OBS Engine Sub & Engine Sub Mini: Best Cloud Chasing Tank of 2017?

I did a review of the OBS Engine Tank last year and I was completely blown away by it. It had to be one of my favorite tanks of 2016.

From the performance to the construction, everything about the OBS Engine was top notch. It was a cloud chasing, non-heating tank that had one of the smoothest draws I’ve ever experienced from a sub-ohm tank.

Apparently a lot of other vape reviewers felt the same way.

This is why I got excited when I was contacted by Heaven Gifts to review the 2017 versions which are the Engine Sub and Engine Sub Mini.

OBS Engine Sub and Engine Sub Mini Review

The two tanks are identical to each other and uses the same coil head, a disposable 0.3 ohm atomizer which is HUGE!

The disposable atomizers is what makes it different from the older Engine tank, which used a 2 post dual/quad rebuildable coil deck.

The only differences between the Engine Sub and Engine Sub Mini are the diameter and juice capacity: the Engine Sub has a 25 mm diameter and holds 5 ml of juice, while the Mini version is 23 mm in diameter and has a 3.5 ml capacity. The height of the 2 tanks is the same at 54.5 mm.

What’s in the Box?

Since it uses disposable coils, you won’t be needing any fancy tools or screws with this tank. It comes with an extra stock coil which is also at 0.3 ohms, an extra glass tank, extra o-rings and a user manual.

I’m glad OBS went the disposable atomizer route since I personally am getting a little tired of rebuildable atomizers. These new disposable coils that are coming out perform quite well when it comes to vapor and flavor production. It also saves me time and effort compared to using an RTA.

As for the construction of the tank, top grade as usual. I noticed the base of these new Engine Sub tanks are a lot beefier than the base on the previous OBS Engine tank.

OBS did a great job with sticking to what works. I love how the airflow holes are on top, and adjusting them are easy. Filling this tank with e-juice is a breeze thanks to the lift up sleeve which is located right under the air holes.

Because of the airflow holes and juice hole being located on top, this tank is a great purchase for vapers who are looking for a true leak-proof tank.


Aside from it being easy to use and leak-proof, the best thing about the Engine Sub is the vapor production. This tank really puts out big, dense clouds!

This tank is meant for vapers who like to vape at high wattage and enjoy that warm, dense vape.

Any cons?

As much as I loved the vapor production of this tank, I would have to say the biggest disappointment for me was the the flavor, especially for the Engine Sub tank.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad tasting vape at all. The only problem is the break-in period for the coil on the Engine Sub takes a little while, however it doesn’t take as long for the Mini version.

I don’t know if I didn’t saturate the coils enough, but I didn’t get that clean e-juice taste until after a few hits.

For a tank that produces so much vapor, I was expecting the flavor to be just as intense. The flavor just doesn’t match the vapor production.

Another thing is the draw. Like I said earlier, the previous OBS Engine tank had one of the smoothest draws I’ve ever experienced. These newer versions weren’t as smooth in my opinion.

Who is this tank for?

The OBS Engine Sub and Engine Sub Mini tanks are definitely for the cloud chasers, and since its so easy to use, I would even recommend them to the newbie vapors as an entry-level cloud chasing tank.

A big thank you to Joanna of Heavens Gifts for offering me these great tanks to review, and if the Engine Sub tank is something you plan on buying, now would be a great time because Heaven Gifts is providing you with a 15% discount store wide off your purchase when you click on the link below and use the promo code AHG15.



4 Ways To Stop Getting E-Juice In Your Mouth


Imagine this: you just got your favorite e-juice from the store or in the mail which you’ve filled your tank u with. You have a fresh set of coils and cotton that are ready when you are. You might even have a cup of coffee or your favorite drink with you.

Your little heart gets excited as you anticipate the 3-5 second goodness of vaping heaven, then you take a toot.

“Mmm, this is good!” Second toot, “mmm, this is REALLY good!”

All is well in the world. You kick back, relax, and enjoy the flavor on the exhale of your vape. The flavor is great and on-point.

But then you notice something, as you smack your lips, you start tasting the e-juice from your lips all the way down to your tongue, as if you took a swig out of that e-juice bottle you just got.

“Wait, what is this? Eww!”

