High Class Vape Co: Premium E-Juice At An Affordable Price?

High Class Vape Co’s Premium Line (left to right): Guilty Pleasure, Taste of the Orient, and Members Only

Big shout out to Bill of High Class Vape Co for contacting me to do this review. He came across my blog and offered me to do a review on the High Class Vape Co premium line. I had a great time vaping on them and I’ve finally come up with a review for other vapers out there who are looking for an affordable premium e-juice online. I will also include a discount code for all of you out there at the end of this post.

In case you were wondering…

I was offered these juices for free to review, and although I got it for free, this will not affect my opinion on these juices. I know it’s human nature for people to give a favorable opinion on something they got for free to review, but I’m most definitely sure you the reader as well as the people of High Class Vape Co would much more appreciate an honest review of this e-juice from me.

It’s always tricky to do reviews on e-juice because the first thing people want to know is if it tastes good. And like I always say, taste is subjective. What tastes good for me might not taste good for you, and vice versa. I love vaping berry flavors, but I hate banana, yet some people love vaping on banana flavors. It all depends on your preference.

So what I really try to do in these reviews is give a more descriptive outline rather than a opinionated one for the readers to get a better idea of what they are getting in case they decide to purchase.

What I like to do is focus more on relative things like price, nicotine levels, vapor production, and others. At the end of each review, I say whether I liked the juice or not. Just my opinion.

With that being said, let’s talk about the common factors about these High Class Vape Co e-juices and then I’ll go into a more descriptive review of each juice later in this post.

Affordable U.S. made e-juice

This company is based in my home state of California, San Diego to be exact. As for their prices, High Class Vape Co offers good prices for their premium line which they sell at $29.99 for 60 ml, and their 15 ml bottles for only $10, a pretty good deal for premium e-juice (all glass bottles).

They also offer a sample pack of three 15 ml bottles for only $22.99 which you can pick each flavor for. This makes much more sense than buying a 15 ml bottle alone since you’ll be saving a lot more money.

And if that price is still a little too steep for your vape pockets then you can also try out their budget line which is 120 ml of e-juice for only $18! I’ll also be doing a review on their budget line in these upcoming posts.

All of their juices are a 70/30 VG/PG blend and come in 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, and 12 mg levels of nicotine. While we’re on the subject of nicotine, I found the nicotine to be a little harsh when I first vaped it, but got used to it and started enjoying it as I progressed.

And that’s the thing, I usually vape a high VG e-juice 80/20 blend at 3 mg, but I wasn’t getting that much of a satisfying vape so I decided to bump my nicotine level up to 6. The higher PG level on this juice might have caused me to get a more harsher nicotine taste than what I’m normally used to.

But for those of you who love that “kick in the lungs” type of vape, especially for those of you have just got off of smoking, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this juice.

As for the vapor production, it does put out a lot of clouds. I did notice that the vapor clouds weren’t as robust and dense as the clouds you would get off of a higher VG blend of e-juice, which might be a good thing sometimes. There were many times while I was vaping on high VG juice and driving with the windows up when the clouds would get in the way of my vision. So in this situation, yes a higher PG blend would be better.

Now that I’ve got all that out of the way, let’s get into each e-juice and give you my opinion of each one.

Guilty Pleasure – A Crisp, Refreshing Fruity Vape

Guilty Pleasure – pears, honeysuckle, and other subtle fruit notes.

For this review, I used my Conqueror RTA Mini which is a great flavor chasing RTA which I also did a review for in the past. If you love flavor tanks, please check out my review which I linked above.

According to their website, Guilty Pleasure is their best seller. It’s a floral-fruity blend of pears, honeysuckle and other fruit notes. The thing with fruit blends for some e-juices is even though they are a combination of fruits, there’s always that one fruit flavor that stands out among the rest.

With Guilty Pleasure, I didn’t taste that. The blend of pears, honeysuckle and the other fruits were blended together really well that it created this whole new flavor of it’s own. It wasn’t like “Oh, this tastes like pears” or “This tastes like honeysuckle.” I could taste the different fruit hints, but none of them overpowered each other. It really was a true blend of flavors.

