Best Variable Voltage Mods Under $50

Have you been thinking of upgrading your unit lately? Are you starting to grow tired of it’s look and feel? Have videos of variable voltage mods been getting more of your interest and attention lately?

If so, it might be time to get an upgrade. Read this post about what to do before upgrading to a mod if you haven’t. If you don’t have the budget for it, don’t fret. Here is a list of the top 3 best rated variable voltage mods on the market that won’t break bank!

1. Innokin iTaste MVP V2.0 – $38.00


Innokin iTaste MVP V2.0 iClear 30 Kit

Everyone I have came across who owns an MVP swears by it, and why shouldn’t they? It has a 2600 mah battery, that’s a lot battery life. Your usual E-Go battery has 900-1,300 mah. Imagine the time you have in using the MVP without having to charge. It also has tons of skin wraps so you can “pimp” your mod to pretty much however you want.

How cool is this?
How cool is this?
Very genius!
Very genius!


2. Vamo V5 – $25.00

Budget friendly.


A popular choice among many vapers, here’s proof that a variable voltage mod that’s under $50 can vape and perform just as good as its high-end counterparts. Sure it looks like a Tiki god with a round mouth, but the performance is there folks! People who love to customize their units will be glad that tons of skin wraps for this is mod are available.

I think this design rocks!
This design rocks!
Very creative!
Very creative!

3. SID Variable Voltage – $49.99

Comes in colors!
Comes in colors!

And right under the 50 dollar mark comes the SID. This was dubbed the “Vamo Killer” since it also targeted the budget-conscious. Beautfiul stock design that does not need customization. LED display is clear, with a user-friendly interface. Has an ohms checker  for people who do their own builds.

Who said mods had to be expensive? Do your research, there are plenty of mods that offer quality vape at good prices. Here are some places that are worth checking out for good valued mods:

My Freedom Smokers – Everything mods, digital and mechanical, along with accessories and parts.

Madvapes – One of the longest running vape online shops, with a wide variety of vaping products at good prices.

Fairy Gate – One of the best priced site for clones I have come across, they give Fastech a run for their money.


Top 4 Best Looking Mods Ever

I love mods! I’m not trying to sound like an advanced vaper who has graduated from the simple e-go set up. I just feel that mods hit my sweet spot when it comes to vaping. Mechanical mods to be exact. I find variable voltage mods to be a little too complex for me, so I am not an ohm’s freak and haven’t gotten to that part of vaping yet.

That being said, I come across a bunch of sick looking mods everyday on the internet. Some of these mods I have in my collection, some I am having a hard time getting or still saving up for. I find these mods to be very appealing, and can also be a good conversation piece with your vape buddies.

So here it is, my top 5 best looking mods that are currently in the market. Let’s start with the Empire mod.

4. The Empire Mod / K100 Mod

When I first saw this mod, it was love at first sight. I mean look at it, isn’t she beautiful? Sure, the design is a bit dated, but I can’t think of other mods that have drawn so much appeal for me than the Empire / K100 mod. This is the very first mod that I bought, and I have no regrets. I still use it till this very day, and it still gets compliments from time to time. Empire Mods sell their signature mod for $140, while Hoosier Vapes sell the K100 clone for $30.

It's The R2D2 And C3PO Of Mods!
It’s The R2D2 And C3PO Of Mods!

3. The Valkyrie Mod

I must admit, my people from the Philippines know how to make mods. In my honest opinion, this has got to be the most aesthetic looking mod in the market right now. Look at those curves! In the words of the late Steve Irwin, “She’s a beauty, mate!” The company Vicious Ant has other great models in their line up, but there is something about the Valkyrie that just makes me drool. Vape Street has them in stock right now for $200, while for those who don’t want to blow 2 Benjamins on a mod can get the clone at Fast Tech for $29.

Sweet Sexy Thang!
Sweet Sexy Thang!


2.  50 Cal Bullet Mod

What the hell is this? This would look great in anyone’s collection. You could even leave it standing on your desk and it would still look good. It just shows how creative manufacturers are becoming when it comes to making mods. This may not appeal to everybody, but I have been very keen on buying this mod because it would look sick in my collection. The problem is it never seems to be in stock whenever I check. Very elusive. I don’t know how much it costs, but I do know that v3 Tronix has the hook up and is selling these beautiful pieces on their site, if only they had them in stock.

She'll Make You Go Boom Like Dynamite
She’ll Make You Go Boom Like Dynamite


1. The NES mod

The Nintendo Entertainment System. This devices brings a flood of good childhood memories of sleepless nights and spending hours in front of the TV with friends and family. To see this reincarnated as a mod just brings out that inner child excitement in me. I came across this mod while looking at different customized mods on the internet. I was like, “Damn! I MUST have this!” It’s a freakin’ Nintendo game controller mod! Enough said! Litt Up Custom E-Cigs has a Facebook page where you can pre-order it. It takes about 8-10 weeks to ship and costs $130. This is actually a variable voltage mod, which means you can adjusts the watts on it. I hear it also performs very well. It may seem pricey, but I think it is money well spent, especially with all the nostalgia it brings to people who grew up on the NES.

Up Up, Down Down, Left Right, Left Right, BA, BA, Select, Start, Vape!
Up Up, Down Down, Left Right, Left Right, BA, BA, Select, Start, Vape!