me. I love how it gets my wraps perfect every time I use it.

These Tools Were Made For Coil Building!
These Tools Were Made For Coil Building!

A lot of reviewers say this kit is for intermediate or advanced users, I disagree. Coil building isn’t all that hard if you have basic craftsman skills. The DIY kit makes it so much easier because the tools in here are all you need for making your own coils. Like I said earlier, I wish I had gotten this kit earlier, now I can’t stop using it.

The Coil Master 521 Tab – $39.99

The Coil Master 521 Tab: Ohm Checker, Voltage Checker, Coil Tester and Building Deck All In One!

Before I had the Coil Master Tab 521, I would use my old, unused mods as a deck for building. Although it was useful, I read somewhere that doing this would mess up the connection on your mods.

If you are going to be serious about coil building, it is necessary to have a deck you can build on, read your resistance and test fire your builds. The Tab gives you all these options, without having to constantly unscrew your RDA’s or tanks.

TFV4 Micro Dual Clapton Coil Build at .25 Ohms

The 521 Tab looks beautiful, and is very efficient. Having a dedicated deck to coil building reduces damage in comparison to using your vape units as a deck like I mentioned earlier. Sure, there are other decks on the market you can buy, but they are either stand alone decks or they don’t have the capabilities as the Tab 521.

Test Fire!
Test Fire!

What I love about the Tab 521 is right after you are done doing your coils, you can go ahead and test it. This saves time and deals with faulty coils by nipping it in the bud. You don’t know how frustrating it is to spend time wrapping coils and making sure they are straightened out, only to find out that they don’t work.

Options On the Side
Options On the Side

The Tab 521 comes with 3 different options. Switch it off if to do your coils, put it on meter to see what the resistance on your coil is, and switch it to burn to test fire. Yeah, burn baby burn!

Powered by One 18650 Battery or USB Chord
Powered by One 18650 Battery or USB Chord

It is powered by 1 18650 battery. It also works with a micro USB chord, but it won’t be able to fire and will only be able to read the resistance on builds. So basically, you can use this Tab 521 as a mechanical mod.

Thank you once again to Coil Master for these wonderful products, and like I said earlier, these are good investments for serious vapers. I still use them and will keep using them unless Coil Master comes out with something better, but these tool are basically all I need for building my coils.

And for the price it is at, it surely is good value for the quality and usefulness it brings to anyone who chooses this to aid their coil building. It makes things so much easier especially for those who build on a regular basis.