Another thing I noticed with GP was the taste was very subtle. It wasn’t a strong, “hit you in the face” type of flavor that we’ve all gotten accustomed to when with premium lines. The taste for me was a bit muted.

All in all I got a crisp, refreshing fruity-floral vape from Guilty Pleasure. It’s a great mix of fruit blends, but I would have preferred a stronger flavor.

Taste of the Orient – Something Different

Taste of the Orient – cucumber, sweet honeysuckle, and juicy green honeydew melon

Let me start off by saying Taste of the Orient is something I’ve never tasted before. It’s flavor description is cucumber, honeysuckle, and honeydew.

I actually love honeydew, both when eating and vaping. However, I didn’t get a strong taste of honeydew. It was actually quite similar to Guilty Pleasure, but had sort of a tangy aftertaste to it which I think was due to the cucumber flavoring. Again, subtle notes blended altogether.

As for the Taste of the Orient, I would say it’s a decent e-juice. It wasn’t bad at all, but it’s not something I wouldn’t have high on my list when it comes to good e-juice.

Members Only – Creamy Tart Vape with a hint of Strawberry

Members Only – strawberry, crumbly sugar cookie, and sweet ice cream

And the final one on the list is Members Only, a combination of ice cream, sugar cookie and strawberry, 3 flavors I really love. Just like the other two previous juices, the notes were a bit subtle but well blended and not overpowering.

Members Only really stood out to me, I really like this flavor. I would have preferred for the strawberry taste to be more pronounced, but all the other notes blend very well with each other. I finished more off of this bottle than the other two to be honest.

Guilty Pleasure may be the best seller on their website, but Members Only is the true winner for me. Based on my personal taste and preference, I would go with this e-juice.

Again I would like to thank Bill for offering me these great e-juices and I had a great time sampling them.

To my readers, I will also be reviewing their budget line which sells for $18 for 120 ml of e-juice real soon, so stay tuned for that.

If you would like to get your hands on High Class Vape Co. e-juices, check out their website here.

We’re also fortunate enough to get a discount code which knocks 15% off of your whole purchase. Use the code SAVE on check out to save even more money!


4 Tips When Buying E-Liquid For The First Time

Are you a smoker who has finally decided to start vaping in the hopes to quit smoking?

If so, congratulations on making the right decision! Part of your new vape journey is trying different delicious e-liquid. Excited yet?

Here are some things you should know if its your first time buying e-liquid. First, choose an e-juice that sounds appealing to you. Don’t hold back when it comes to finding a flavor you like.

4.) Start with a high VG juice

I would suggest you start with a pure VG mix of e-liquid. If you can’t find pure VG, go with high VG e-juice like a 80/20 mix.

There are a number of people who are either allergic or experience irritation to PG. Starting with a high VG mix will prevent this from ever happening.

3.) Pick the right nicotine level

Nicotine provides that “kick” when you’re vaping. Vaping on e-liquid at zero nic is like inhaling flavored air.

Knowing the different levels of nicotine

The easiest way I could explain nicotine levels to you is by comparing them to cigarettes. 3 mg nicotine equals to ultra lights. 6 mg is comparable to lights, while anything over 12 mg equals to straight tobacco cigarettes. Pick the level of nicotine in the e-liquid you plan on buying based on the type of cigarettes you usually buy.

What happens when you vape on too much nicotine?

The effects are the feeling of being light headed and also harshness at the throat when vaping. There is no way you could overdose on nicotine.

On the other hand if the nicotine level is too low the vape will feel empty and airy.

2.) Start with premium e-liquid

Premium e-juice might cost a little more, but there is a big difference in flavor when compared to cheaper counterparts. The better the e-liquid tastes, the more likely you are going to pick up vaping.

