Kanthal Wire Vs. Nichrome Wire: Which Is Better?

kanthal wire

Hi everyone! Hope your week started on a good note.

As for me, I was wondering what the main difference is between Kanthal A1 wire and Nichrome wire. More importantly, which one is better? Am I missing out on these new wire products or are these just a gimmick?

Further research brought me to a few interesting comparisons between the two. I credit this video from Pegasus Vapor Academy which is a great channel for getting some vape knowledge:

1. Nichrome heats up faster than Kanthal – In the video, two 28 gauge wires are being used. The video below shows in real time how the two compare in firing up.

2. Nichrome has lower resistance than Kanthal –  The Kanthal wire in the video clocked in at 1.35 ohms while the Nichrome was at 1.05 ohms. Remember, the lower the ohms the warmer and more intense the vape gets.

3. Kanthal wire lasts longer than Nichrome –  The catch is, since Nichrome heats up faster, it wears out the coils quicker as well.

Kanthal wires have more tolerance to heat and last longer. If you are a person who doesn’t like rebuilding often, then stick to Kanthal.

4. Kanthal is cheaper than Nichrome – If spending more might be an issue for you, then sticking to Kanthal wire would be your best choice.

So comparing the two, both are pretty even when weighing pros and cons. It all  comes down to personal preference.

In closing the video, the presenter stresses the fact that we should be smart consumers and do our research whenever we have a product in mind that we want to buy.

Do your homework boys and girls. This is what I have been wanting to accomplish with my blog since day one. I admit that it does become difficult thinking of possible topics you might find interesting and helpful.

So for any of you that have topics or questions you would like covered, please leave them in the comments and I will try my best.


How To Wrap Coils To Get Huge Vape



I remember how frustrating it was for me trying to figure out sub-ohm vaping. It killed me not knowing how some people blew these massive clouds of vapor on posted them on YouTube. I credit this video to turning me on to “cloud chasing.” Yes, not the biggest clouds on YouTube for sure, but this video was back in January 2013. Not many vape cloud videos were on YT at the time, so you could guess my reaction when I saw this video:



After watching this video, I spent many nights thinking “how do I do this?” I wanted to become a human fog machine as well, but my cartomizer tank (as much as I loved it) wasn’t capable of doing that.

A LOT has changed though. Now, you can buy built coils and vape right away. There is no need to understand how coil wrapping works, and factoring in things like resistance.

This post is for those of you who want to try coil building out. I have watched tons of videos on YouTube on how to wrap coils, some were useful while most were pretty redundant.

So you want to learn how to wrap coils for more vapor production? I’m assuming you already have everything needed: Rebuildable atomizer, kanthal wire, plies, cotton and tools.

If there was ONE video I would have to recommend to someone who does not have any experience in building coils, then I would suggest watching Rip Tripper’s video on the macro coil build. It’s a simple and effective way of wrapping and it’s how I do majority of my wraps.



Rip has a ton of videos dedicated to different coil builds. Make sure to check out his channel and watch more of his videos.

While you are trying it out, always make sure Some of you may find this easy to do while the others may struggle. My advice is to keep practicing because it is totally worth the effort. Nothing is more satisfying than blowing a huge vapor of smoke off of an atomizer that you built.

How To Build Perfect Coil Wraps For Vaping Every Single Time


Nowadays coil wraps are the big thing when it comes to DIY builds. Coil wraps seem to have solved the mystery of how to get clouds of vapor by proving that the more amount of wire comes in contact with cotton equals the more amount of vapor you will produce.

There are tons of tutorial videos on coil wraps, but these videos make it look easier than it actually is.

Simple rules for wrapping would be to keep the wraps tightly together to prevent hot spots, but not to close that they overlap each other which could cause some problems.

Are you the type of person who finds coil wrapping to be your least favorite thing when it comes to vaping? Do you go through rolls and rolls of wire and still can’t seem to get that perfect wrap? Here’s a tool that will end that problem, and the good news is it doesn’t even cost that much.

Coil Wrapping Jigs keep your wraps looking nice and tight and they are super easy to use. Here’s a video showing how easy it is to use one, and what the result is when it comes to doing wraps.

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