You quickly run and grab the nearest napkin and wipe off (or spit out, depending on how much juice got into your mouth) the excess liquid from your mouth. What started off as a pleasant vaping experience has now turned into a gross encounter.

And no, you can’t keep vaping like this, something has to be done!

Has this ever happened to you? Even worse, does this constantly happen to you to the point where you just don’t care anymore?

There are simple fixes to this problem ensuring you get your favorite e-juice in vapor form and not getting liquid in your mouth.

E-Juice is supposed to be vaped, not drank

Commonly known as “spit back,” this is when e-juice spurts out of your drip tip and into your mouth whenever you vape.

There are different reasons for this happening. One cause would be not applying enough cotton on your coils. Since there isn’t enough cotton to suck up all the e-juice, your coils get drenched which causes the juice to spurt back out whenever the wires get heated.

Some manufacturers have made spit back guards in their tanks where a mesh is placed between the chimney and drip tip, blocking any liquids from coming back out.

But if your tank doesn’t have a spit back guard, then there a few quick fixes which will have you vaping on your favorite e-liquid, and not drinking it.

4 fixes for spit back

Here are 4 things you can do if you are experiencing e-juice getting into your mouth whenever you vape. The first 2 are for when you are at home  or any place which will allow you to disassemble your tank.

The last 2 are quick fixes you can do if ever you are outdoors and don’t have the time or the tools to take your your tank apart. They should give you a temporary fix, but won’t get rid of the problem completely. You have to refer to the first 2 tips to eliminate spit back from ever getting in the way of your vaping again!

Un-flood your tank – the most common cause for spit back is a flooded tank. A tank gets flooded when you either a.) don’t have the atomizer on properly or b.) you didn’t put enough cotton to absorb all the e-liquid, or c.) a million and one other reasons depending on how your tank is built. What you will need to do is take your tank apart and make sure all the parts are in place properly. Make sure your juice holes are aligned. For replaceable atomizers, make sure the atomizer is in its proper place. A lot of these new tanks use chimneys so a common mistake would be the atomizer being stuck on the base and not in line with the chimney. For rebuildable tanks, see to it that you have enough cotton placed in the coils. When you insert your cotton through your coils, it should fit snug inside the wrapped coils. If it comes in from one end to another very easily that means you don’t have enough cotton. The cotton will shrink once it gets saturated and won’t be any use to you whenever you vape.

Clean out your tank – So let’s say you did everything I said in tip 1, but you are still getting spit back. It’s most likely there is still e-juice trapped in your tank. You need to clean it until your tank is clean as a whistle and allowing e-juice to be in the place where it’s supposed to be. One way I clean out my tank is I wrap it in a napkin and blow into the tank with the air holes open. Do this until all the excess juice comes out through the air holes. Another way is by flicking your tank (wrapped in a napkin) in a sharp, powerful motion using your wrists until all excess juice is removed.

Tighten your air holes – Let’s say you’re in a bar or at work and the setting doesn’t allow you to disassemble your tank. A quick fix would be tightening your air holes. When you close your air holes a little the vacuum of air won’t be so strong which will lessen or eliminate from coming back out.

Lower your wattage – If you didn’t put enough cotton in your build, then lowering your wattage should stop e-juice from spurting out of your tank whenever you vape.

For me, one of the most annoying things that could happen when vaping is getting e-juice in my mouth. I just don’t like it. E-juice is supposed to be vaped.

What’s sad is some people act like it’s nothing, to the point where they actually start enjoying it. No, this is wrong and it shouldn’t be this way whenever you vape.

What it all comes down to is knowing how your tank functions and how to put it together properly. Read the manual carefully or you can refer to videos online which teach people how to do a proper build on a certain tank. You don’t have to keep on vaping like this, all it needs is a little more work.

Hopefully this helps those of you going through this problem and helps you enjoy vaping the way it should be!

Product Review: Wotofo Conqueror Mini RTA from HeavenGifts.com

The Wotofo Conqueror Mini: A mini tank that’s big on flavor!

You don’t see a lot of mini tanks that are dedicated to flavor, which is why Wotofo’s Conqueror Mini RTA is a special tank in it’s own lane. It gives you the nice compact feel of a mini RTA, but the flavor it produces is on par with many of the flavor-dedicated RTA’s out on the market right now.

