Best DNA 200 Mods Of 2016


The Evolv DNA 200 chip has got to be the biggest thing that came out for vaping in 2016.

Vapers love the DNA chip because it is considered to be the most accurate in wattage and power output for vaping.

So for my friends who are planning on buying a DNA 200 mod, I decided to compile a list of these Evolv chip mods that I think is really worth the money.

The mods featured are still in stock and production. There were other mods that I wanted to include like the Lavabox, Reuleaux DNA 200 and the Efusion mod, but they are all out of stock in every website I go. These mods will need some more searching if you really want to get your hands on one of them.

I placed affiliate links in this post as well in case any of you wanted to buy the mods featured.

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I just noticed I’m starting to get mushy, so here’s the best DNA 200 mods of 2016!

The Player box mod by Starss is a really cool looking mod in my opinion. It’s something that looks very modern and youthful.

Every part of the Player is customizeable, the back plates, buttons, everything. And they have some really cool color schemes for each mod. The Player is the type of mod that yells, “Hey, I’m a hip vaper!” Check out the different color combinations for yourself through the links below.

Although it is a DNA 200 mod, it only goes up to 133 watts in dual 18650 mode. If you want the full 200 watts, you would need to purchase the LiPo battery separately.

Just a note on using LiPo batteries, please make sure you have the right knowledge in dealing with these types of batteries since they are known to be sensitive to charging and can burn when mishandled.



Another mod on the list I am aesthetically attracted to is the Panzer Box Mod by Think Vape.

I love the boxy, bulky look and the two tone color scheme. The people who have bought and used this mod say it is very well-built and feels strong. You know, it won’t crack whenever you drop or tip it over.

This is another internal battery mod, so take precaution when charging.



If you want a more sleek, ergonomically correct DNA 200 mod, your best bet is the Triade Triple 18650.

I’ve done another post in where I go into more details about the Triade, check it out if this mod looks like something you’d like to have!





For me, the best thing about the SDNA 200 is all the DNA 200 settings are done for you. Some DNA 200 are not preset so you would need someone who knows how to use Evolv so you can get the full SS, Nichrome, Titanium, etc. experience. Of course this is only needed if you use these settings.


Lastly we have the VT 133 mod which is a dual 18650 battery mod and goes up to 133 watts.

It’s not the newest mod on the list, but in terms of stability and how it performs, the VT 133 definitely deserves a spot on this list.


4 Of The Ugliest Vape Mods Nobody Ever Wanted

Today we talk about the vape mods that never appealed to vapers because of how they looked and/or how they functioned.

Here’s a list of 4 vaping devices a lot of people thought were too ugly and didn’t bother ever buying.

1. Hell’s Gate Box Mod by Yep – What the HELL is this? Apparently the makers of this atrocity was trying to give cloud chasing a whole new meaning.

Not only did the Hell’s Gate mod look stupid and awkward to use, it didn’t make any sense for vapers to buy this. Guess not too many people like the idea of vaping on 2 different atomizers at the same time.


*Special mention* The Chainsmoker Box Mod – Same concept and just as ridiculous. The advantage the Chainsmoker has is it’s better made.


2. Bigger Triple 18650 Box Mod by Vapecige – Bigger is not always better. That’s what many thought when the Bigger box mod first came out. This thing is huge!

What looks more like a back-up battery pack than a vape mod, Bigger was just too big for vapers to enjoy. Can you imagine tugging this around in public?

Bystander: Hey, what’s that?

You: Ugh, it’s my vape! My Bigger mod! I’m vaping! In case you didn’t notice!

Bystander: Nah, I saw you two blocks away with that thing!


3. Cool Fire 2 by Innokin – In another WTF moment in mod making, Innokin thought it would be a good idea to create a device that looked like a freakin’ hand grenade! Good luck going through the airport with that.

Just in case you wanted one, the Cool Fire 2 only uses a 18350 battery which is below par with today’s standard of vaping so in other words it’s a piece of shit and don’t buy it, unless you still vape on those Vivi Nova clearomizers.


And if that isn’t bad enough, check out the FITH S100 Grenade mod below which REALLY looks like a hand grenade. Looks way better than the Cool Fire 2, but hopefully you won’t freak the people out when you vape on this in public.


*Special mention* The Pineapple Mod – I guess when Innokin finally realized that the Cool Fire 2 was going to flop, they ceased production and sold off the mod casings to some other company. They in turn thought that a pineapple would look better than a hand grenade!


4. Touch 200W Box Mod by Hell’s Gate (and every other touch screen vape mod put out so far– What better way to finish off this list that to top it off with another Hell’s Gate mod!

The Touch 200w box mod looks like a first gen iPod. To me, the whole touch screen thing isn’t really necessary in vaping. It’s a cool concept, but I can do without it.

Not only is it an ugly mod, but according to some reviewers it performs like shit. One reviewer gave it the “Worst Mod of 2016” title.


Are there any other mods that aren’t on the list that you would like to share with everyone? Have any of you had experience with these mods? Let me know in the comments section.

