Who Is Mr. Long Drag?


I remember the moment I bought my first e-cigarette kit. Instead of getting my usual pack of Camel menthol at my local cigarette shop, I decided to buy an ego-style starter kit for $37 which came with a free bottle of e-juice.

There were 2 things I wanted to achieve when I bought my first vape pen:

1.) I wanted to stop smoking cigarettes. 

2.) I wanted to save money.

I am happy to say that I haven’t smoked a cigarette, or had ANY cravings since I made the switch. I find vaping to be a much more fun and pleasurable experience compared to smoking. I feel less guilty about my health and the health of the people around me. Vaping also gives me the freedom to choose different flavors to keep things interesting.

However, I have been putting more and more money into my new hobby. Something that I have no regrets about whatsoever.

More than a year later, I am still fascinated with this thing called vaping. I think the reason why is the constant evolution of vaping itself. There is so much more to learn about vaping.

I am constantly learning new things and coming across new products which I like to share here on my site.

I would also like to mention that this site gets a commission for every sale that is done through this site, so I would like to thank you in advance for your support.

Despite the growing number of people who vape, I know there are many more out there who are still undecided on whether they should try this or not.

I suggest that they ignore the bad press and propaganda that vaping has been receiving recently and ask 5 people they know who vape or who have actually tried vaping. See what their opinion is and I’ll be sure that at least 4 of those 5 people you talk to will have something good to say about this new alternative to smoking.




7 thoughts on “Who Is Mr. Long Drag?”

  1. Hi, I’m writing a school article in regards to the trend of vaping. Is it a possibility for you to do an online interview with me? Am I able to send you over a short list of questions?

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  2. Great & informative site! I dumped the cancer sticks over a month ago and have never looked back. Feeling a million times better and the flavour options to camping is stratospheric!
    How did I ever like the taste of dried burning tobacco leaves?

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