4 Ways Vaping Helps You With Losing Weight

People take up vaping for the most part to get over their addiction of smoking. Vaping is a great way to give you that feeling of “smoking” minus all the nasty carcinogens and chemicals that are associated with cigarettes.

Vaping has a very high success rate when it comes to quitting smoking which is why more and more smokers are starting to use vaping to eliminate their bad habit.

However, there are also a group of people who are picking up vaping for a different reason.

These people are using vaping to overcome another addiction which is their junk food cravings.

I’ve seen people all over the internet, from forums to YouTube videos, people who don’t smoke at all that are using vaping to aid them in taking less calories.

Why Some People Are Using Vaping To Lose Weight

One story I came across: vaping turned on a light bulb in this girl’s head when she found out there were different candy and dessert flavors available in e-juice form.

She saw these flavors as an opportunity for her to keep her cravings in check. And since she doesn’t smoke, she only takes the vapor in her mouth and doesn’t inhale into her lungs, sort of like hookah. This gives her taste buds that flavor satisfaction they are craving. She’s getting all the flavor of her favorite bad foods minus the calories!

 It’s actually a good idea

As a vaper who used vaping to overcome smoking, and a person who has been vaping for some time now, I can attest that vaping definitely helps in curbing cravings.

If you are looking into vaping to help you lose weight, but are a little suspicious of what’s in e-liquid, let me clear this for you. Regardless of what you’ve heard, e-juice consists of Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol which both are found in food grade products, along with flavoring and nicotine.

So for those of you who are still worried about getting poisoned by vaping, don’t fall for that lie, you have nothing to worry about in regards to that.

4 Ways Vaping Helps You With Losing weight

So here are 4 ways vaping helps in losing weight. The idea here is vaping prevents you from picking up that plate of extra creamy chocolate mousse or downing one whole bag of candy by letting you taste it (through vaping) without having to eat it and consuming all those calories.

1. ) It can kill junk food cravings

Contrary to what you’ve been hearing on the news that candy and dessert flavored e-juice are a way to entice teens into vaping, these flavors are enjoyed by adult vapers. Also, the reason why these flavors are very popular in the vaping community is because consumers have a very high demand for it.

When I was smoking, the only flavors I could choose from were tobacco or menthol. The wide variety of flavors vaping has to offer to me puts vaping way over smoking as a much more enjoyable experience.

From freshly baked glazed donuts to ice cream cake, I can savor the flavors of these delicious treats without having to worry about packing on some weight.

You could use this to your advantage if you are struggling with high calorie food cravings. Get a good quality vaping device, a tank, and some e-juice of your favorite flavor online and enjoy the taste of your favorite food without adding pounds.

2.) Nicotine is an appetite suppressant

It’s well-known that nicotine helps in preventing you from over eating by suppressing your appetite.

And no, nicotine isn’t some evil chemical that is extracted from tobacco. In fact, nicotine can be found in food like tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and cauliflowers.

Here’s a shocker you probably didn’t know: nicotine is not addictive. There are actually some benefits you can get from nicotine intake which I discussed in this post : Beliefs about nicotine that turned out to be false.

E-juice comes in different levels of nicotine when you buy it. These are most commonly: 3 mg, 6 mg, and 12 mg. Some vendors offer amounts as low as 1.5 mg, and some as high as 24 mg.

If you still prefer to avoid nicotine, no problem, you aren’t alone. There are many smokers-turned-vapers who have this stigma with nicotine. This is why e-juice vendors also offer zero nicotine options with their products.

3.) E-Juice comes in all sorts of flavors

A survey was done before that showed fruit flavors were the most popular among vapers, tobacco was second and dessert/bakery flavors came in at third. This survey was done a couple of years ago, and the number of available flavors has accumulated greatly since this survey was done.

From famous candies we’ve enjoyed growing up like Airheads and fruit roll-ups, to sweet rich desserts like red velvet cake and creme brulee, or even breakfast food like Fruit Loops cereal and syrupy buttermilk pancakes, 9 times out of 10 there is an e-juice equivalent to that flavor.

