How Opponents Plan To Fight Pennsylvania Vape Tax

Pennsylvania vapers and sympathizers are getting ready for the new vape tax starting on October 1st.

If you haven’t heard of the upcoming vape tax in Pennsylvania, I did a post about it not too long ago. This link will bring you to that post if ever you want to read more about it.

Pennsylvania’s new vape tax

If you were a business owner, how do you think a 40% tax on every product you sold would affect your place of business?

A lot of vape shop owners are preparing for the worst as the date for the new Pennsylvania vape tax comes closer.

There are people who are still fighting this new tax to be implemented on October 1st, 2016. Vape shop owners, many of them sole proprietorship, say this new tax is designed to put them out of business.

Deadly consequences

Aside from the insanely high new tax placed on products, shop owners also have to pay a “floor tax” which is a 40% tax on all inventory they currently have in stock.

This has forced many owners in Pennsylvania to start selling their products at very low prices, just to finish off their stock.

Unless there is some type of resolution done to this new tax, many local vape shop owners don’t see a future in doing vape based business here and are ready to close down.

If this happens, people will lose their jobs and the forecast revenue from this new tax will not be met leading to more financial problems for the state.

How they are fighting the new tax

There is a gleam of hope which might change the outcome of all of this.

One proposal wants to eliminate the floor tax completely and replace it with a ¢5 tax for every milliliter of e-liquid sold. This definitely sounds like a better alternative to the original floor tax.

Another proposal proposes to delay the payment for the floor tax for 90 days.

Finally there is a third proposal which calls to exclude electronic cigarettes from taxation.

Is this new tax really worth the consequences?

Is it really worth all the trouble? What will happen when all these shops decide to close down? How will this affect the business owners and the employees who will lose their livelihood?

The people in this area who want to try vaping will have no where to go if these shops are no longer in business. Smokers will have harder access to vaping products.

Hopefully a better solution for both the state and vape shop owners comes very soon.


4 Reasons To Stop Buying Cheap Vape Pens


This post is meant for the vapers who are still new to vaping, and for those who are looking to get into it.

My first mod was an eGo-T vape pen which didn’t cost me much. I just wanted something to give me a feel of what vaping was.

When you should go cheap

It’s perfectly understandable if you want to get your feet wet with a little $10 vape pen starter kit.

But if you’ve been vaping for a couple of months now and you’re still using that little eGo pen you bought from 7-11 (that’s IF it’s still working), you are long overdue for an upgrade.

Time for you to take the next step and get yourself a REAL mod.

4 reasons why you shouldn’t keep buying these cheap vape pens

Still not convinced you need something better? Let me give you 4 reasons why you should stop wasting your time with these noob starter vape pens.

  1. You want something that will last you longer – The battery life on my eGo had the lifespan of a mayfly. It sucked! The less I smoked, the more I needed my vape pen. I needed something with more battery life.  You can avoid this problem by getting a nice vape box mod with some REAL batteries in it.
  2. Do you really want to risk losing some fingers? – Or risk burning your house down? These vape explosions and accidents you hear on the news are usually linked to these little cheap suckers.
  3. No good flavor/big vapor with these things – You know those vapers who blow big clouds when they vape? That’s something you can never do with a vape pen. You need a mod with a lot more power to pull something like that off, and a little vape pen just can’t do it.
  4. You are actually losing money with these cheap vape pens – You think your saving money by buying something cheap, but you will pay in the long run. If your lucky, a vape pen will last you 6 months. These things are just too poorly built they break if you drop them. Then you have to keep buying.

Why not just add a little more money and buy a mod that could do a lot more and last a lot longer. I have a mod that I bought 3 years ago for $40 and it still works!

If you’re gonna quit smoking though vaping, you’re gonna need something to use that’s reliable and will make vaping better than smoking. Buying a nice mod opens doors in letting you enjoy good flavor and blow big clouds.

Batteries Explode All The Time, So Why The Hate For Vape Products?

Batteries will explode if not used properly!

A few weeks ago, I was at a party. After having a very gracious meal, I decided to step outside with my fellow vaper friends for a much needed vape.

Usually, when you see a group of people you know who vape or smoke step out of a room at the same time, you know that it’s time for a vape or smoke break.

The other two smokers in the room saw us leaving so they decided to join us. As we were vaping, one of the smokers started warning us of our new habit which replaced our smoking.

“You guys should be careful,” she said. “You know those things blow up in your mouth. It’s all over the news.”

“I know I shouldn’t be smoking, but I know those things (vape) are more dangerous so I’m sticking with these (cigarettes).”

Around that time, there were 2 smokers, and 4 of us vapers. We all just nodded okay, and continued to vape awyway.

To any vateran vaper who has been doing vaping for a while, we all know that the exploding e-cig threat by the media is a crock of BS.

I have been doing this for years. Never has a battery ever exploded on me, and never have I experienced seeing another vaper have his or her mod blow up in their mouth, hand or pocket.

I mean, in my honest opinion, you have to be a complete dumb-ass to have a vape explode in your mouth. And in most cases that that happens, it’s because you wanna-be sub-ohm vapers doing stuff that is outright dangerous with your builds, or you completely disregard safety measures on your mods.

It angers me that the anti-vape people use exploding mods as fuel to get this thing we love banned, but what really upsets me is how it frightens smokers who sincerely want to quit smoking from trying a more effective and better way of quitting smoking.

Other cases of exploding batteries

So basically the generic term for vape is electronic cigarette. It’s electronic, so it uses a battery. And in any case where batteries are used, we know that if not used properly, there is a chance for them to explode.

I wonder why the media is using the exploding battery as a basis for outlawing or regulating e-cigarettes when there are other cases where cellphones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices have blown up due faulty manufacturing or misuse. Why are e-cigarettes the special case in these unfortunate incidents?

I came across a couple of pictures where devices using batteries have blown up, just to show everyone out there that e-cigarettes aren’t the only thing we should ban in case our government decides that vape products aren’t safe.

Cellphones blows up in a girl's pocket
Cellphones blows up in a girl’s pocket injuring her thigh
A battery powered Tesla explodes, should we ban them too?
A battery powered Tesla explodes, should we ban them too?
This man damn near blew his fingers off with a cellphone! Where is the call to ban cellphones?
This man damn near blew his fingers off with a cellphone! Where is the call to ban cellphones?

So to me, it really is a ridiculous argument to say that e-cigarettes are dangerous because they explode. Like I said earlier, anything that is an electronic device can explode if not used properly. Manufacturers have safety guidelines they give to consumers on how to properly use their products.

And trust me if e-cigarettes really were prone to explosions, I would not be doing this and so would the other hundred of thousands (I believe we are in the millions) of other vapers around the world wouldn’t be doing this either.

It might be too late for me to bring up this argument to the person who warned me about vaping, but this might be useful to you on further educating who remain ignorant towards vaping, especially the ones who want to try vaping but still believe in this ridiculous myth.