Product Review: Wismec Reuleaux RX2/3 Mod From GearBest

The Wismec Reuleaux RX2/3 by Jay Bo Designs. This item in review was given to me by GearBest

Have you been thinking whether or not to get the new Wismec Reuleaux RX2/3 mod?

If you don’t own one, it’s critical that you listen to me right now. Stop all that wondering and doubting and go get yourself one ASAP!

You are honestly missing out on a very enjoyable and affordable mod as every second fleets by without this in your hand!

This is my most used and favorite mod at this moment. I’m already excited about telling you how the Reuleaux RX2/3 mod won me over completely.

GearBest is selling the RX 2/3 for a great price right now.

How I got the Reuleaux RX2/3 mod

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on another Reuleaux because I loved the RX200 so much.Luckily I was fortunate enough to be given this mod for free to review!

My friends at GearBest reached out to me and asked if I wanted to test this mighty fine piece of vape machinery.

I agreed to use this new Wismec-Jay Bo collaboration mod and give my opinion on it.

What did they do this time?

We all saw the evolution of the Reuleaux. The initial RX200 was a solid triple 18650 mod. This was followed up by the RX200S. The screen and interface had major updates but the design and features were identical to the RX200.

The major renovation for the RX2/3 mod this time is the design. Same screen and interface with the RX2/3, but now you can use either 2 or 3 18650 batteries thanks to a special back cover.

The Reuleaux RX2/3 with box. Notice the graphic of the battery back covers on the box.

Got this mod pretty quick from GearBest

This product came pretty quick from GearBest. I got it within a week of them contacting me about the review. Pretty fast if you ask me considering it was shipped from China.

Contents that were in the box was the new featured dual 18650 back cover, the user manual and a USB chord that are all in the picture below.

What’s in the box: battery back cover for dual 18650 mode, user manual and USB cord.

I love the new dual 18650 battery mode!

The dual 18650 mode makes the Reuleaux RX 2/3 feel like a totally different mod. It’s a lot more light, comfortable, and ergonomic in my hand whenever I use it in dual 18650 mode.

The new back cover surprisingly slims down the mod to a size you wouldn’t think was possible and turns it into a sleek but powerful vape mod, 150 watts without firmware upgrade.

The dual 18650 mode makes the Reuleax a nice portable mod that I tug along with me when I’m outdoors.

The RX2/3 mod has a solid build as well; no rattles at all whenever I shake it.

Here’s the RX 2/3 in the new and sexy dual 18650 mode. This reduces the size of the mod greatly!

Some other new features of the RX2/3 mod

While the 2 previous Reuleaux used magnetic locks for the battery cover, the RX2/3 uses a new release button located underneath the mod. The button doesn’t make any contact when you let the mod stand up straight.

The back cover on the previous Reuleaux mods were easier for me to work with but this new back cover isn’t hard to use at all. Now you have to push in the back cover until it locks, a little more complicated compared to just snapping on the back cover like in the previous models.

No more magnet locks. Back cover is held in by switch which is located underneath the mod.

The RX2/3 mod is easy to use

I really like how easy it is using the RX2/3 mod. It didn’t take long for me to learn how to navigate through the menu and know all the functions. And I’m a pretty average guy so don’t think it takes a genius to learn how to use this thing.

The screen is big and bright just like the RX200S mod and it stayed on for a good 36 seconds before the screen went idle when I tried counting it. This gives you lots of time to check your wattage and mode after a vape.

Lots of colors to choose from and customizeable!

The RX 2/3 mod has 6 finishes for you to choose from. There’s Silver/Gray, flat Black, Cyan/Grey, Red/Black, Gold and Matte White.

The front plates can be removed as well and be replaced with other RX 2/3 front and back plates which gives you the option to change colors to give your mod a different vibe.

The RX 2/3 in triple 18650 mode.

Does it have any cons?

With so many great things about the RX2/3 mod, does it have any cons?

In my case, it had to be the back cover in terms of fitting it in. It isn’t hard to use but at the same time it isn’t as easy to use either compared to the previous Reuleaux mods. I know Wismec might’ve had to make that change because of the special back covers, but the magnet locks for me was something that was not broken.

Another thing that wasn’t really a con for me but I could see some people complaining about it so I decided to include it. As you can see in the picture below the front and back plates don’t fit perfectly flush to the frame.

Front and back plates are fully changeable so you can swap out different color of plates for a different look.

I dropped this mod once pretty bad, so I’m not sure if that’s what caused it to not fit flush or if it’s really just made like that. I’m sure its fixable if I take it apart but wouldn’t want to go through the hassle. I don’t really mind the gaps.

That was all I could really think of when it came to cons for this mod. But all in all, the RX2/3 mod is a well built and beautifully designed mod with an easy interface, all the new features, and currently a mod in it’s own league with the dual or triple battery housing option.

The Reuleaux RX2/3 is currently available at a crazy low price at GearBest. Click on the buy button below!