Now this doesn’t apply to other high calorie foods like pizza or burgers because there aren’t really any e-juice flavors out in the market since there isn’t really a demand for them.

4.) It increases your water intake

If you vape moderately to heavy, you’ll notice that your mouth gets dry after a while. Known as “vaper’s tongue,” I wrote a post about how to deal with this problem in the past, and one way to get rid of vaper’s tongue is by drinking more water.

Since vaping dries out your mouth, you are going to have to drink more water to soothe your dry mouth which in turn will increase your water intake. And we all know what kind of benefits come with drinking more water, especially when it comes to losing weight and flushing your body of toxins.

I mean you could use other types of beverages to water your mouth, but I know by experience that water is the best drink to have when you are vaping because it doesn’t get in the way of the e-juice flavor you are vaping on. Coffee is probably the second best drink to have when vaping for me, especially when your are vaping on dessert/bakery flavored e-liquid.

And if you are a non-smoker who just wants to get the “taste” of vaping, you can always and do a Bill Clinton and not inhale. It’s whatever works best for you!

Vaping is a great way to help you in substituting your sweet tooth. I’m glad some people are finding other positive uses for vaping aside from quitting smoking.


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Read This Before You Use Vaping To Quit Smoking


I wish someone had told me these things before I started vaping.

Although I did manage to quit smoking through vaping, I also would have avoided more cigarettes early on if I followed these rules.

Before I go into more details, let me give you a little background of how I started vaping. The day came where I finally decided to buy my first vape pen and e-juice.

I thought I was just going to the shop, do my business, badda bing badda boom and I’m out. No, the store owner starts asking me questions like “what type of e-cigarette do you want?” “What nicotine level of e-juice?”

The store owner was very patient and helpful, but the bad thing was I could have made a better purchase if I knew better. I bought this little (about the size of a cigarette) vape pen which I ended up getting rid of 2 weeks after.

If I could turn back the hands of time and tell my smoker self what to do differently, it would be these 3 things:

Know Your Nicotine Level

Going back to my story, I didn’t know what to say when the owner asked me what nicotine level I wanted my e-juice in.

I thought, “Hey, I wanna quit smoking. So the best thing to do is zero nicotine!”

So I get my juice (fruit punch flavor) and was happy. I did notice that vaping was not satisfying my urge for cigarettes. The e-juice I bought, although it was delicious, felt like I was just inhaling flavored air. It’s like going from a beer to drinking water.

After I did more research, I found out that the nicotine levels provide that “kick” in the lungs smokers have grown accustomed to.

Here’s a better explanation of nicotine levels that smokers might better understand:

3 mg nicotine = ultra lights

6 mg nicotine = lights

12 mg and up = regular

So depending on what you are smoking now, you can base this equation on what nicotine level you are supposed get. I go into more detail about this in this post: “Why Am I Still Craving Cigarettes?

Buy a Mod, Not an E-Cigarette

Listen, as you start vaping, you will be doing it more and more. The biggest problem I had with my vape pen was it kept dying on me, so I’d go back to the cigarettes while I was charging.

This is why you need to go with a mod. At least a mod that holds an 18650 battery. This will give you enough power to last you through the day. Oh yes, get an extra 18650 battery and a charger!

I know, e-cigarettes or cig-a-likes feel more like the real thing, and holding a mod will feel awkward at first. But if you want to get into this vape life, you’re gonna need something with some power.

Get a Good Tank

You guys are lucky, tanks have made very big improvements since I started vaping.

You want a tank that’s easy to use, and can translate your e-juice flavor into something wonderful. I would personally suggest the Estoc Tank Mega by Vaporesso. Super easy to use, cheap, and gives an amazing flavor!

And please, don’t get anything “rebuildable” for now. No rebuildable tanks or drippers if you are just starting off with vaping. Watch some videos, get a good understanding of how resistance works, and then try it.

All should go well if you follow these simple steps. Good luck to you on your attempt to quit smoking!