Vape Justice And A Warning To All Thieves!

Thieves Beware!!!
Thieves Beware!!!

I came across this post on the Facebook group V@pers Pl@net which I found to be quite satisfying. Everybody loves a story about Good triumphing over Evil, especially when the wrongdoer gets punished.

So there was an incident that happened at a Vape expo where a man stole a chrome Rig V2 clone mechanical mod and a bag of e-juice.

By some chance the owner, or people who knew the owner of that mod, were able to catch the perpetrator on FB. They bait him using the classic “rope-a-dope” tactic so well, Muhammad Ali would be proud.

Here’s what went down:

The thief in case you wanted to know...
The thief in case you wanted to know…

vape_justice_2vape_justice_3 vape_justice_4 vape_justice_5

vape_justice_6 vape_justice_7 vape_justice_8 vape_justice_9 vape_justice_10 vape_justice_11 vape_justice_12

vape_justice_13 vape_justice_14 vape_justice_15 vape_justice_16 vape_justice_17 vape_justice_18 vape_justice_19 vape_justice_20

vape_justice_21 vape_justice_22

Realizing at this moment that he has been caught, poor old Brad tries to change his name on his profile.


But the damage has already been done. Vape justice warriors deliver a swift coup de grace forcing him to delete his account.

vape_justice_24 vape_justice_25 vape_justice_26 vape_justice_28 vape_justice_29 vape_justice_30

And yes, the mod has been received and will be returned to it’s rightful owner. Justice has been served, and the thief has learned his lesson.


Let this be a warning to people who steal other vapers property, authentic or clone, it doesn’t matter. It’s a lot easier for people to track you down, especially those who brag about it.

Oh yeah, and before I forget, merry Christmas to us all!


U.S. Study Shows Vaping Improves Lung Function


Can you believe it? An organization of US scientists recently published a study that showed vaping improved lung function for smokers who turned to this healthier option.

Does lung function improve with vaping?

The study recorded lung function of participants before they switched from smoking to vaping.

Lung function was again monitored after a year. The participants were grouped into 3: those who quit completely, those who reduced their smoking, and those who failed to quit.

The results

What the researchers noted was a big improvement in small, peripheral airway function for those who completely quit smoking by vaping.

Before the study, the most common symptoms the participants had were cough/phlegm and shortness of breath.

After the study, these symptoms were either completely eliminated or nearly gone for those who quit smoking through vaping.

Improvements were noted as well in those who reduced their smoking with vaping.

There was no improvement with those who kept smoking obviously.

Your lungs go through a lot when you smoke

The whole point of this article is that staying away from cigarettes greatly improves your lung functions which eventually improves your whole quality of life.

Vaping is the way to quit smoking

If you are having trouble quitting smoking, then take it from a former smoker who started at the tender age of 17, someone who once thought that cigarettes were an “inevitable evil” and something I had to live with for the rest of my life.

Vaping really works in getting you off the addiction of cigarettes. It’s the main reason why I came up with the idea for this blog.

If you can’t get off the cigarettes, then at least reduce how much you smoke with vaping. The study showed that reducing how much you smoke is still better than not quitting at all and you also get to experience the health improvements.

Study Says Vaping Gets Smokers Off Cigarettes But Teens On Tobacco

Stop smoking, start vaping
Stop smoking, start vaping

In the latest crock of crap article to be published about vaping, a study shows that vaping is effective in helping people get off cigarettes.

On the other hand, it also says that teens who try vaping are most likely to try tobacco, bringing concerns of addicting a new generation to nicotine.

And by the way, make sure you read my post Beliefs About Nicotine That Turned Out To Be False. There’s a lot of info there that might surprise you with the things you thought were true about nicotine.

Why vaping is effective in helping smokers

So going back to the study, yes we all know that vaping is the only way to quit smoking. It says so in the article:

“Scientists at the University College in London England found e-cigs containing nicotine can help smokers kick the habit because it gives them a similar experience to smoking actual cigarettes.”

That’s it! That’s basically why vaping is effective in getting smokers to quit smoking. It gives us a similar experience to smoking actual cigarettes. But I must say that vaping gives us a BETTER experience to actual smoking.

Some holes I see in the study

Now you all know I’m not a scholar, scientist, or any sort of person involved in the field of research and study. So the arguments I’m putting up here are based on common sense and my personal experience as a smoker turned vaper.

I just don’t get how the anti-vapers say,  “If teens try vaping, they will try cigarettes.”

But they also say, “Teens like vaping over cigarettes because of the fruity and candy flavors.”

Two arguments to me are contradicting each other.

The logic to how teen vapers become smokers

Okay so based on what they say, what makes them think teens will start smoking cigarettes when teens don’t like cigarettes to begin with because of the flavor?

Has any of these anti-vapers ever formulated a more common-sense explanation to why vaping is so popular with teens?

Cigarettes taste like shit compared to vaping. This is a more sensible, in your face explanation I have of the vaping uprising happening now.

Comparing cigarettes to vaping is like comparing shit to steak. Which one would you rather eat?

Do millennial teens even want to try smoking? 

What makes a teen change his mind one day and say:

“I think I’m getting tired of this blueberry muffin e-liquid I have. I’m not in the mood for a banana cream pie pancake vape either. I think I’ll buy me a cigarette. Yeah, because tobacco leaves taste better than any vape. And when I get tired of tobacco, I can always switch it up with some… menthol! Yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do, tobacco and menthol! Way better than vaping!”

I really have a hard time believing the argument that teen vaping leads to smoking. Again this is all based on personal experience, common sense and what the thoughts in my head tell me.

Does that make sense to any of you or am I alone here?