I was very fortunate to get the chance to review the Conqueror Mini and was caught by surprise at the quality of flavor it produces for such a small tank.

The Wotofo Conqueror Mini RTA: A Mini Tank That’s Big on Flavor

I wasn’t really expecting that much from this tank at first to be honest. Knowing from experience though, Wotofo is a brand that puts out good vaping products and they did not disappoint me this time. The Conqueror Mini actually surprised me with the quality of flavor I was getting from this tank.

I’ve been using the Conqueror Mini for a few days now and I love how clean and crisp the flavor is right off the bat. Many new tanks have a break in period before you get that smooth, crisp flavor, not the Conqueror Mini! The flavor is very comparable to ceramic coil head tanks like the Estoc Tank Mega.

The Conqueror Mini RTA comes with an extra glass tank, twisted wire coils, a coil straightener, o-rings, grub nuts and a mini screwdriver

The Conqueror Mini comes with the things you need to get started. The coils it came with marked “Competition Coils” were well-made and perform very well. It also came with an unusual tool that’s supposed to hold your coils in place as you screw them down onto the deck.

Top juice holes are a bit thin but tilting them while filling it helps catch all your e-juice

The coil holder tool is needed because of it’s unusual deck. The coil arrangement for the the Conqueror Mini is standing up where you insert coils onto the base of the deck. From what I researched, it’s the same deck you find on the original Conqueror RTA. I have gotten so used to the 2-post deck so it was a bit challenging for me at first, but everything was swell and dandy once I got the coils in place.

The Conqueror Mini deck uses a standing dual coil build while the wide bore Delrin drip tip is replaceable with any standard sized drip tip

This RTA has three parts when disassembled: The base/deck, the glass tank which also houses the chimney, and the top cap which you unscrew to fill the Conqueror Mini with e-juice.

I was having some problems at first separating the deck from the chimney because the chimney was screwed on to the base. After some attempts of getting the chimney secured onto the glass tank part, I was able to get the base off with the deck showing. Just make sure you have the chimney screwed on to the glass tank part before you unscrew the base.

As for the top cap, it was a lot easier for me to unscrew it from the glass tank. The drip tip is Delrin and fits any standard sized drip tip you might want to swap out with it.

Great Mini Tank That Handles Twisted Low Resistance Coils

A bit tricky to build on since the Conqueror’s deck is different from the almost standard Velocity style 2 post deck

Now the stock coils that come with the Conqueror Mini are pretty thick, it was reading 0.2 on my mod. You will need to use the tool it comes with to hold the coils in place while you tighten the screws which are located at the sides of the base.

The tricky thing for me was knowing where to cut the coils before placing it on the deck. Cut it too long and it will hit the top of the chimney, cut it too short and it will hit the bottom of the deck. I kind of measured it at first placing the coils on the outside of the deck to show how high I wanted the coils to stand before cutting them. It worked for me!

This small tank puts out big flavor!

As for placing the cotton, I had to make sure the cotton was cut right where the juice holes were. I left a little bit of excess cotton and just tucked it in where it was covering the juice holes. I knew if I cut it too short, the cotton wouldn’t catch the juice coming in and would cause the tank to flood. I know it sounds complicated but it all comes down to right measurement of where you cut you coils and cotton.

Is the Conqueror Mini RTA For you?

I would say buy this tank if you are familiar with coil building just because of the coil placement. Building on this deck is not was not the easiest to work with for me, but the end result was a great tasting vape that I really enjoyed.

Also, this isn’t much of a cloud chasing mini tank, I mean it puts out, but not as much as you would expect from a true sub-ohm tank such as the EXO RTA which I did a review on in my last post. Now that tank really puts out!

Final verdict

I say the Conqueror Mini is a great mini tank for the flavor chasers. I’m really impressed at how the taste of my e-juice came out using this tank. So yeah, if you’re the type of vapor who loves mini tanks and is all about the flavor and is familiar with building coils, the Conqueror Mini would be a great pick up.

Just to let my readers know, I did get this product for free from HeavenGifts.com for review. All they ask is you check out their site if the Conqueror Mini RTA is something you’d be interested in buying.

I am placing a link below which will bring you directly to the product page, and if you like my blog it would be a great help if you used that link in case you were planning on picking this up.

Thanks again and stay tuned for more product reviews here on Mr. Long Drag!