1.) Buy e-liquid at your local vape shop

The good thing about buying e-liquid at a vape shop is you get to sample it first before buying it. This is the best way to know you will like a certain juice or not before buying it.



Favorite E-Liquids Of 2016

I was reading my old post on my favorite e-juices from last year and noticed I haven’t vaped on any of those e-liquids in quite a while.

Since I made that post, I’ve come across other e-liquids which I thought were better tasting. You might notice some of them from my other posts since I like to talk about what I vape on occasionally.

If you’re looking for new flavors to try, I highly recommend you try these out. I’ll be providing links on where you can buy them from in case you want to .

I’ve been rotating around these flavors throughout this whole year and haven’t gotten tired of any of them yet. So in no particular order, here are my favorite e-liquids for 2016.


Glazed Donuts by Loaded – This is the first doughnut flavored e-liquid I’ve ever tried and I was pretty surprised at how accurate they got the flavor.

Fresh Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts right out of the conveyor belt, with a hint of cinnamon. That’s what I’m tasting from this e-liquid. From the glaze to the doughnut.

Loaded did a good job with balancing the right sweetness to the glaze. It’s sweet, but it’s not too sweet that it overpowers the other flavors.

I don’t like the taste of cinnamon when it comes to vaping, the flavoring is too strong for me. But again Loaded does a great job of putting the right amount of cinnamon in here, even a cinnamon-hater like me could learn to love it.

My only complaint about Glazed Donuts is it’s on the fainter side in terms of flavor, especially compared to the other e-liquids on here. But hey, it’s also really cheap e-juice and is definitely miles ahead in flavor when it comes to other e-liquids at the same price range.



Dewberry Cream by Kilo – This company does such a great job at getting that right balance in creamy flavor in my opinion. The flavor just pops in your mouth.

Dewberry Cream is dewberry, berry mix, and cream. Flavor is very well mixed and is strong. It actually tastes like dewberry yogurt with berries, very flavorful and refreshing. Just a very great tasting vape.

Some of the other e-liquids on this post have their little cons with me, but the Dewberry Cream is solid in all aspects of taste and flavor intensity. I could vape on this all day and night, all year long and still wouldn’t get tired of this juice.


Dutchess by Sabor Vapors – This is another great tasting vape. The funny thing is I thought that I would never like Dutchess when I first came across it via Zamplebox.

“Pineapple? What the hell? That doesn’t sound too good.” I thought. I was expecting the pineapple flavor to taste like cough medicine as I imagined it would be hard to replicate the sweet tangy flavor of pineapple.

Sabor Vapors hit the pineapple flavor on the nose with Dutchess. The pineapple tastes syrupy and sweet like Hawaiian pineapples. You taste it right away on the inhale. Then a tarty taste blends in with the pineapple on the exhale. It tastes like a really good upside down pineapple cake.

This is another 24/7 vape that I love and would never get tired of vaping on. I highly recommend you try Dutchess out.



PopDeez by Steep – Steep Vapors is genius for designing its label and packaging after the iconic Cracker Jack brand.

PopDeez is one of my favorites because it tastes exactly what it says it is, it tastes just like caramel popcorn. I like some caramel popcorn every now and then, and PopDeez is a vape I know I am going to enjoy whenever I have some in my possession.

Only thing is I couldn’t vape on this daily like I could with Dutchess and Dewberry Cream. And that’s just me, I’m not a caramel popcorn lover. I like it, but I couldn’t eat caramel popcorn everyday. But if you love caramel popcorn you’ll enjoy PopDeez.



Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood – This is another great tasting e-juice I like to enjoy because its very flavorful and the blend is done wonderfully.

Unicorn Milk is strawberry milk and something else. That other ingredient is something I’m still trying to figure out but overall this is a great tasting flavored e-liquid.

The only problem for me is that it isn’t sweet enough for my tastes. If they added a little bit more sweetness to Unicorn Milk, it would’ve been a perfect vape for me.


If any of these e-liquids sound appealing to you, I highly recommend you to try these out.