Product Review: Siren 25 GTA From Heaven Gifts

The Siren 25 GTA by Digiflavor is a nice break from your complicated, fog producing sub-ohm tank.

It’s called the GTA because it fuses the Genesis styled atomizer technology with the functions of a rebuildable tank.

The Siren 25 is a 5ml capacity, single coil rebuildable tank with no dual coil option. A great tank for vapers who don’t have too much time to be coil building. It’s also a great tank for newbie vapers who would like to practice on an easy-to-use coil building tank.

The airflow is something I’ve grown to love. The Siren just reminded me how great tasting single air flow tanks really are. The air flow feels like a throwback to the Kayfun and Russian 91 tanks.

If you love flavor, prefer single coils, and like a smooth, tight draw for your vape, then the Siren 25 GTA is a definite must have!

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Cigarettes Vs. E-Cigarettes Comparison Video

MistBusters compare cigarette smoke with vapor by blowing it through a paper towel. Can you guess which one left a stain?

They mention that 4,000 different chemicals are in cigarettes, 60 of these are cancer causing. They also acknowledge that there is no official FDA research in what is in e-juice.

Sure, this experiment may not be the most accurate, it is just a visual comparison of the smoke and vapor being released by the two. It compares what is likely to be left in our lungs between smoking and vaping. Simple but very logical.




Allergies That Will Keep You From Vaping

I have asked this question over and over again, “Why do people hate vaping so much?” Some people consider it even more dangerous than cigarettes. Case in point, the video above.

Her argument: boyfriend developed a Propylene Glycol (PG) allergic reaction, something at least 2% of the population suffers from. This is enough for her to discourage everyone who comes across her video from trying e-cigarettes EVER!

So, we should just say screw you to the other 98% of the population and come to the conclusion that e-cigarettes are bad for the general public because 2% of people have a bad reaction to one compound in e-liquid? A compound that can be easily substituted with Vegetable Glycerine.

She does mention that there are 100% VG e-juice that would offset this reaction, but says to avoid e-cigarettes IN GENERAL.

That’s like saying we should ban bread from grocery stores because more than 2% of the population are gluten intolerant. Sure, they have gluten-free bread, but we should just rid supermarkets of ALL bread, just to be safe.

In the video she says, “Ironically, a cigarette habit is not going to kill him (boyfriend) anytime soon.” Not anytime soon because the effects of smoking accumulate after long term use. And they don’t always die, they sometime just have a laryngectomy, or an amputated limb. Nothing as bad as rashes or wheezing like what vaping does to you.